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Humf (iPhone game)

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2012 14:49
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      Great game for young children

      One of the top prizes for most annoying childrens TV theme song goes to Humf! Grinds my gears if I hear it too much... However over the years its been a great source of entertainment for my daughter who is now 6 (and outgrown Humf a bit if I'm honest).

      When I got my iPhone I was amazed by the number of games you can download - not just for me, but for my daughter too! Literally every TV programme had a game going on the App store. Before I bought her iPod touch I always had games ready on the phone incase we had a bit of a long car journey ahead and Humf is one of them games which has now been transfered to her iPod and given me my phone back! Although she has outgrown the programme she still tends to play this game from time to time.

      Humf, as previously mentioned is a popular kids TV programme which can be seen on Nickelodeon - he is described as a "furry thing" - very young and lives in a flat with his parents. He then has two friends called Wallace & Loon who live with their parents within the same building in their own flats with their parents. The programme shows all the adventures Humf gets up to with his friends and in life.


      Whats in the app?

      Upon opening the App you are greeted with the annoying Humf theme song and there is 9 buttons within the app to bring you to different things you can do.

      The games in the are are as following:

      Furry Thing - You attach different body parts to the charecter in the picture which produces funny results

      Painting - Colour different images from the TV programme

      Tidy Up - Place the toys in the correctly matched toy boxes

      Shadows - Try and match the shapes to the shadows

      Balloons - Blow up balloons and then have fun popping them!

      Dot-To-Dot - Join dot to dot to create different charecters from the show

      Music - Create tunes using the instruments supplied

      Bath Time - Aim a water pistol to the toys and create bubbles

      Racing - Race a toy car


      So as you can see there is a lot of things you can do within the app and can keep a child entertained for hours. The app itself works brilliantly and has never shown any issues to us. Would be a great little purchase for a car journey in my opinion.

      Very, very easy for a child to operate.

      There are game updates that I have seen but I have not seen any difference to the app itself after the update... Its likely just to repair bugs.


      At present you can buy this from the Apple App store for £1.49


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