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Gym Buddy (iPhone application)

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Manufacturer: Anywise Enterprise / Type: iPhone Application

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2010 15:31
      Very helpful




      Gym Buddy is an application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which allows you to record all of your workout data. Unlike some other fitness type apps, Gym Buddy doesn't contain demonstrations on how to do the exercise. I think this is good, since I already know how to do what I'm doing and don't need extra space on my phone being used. All I want is a handy way to record and track what I've been doing - which Gym Buddy provides.

      The app costs £1.79 which I think is a fair price as you'll definitely get your monies worth.

      My first impressions were that it was going to be quite difficult to use and get the hang of. Although at first glance it looks quite simple, there are many buttons which take you into more in-depth areas of the app. Thankfully after around a day of on / off mucking around with trying to get the hang of it I managed to crack it.

      There are various sections of the app:

      Workouts - there are pre-loaded workouts which you can choose to follow or you can choose to create your own. You choose the exercises which you want to do and then name the workout. All pre-loaded routines can be edited or deleted, I chose to delete them in order to have everything exactly hoe I wanted it.

      Calendar - in the calendar you can see what workout you performed on each day and can also then access more in-depth data for each specific workout.

      Exercises - there are lots of pre-loaded exercises as well which you can use to add to your workout. They are all put into their categories (back, biceps, chest, etc). You can also create your won exercises in case the one you want isn't there.

      Tools - within the tools section you can record various stats such as measurements, which in turn will provide you with your BMI. Again you can customize this so you can record whichever measurement you want.

      History - in here you can see how you are progressing. This is quite in-depth and shows all the exercises you have ever done. You can also see a line graph of your 1 rep max for each exercise, which I find very useful.

      Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to keep track of their workouts. Entering information is easy and looking back on it all is well presented as well. It takes a little while to get the hang of it all, but that's just because there is so much packed in - well worth the £1.79


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