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Hearts Classic (Java Application)

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1 Review

Publisher: Mobile Games Unlimited / Application type: Card game / Requirements: WAP enabled mobile phone

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 13:32
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Well having played this on the computer quite a lot i was glad to find i could download it to my phone too. firstly i will tell you how to play hearts then about the mobile.

      This is a real easy game to play, once you know how to, as I said I taught myself so it can't be that hard lol. Firstly you have a deck of 52 cards, the players cut for the deal the lowest cut card deals, although on MSN the computer decides who deals first, then the cards are dealt out between the 4 players, which gives you 13 cards per player.

      Each player now looks at their cards, and decides which 3 cards to pass to another player, the rotation of the pass changes each hand and are as follows:

      Cards are passed to the right at the first deal.
      To the left with the second.
      Across with the third.
      At the fourth deal, players keep their own cards.

      The first person to start the game off, will always be the person who has the 2 of clubs in their hand. You must follow suit on each hand where ever you can. On the first down if you can't follow suit, you can play any other card, except for the queen of spades or a heart.

      After the first deal you can play any suit except hearts, until hearts has been broken. This means a heart has been played into someones hand.

      Ok before I continue here are how each card scores that has been put into the trick, a trick is the person who has the highest card takes the four cards. That is a trick.

      Any hearts in your tricks are worth 1 point
      The queen of spades in you hand is worth 13 points.

      This is by no means good if you get them in your hand, the lowest point scorer wins, so you want to try not to get hearts into your tricks, and u especially do not want the queen of spades.

      The game is played by following suit or by placing hearts into people's hands until all 13 cards have been used. The hearts and spades are then added up and added to the scores the game continues until a player reaches 100, when this happens the player with the lowest score is declared the winner.

      What is shooting the moon?? I am sure you have heard of this phrase. Shooting the moon is when a player takes all the hearts, plus the queen of spades in their tricks. That would give them 26 points, right? No it is not, as shooting the moon is very hard to do, the player that manages this is well rewarded. Each of the other players will be given 26 points, and the person who shot the moon would get no points.

      Ok now some handy tips for you:
      * Always pass a low heart which could stop a player from shooting the moon.
      * If you are dealt the queen of spades try to pass it to another player, also if you are dealt the king and ace of spades try to get rid of them.
      * If you can follow suit, use a heart, queen of spades, or get rid of a high card.

      * You cant use a heart or the queen of spades on the first trick, so get rid of your highest card.
      * Do not always use your highest card unless you are the last person to play a card, you could get caught with the queen.

      This information is also under my hearts review too from long ago but wanted to explain it in this one also incase that one was never read.

      Whats it like to play on the mobile?

      i do if I am honest think this depends on your phone screen size. My screen is pretty small, and I wear glasses so I do tend to struggle at seeing the screen after i have played for so long.

      The tricky part on playing this on your mobile, is that the cards are obviously smaller, closer together, and it's a touch screen, which can lead to you misclicking on a card. Yes I have myself done this several times, and ended up taking points that i should not have. But I do have quite wide fingers so yet again this would depend on each individual.

      Can I play against others?

      Unfortunately not, this is all against computer players, who can also be very hard to beat, so after a while of getting your butt kicked it can get boring.

      Can you have it long ways or does the phone have to be upright?

      The phone you can have in either position, just by turning your phone, I do myself prefer the phone sideways as this does give you more room.

      Does this game cost?

      No i got this game free on my android. To get the game just go to market place, and search for hearts, then just simply download. This will stay on your phone until you decide to delete the application.

      The graphics.

      These are pretty basic, as lets face it on a card game you dont need fancy graphics its just a pack of cards and your hand showing. The cards are clear to see and the picture quality is pretty good.

      My overall opinion

      The game is overall good and i would recommend it, but like i said there is some flaws with it. This would be no good for you if you wear glasses or not perfect eyesight. And also you do need to be more careful on pressing the cards.

      But overall for a free game its superb, and you can always download it for free then delete the application if you decide its not for you.


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