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Happy Chef HD

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Developer: Nordcurrent Ltd

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2012 14:38
      Very helpful



      A good game for the iPad

      On the iPad you get to play some games which appeal just because you think they will sound fun and this is one of those games.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game is about you becoming the chef of a café or restaurant depending on how you look at the destination your serving food. You then have customers coming in ordering various items of food and drink.

      You begin in a rather easy place to serve people as there is not a lot to do. You will get a customer walk in and they will have a bubble next to them appear. It will seem like a speech bubble and inside will be what they want to order.

      Some customers want food and drink whilst other just requires the basic food items. You serve them and are rewarded with cash and your aim is to reach your goal at the end of each level. When you start a level you're told your target to reach.

      If you reach the target excellent you get a gold star for that level and you move forward in the game. The money you receive from selling products can be used to improve the overall look of your diner or café. You could increase the amount of food you sell.

      You have ways to increase the size of drinks you serve and also the size of the portions of food you hand out to customers as well. Once you have begun unlocking features you notice your money increases as well.

      With bigger portions of food becomes a bigger reward which is good for you as the owner. Once you have taken part in the 15 levels you then move onto a new restaurant.

      You keep the money you make and move forward. Unfortunately on the demo version you get the first café and after that you need to pay money for the rest. You have plenty to do in theory with the various customers who come in wanting to order goods.

      The speed of the café increases as you move up the levels and your overall target is to try and receive a gold star on each level to make it look good for you. I have never found a problem receiving the gold stars so it is quite simple in my view to receive them.

      ~~ Spending Cash ~~

      You get cash from each day you work at the restaurant. Every café has a set amount of levels so you could receive a good few thousand pounds. You can upgrade anything really to the seats the customers sit on to the food you serve.

      The food is kind of difficult to work out. You might pay £200 to have bigger cups for drinks or pay £300 for customers to receive a bigger portion of chips. With these bigger items you end up receiving more money from customers.

      The problem is that with spending money on food items you are guaranteed to make more money on products you sell. When you spend this money on items of furniture I cannot see how you get any money back.

      I guess the idea is that you get new furniture you attract bigger paying customers but you never see the seats the customers use. They come to the front and you serve them you never get involved with tables and chairs or even lighting so why this is an option sometimes confuses me.

      I tend to save my money and use it on improving the food I sell rather than items around the café which in the long run offer nothing in return.

      You can sometimes get an increase on items of food with a few payments. You might have drinks go from small to medium for £200 and then the next upgrade to large is £450 so it depends on what café you're on and what you wish to spend your money on the most.

      ~~ Serving ~~

      When it comes to the main purpose of the game you have to be on your guard at all times. You're going to have customers walk in on you at random and just pick random products they wish to have.

      In front of you drinks are always available so that is easy to sort out if they want one. However, with food you do need to prepare the food. If you have chips or soup for example as options you need to select them to go into the fryer and cook before serving them out.

      If you run out you need to put more in the fryer so this is something to remember when playing this game. You might have to cook hotdogs, burgers, kebabs and more. You also have salad accessories, sauces and more.

      You have to cook and make sure you do not burn food. You have buns to place items in; you have to get plates ready as well. With food orders you have to look carefully because you want the customer to leave happy. Failure to offer the right meal seems to aggravate them into a rage and sometimes they lower the money they give you.

      As you go through the various cafes the amount of food preparation increases and sometimes you need to prepare food before even considering serving customers. The food times can vary if you want soup and chips you get them fairly quickly.

      With burgers and other items you have to keep an eye on them at all times so you need to work quickly. Obviously as you go through the various cafes the more customers come in at once meaning you have to work twice as hard as well.

      The serving is quite simple when you master it and it is just you dragging the finished plate to the customer and then they leave you cash behind to collect and keep.

      ~~ Game Play and Graphics ~~

      The game play is quite quick which is what you want from a game which has a theme based around quickness. You know a café game will be about you working very hard to get the food out quickly and correctly.

      At times you can drag food to customers and it never seems to reach them which are kind of annoying especially if you're in a rush to get a job done. There are also occasions where you will click on food like the chips to be put in the fryer and yet the command is not registering.

      The game when it comes to customers and the speed they pay is excellent but I just found the few niggling issues really frustrating overall.

      I actually like the graphics although the food products sometimes don't look that excellent the majority of items are done with good clear graphics with plenty of colour to show off the items. When it comes to the customers there is plenty of good graphics on offer.

      I like the facial features and I appreciate the amount of detail gone into the clothing section of the customers as well.

      One problem with the graphics can be sometimes on the food work top you sort of lose focus with what is where as everything is very bright and it can hurt the eyes in my view.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      The game is one of those which have a good overall theme to it. The further you go the quicker and difficult it becomes which is what I like about the game.

      I have struggled since I got the game to understand how on earth you need to upgrade the seating and lighting when you do not actually see any seating on the game. You're not even told at all during the game as to why on earth you need to improve the seating so for me that is a pure waste of time.

      I think the way you improve your food products and make them bigger and better for customers clever and for the game to give you targets to reach excellent as well.

      The game play is good for the majority of the game but it is annoying when you're rushing around trying to get yourself the maximum money needed and the food is not cooking. You sometimes click so many times on the food products to cook and it never happens.

      The graphics are bright offering you plenty to see and it can make the game seem more fun when you don't have the dull black and grey colours everywhere which some games do have.

      I would however have the game done differently with perhaps offering a system where you serve customers at the tables once you prepare the food and it would add more to the game in my view.

      This game has over 70 levels and 5 cafes but you have to pay £2.99 for the game if you want to unlock all the features. You can if you wish play the first café for free on the demo version to give you an idea of what the game is like.

      For me it is one of those I would not pay the £2.99 for I got this for free but in my view 99p at most is the price anyone should pay for this and nothing more. My final rating is 7 out of 10.


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