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Guerilla Bob (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 20:26
      Very helpful


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      Very good game, check out the demo

      Guerilla bob is the 2nd release from chillingo. Their first being Minigore which had a lot of sucess. Simply , geurilla bob is a simple run and gun style game with a blocky art style design that really works.

      ===Start up===
      Loading the game takes 8 seconds , pretty good as their is no other real loading screens for the game.
      The menu features a picture of Bob with a huge chain gun , fire burning behind him and giving an air of what the style is.
      The game offers New game , Load game,options and crystal.
      Options doesnt offer much past volume levels and how the games control pads are shown, this is also where you can find credits and tell a freind.
      It also features crystal similar to Angry birds (please read review) but i havn't seen a point in signing in for it.

      The game gives 4 different save slots , good if you have kids or freinds who like to steal your iphone for a quick game.
      You have 3 modes in total , survival , arcade and mercenary.

      arcade - well this is the story mode of the game. Bob and john were best freinds since they were ten, however they took seperate paths , Bob went into the army , acheived loads and became a national hero. Right up until John set him up. Bob is kicked out of the army , and with nothing else to do he seeks out revenge and so becomes Guerilla Bob.
      This has several levels starting with Boot camp teaching you the basics, from here its a wild mission to take out the man who set you up.
      The levels last a decent amount of time and increase in difficulty as you fight against new enemies and enemies , for example , flame throwers , bombs , turrets and chain guns. Their is also the option to pick up short lived power ups to increase speed , armour and damage.

      Mercanary - Exactly the same however you earn money to buy bigger and better weapons as you go through the game, If you save up the money and survive at about level 4 of 7 I got the chain gun , pretty much the most powerful gun and this lead to relatively easy final levels. But then again I was playing on easy which may have made it that way.

      survival - Classic or wave attack. Taking what minigore done so well , this mode is non stop action in which you must survive for as long as possible against increasing numbers of enemies. Once I completed the game this has become my favorite mode , although I prefer minigore survival to this , but its still very good. Obviously wave attack gives you a short break between attacks letting you regain composure.

      The graphics in this game arent trying to be amazing , there simple and smooth. This makes it endearing as it suits the style of the iphone and what chillingo designs its games around.

      The sounds are clear and the bullets and sound effects are crisp. However guerilla bob's favorite saying is "say hello to my bullets" , he likes it so much he keeps saying it. This got really tedious and annoying after awhile and really is one of my only faults with the game.

      Fast and exciting, although when played with assisted aiming its way too easy as you hold down fire and you can easily wander through the game. However if a younger person is playing this then it does make it enjoyable without being stressful.

      59p on the app store and their is a lite version.

      Impressed, they have made a good game but I still prefer their horror game Minigore.


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