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Ice Age Village (PDA Software)

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Manufacturer: Gameloft / Type: PDA Software

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2012 22:30
      Very helpful



      Great game revolving around the new Ice Age movie

      Gameloft have recently started to develop a whole line of app games based around movies that have come out, the latest being Ice Age Village. Most of the games on my iPad tend to either be time wasters or the types of games which are like building a city and waiting for things with time limits, so because this one is free it got added in to my collections.

      I'd started playing Men In Black 3 for the iPad by Gameloft, so thought it might be something along those lines. While it is, I much prefer Ice Age Village as it just seems to have more to do and acomplish throughout the game. It doesn't really have an age rating but I'm guessing anyone with a basic reading skill can play this, and because of the theme of the game it probably is trying to appeal to kids more.

      Like many of these free apps, there is the option to buy coins and acorns to help progress your village at a faster rate. I wouldn't say that these should be bought, as they are gained throughout the game so fast anyway its such a waste of money. Below are the prices for the premium's offered:

      1,305,00 coins - £1.49
      4,567,000 coins - £4.99
      9,831,000 coins - £10.49
      19,662,000 coins - £20.99
      32,842,000 coins - £34.99
      65,250,000 coins - £69.99

      30 acorns - £1.49
      105 acorns - £4.99
      225 acorns - £10.49
      450 acorns - £20.99
      750 acorns - £34.99
      1,500 acorns - £69.99

      The main aim of the game is to build and expand your village to higher levels , with loads of different decorations and animal sets as possible. There are also goals given randomly throughout the game, normally more when you reach a new level and obviously when you finish a previous goal. I find that these goals can differ in length, as some require a lot of paitence and waiting whereas others are quite quick and can be done like that. While it isn't a mind challeging game, I do like completing some of the goals when I'm just having a lazy day.

      There is loads to do within the game, for the creative, there is the designing the village itself, with a wide amount of decorations which do remind me a lot of the film. Then for the acheivement hunters like me, there is sets of animals that you have to complete and as it is linked with GameCentre, there is also extras there to try and acheive.

      The longetivity of the game is very good, as I've had it since it was released around 2 months ago and still havent completed everything in the game. It takes a while to collect everything, and money earning can be quite slow which means a lot of paitence. They also have continued to add updates now and then, which have been very good in the past, many of them adding extra animals, missions and more space for the village.

      The graphics of the game are very well done, and they do look like the movie a lot with the crisp design of the animals and the little animations that go with them. Villages tend to end up looking extremely bright like the film because of all the things around and you can tell it has the Ice Age vibe to it.

      One thing I appreciate in this to is that the game can be played both online and offline. Sometimes when I'm out in the car, it is nice to have something that can pass the time very well but doesn't require you to hook up to the Internet.

      If you wish to share your village with friends, you must set up a Gameloft Live account, however this is very simple and they will help you set up one in the game. I found this was a much safer way of playing the game as it didn't require any personal details so there was no worry about people finding them out. I did find that once this was set up however, I would get random add's from people where I have no idea how they found me.

      There hasn't been any problems with me so far for this game as they always seem to work. Sometimes it does cut off randomly if you do too much at once, but this is a very rare occasion.

      Overall, this is a very pleasant game that I would recommend to those looking for a lazy app game and something to either pass the time in a car or at home when you don't feel like something too mind boggling. Gameloft seems to always make great apps, and this is no exception.


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