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Guitar Hero (iPhone Application)

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Manufacturer: Activision Publishing, Inc. / Type: iPhone Game

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2010 16:00
      Very helpful



      avoid ! , get rockband or taptap

      Todays app review is for the newly released (7th june) guitar hero game by activison for the iphone. Guitar hero started the whole instrument playing style games and so I was intrested to see how it went up against the other big competitor (rockband - see other review).

      ===Start up===
      15 seconds - this seems a long time considering what the game consists of. The menu greets you with a cheering crowd and a red haired rock chick holding a guitar. You have 6 options from here . play , backstage , community , store and email a freind.
      An intresting thing for this app is when I started it up a pop up arrived saying guitar hero would like to use my ipod library to alert me when songs become available from the artists, this is quite neat as it keeps you up to date with music you like. However I pressed dont allow and it kept coming back up until I said allow , I dont particulary like being forced into a decision although its a small thing.

      First off , no career mode. Now that to me is bad because the point of a game is a challenge and something to work towards , the only option is to play a single track from a list. Oh yes the tracklist , brace yourself , 6 songs come with the game. Now I am a man who enjoys simple pleasures but to me 6 songs from a company like activision and a franchise the size of guitar hero could provide more than 6 songs.

      songs are :
      - cousins - vampire weekend
      - paint it black - rolling stones
      - saviour - rise against
      - say it ait so - weezer
      - seven nation army - white stripes
      - we are the champions - queen

      Not only is this a poor amount of songs but they almost rub it in by giving four categories at the bottom , song , artist , rank and intensity. The screen shows 4 songs it cant be that difficult to find the one you are looking for.
      Selecting the song brings you to picking either bass or guitar and difficulty whilst playing a preview of the song in the back.

      If you have played one of these games before you will recognise it , 4 different coloured tabs at the bottom and you hit them when the corresponding button passes over it. However guitar hero also chucks in special swiping motions between 2 buttons or daigonal movements to make a little more difficulty, although these swipes dont neccesarily fit with that moment where the music shifts chords.
      In fact the notes dont seem to feel like your controlling the guitar at all , something rockband is exceedingly good at. And if you dont play the notes the guitar doesnt stop , the game just changes so it sounds like your hearing the music through a cardboard box
      Along the top is you score and a bar showing the duration elapsed and along the side is the combo meter showing how many notes you have played without fail. These are brightly lit and easy to keep track , but everytime you get a combo multiplayer it makes a big boom which generally puts you off losing the combo you have just gained.

      Ok for what the game is , the characters in the background dont actually move they are just an image which moves forward and back like they have in the memorial images, if they were just going to do that they could of made it higher quality.

      Maybe the only saving grace is that the tracks are high quality and sound like the actual recording.

      - dressing room - create your own guitar hero and dress them up in a small range of gear.
      - photo booth - take a picture of your hero to share with freinds.
      - help
      - game stats - songs completed , time spent on app , challenges completed etc.
      - credits

      These are like achievments to improve your rank, these are things such as get above a certain amount of accuracy , play on certain difficultys etc. It adds a small amount to the game but truly adds very little longevity.

      Consists of making posts on facebook about your score in the game

      So 6 songs is what your giving the player , maybe its like taptap and the store holds a plethora of free songs , NO. 2 song packs are currently available one from queen and the other from vampire weekend. Both contain 3 songs and will cost you the tidy sum of a quid each.

      Appstore - £1.79
      No demo is availble , which is not surprising as giving away one song to play would give most of the game away...... oh snidey me :(

      Not impressed at all , if they are going to bring a franchise to iphone do it properly or dont do it at all. Other companys have why cant guitar hero ?


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