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Hotel Mogul (iPhone Application)

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Hotel based strategy/time management game.

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    1 Review
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      23.06.2012 19:46
      Very helpful



      A fairly fun iPhone game

      This review was first posted by me on Ciao in December 2011. It appears here unedited.

      *Hotel Mogul*

      Hotel Mogul is a strategy game from Alawar. I've never been particularly interested in the story, as I don't find it interesting or necessary, but I know that it vaguely involves you taking over a property company and trying to make it a successful business. The game takes place over 35 levels, in which you build, buy and sell hotels and other buildings in order to make money for your company. Each level comes with its own objectives for completion, such as making a certain amount of money or owning a particular building. By finishing a level you can progress to the next one and by doing it in under a certain time you get a 'gold star' on that level.

      *My Thoughts*

      I first played this game on my old laptop about two years ago when I found it online for free. I remember enjoying it and so when I saw it for download from the iPhone app store I thought it would be a good game to get. Considering that it only cost 69p I thought that it wouldn't be much of a loss if I didn't enjoy it as much as I had previously.
      Fortunately, I liked it. I find Hotel Mogul to be a fun game that I go back to time and time again. Its levels are relatively short and can each can be finished in around ten minutes or so, so it's a game that you can conveniently pick up for a short while on the bus or whatever without having to commit much time to it. I also find that the game has good longevity and replay value - I will go back to levels and try to get gold stars on all of them and even after I've done that I'll still sometimes go and replay completed levels just for the hell of it.

      While this is a relatively simple game to manage, it is also one that's fairly difficult to master, and so it will take most players quite a few goes before they'll be able to get gold stars on every single level. The only real reward for doing this is your own satisfaction, but trying to achieve this adds at least a bit more fun to this game.
      In terms of graphics, this game is nothing massively special, but it's not poor either. For a simple iPhone game the effects are decent and appropriate for this genre of game.

      *In Conclusion*

      I'm happy to say that I enjoyed playing Hotel Mogul on my iPhone just as much as I used to on the PC. It's a great game for playing on the bus or while watching something mindless on telly and is a great way to spend otherwise wasted time. While it's not the best game I've ever owned and given the choice I'd rather be playing Zelda on my 3DS than this, it's a game that I've enjoyed for a while and is one that I would happily recommend.


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