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iMDB Trvia (iPhone App)

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2012 10:37
      Very helpful



      Average game

      iMDB is a website which is dedicated to movies and is also known as the Internet Movie Database.

      The website has lots of information based on movies of all genres and it includes casts, trailers, interviews, character help and plenty more.

      When looking around the app store on my iPhone a few months ago now it was showing me a new app named iMDB trivia and because I do enjoy my movies I thought I would give this a try and to my surprise it was a pretty good move on my part.

      The app was free of charge and you're given a few options when it has downloaded. You have different areas to select trivia from. I am useless at romcoms and rarely seen one so if this genre came up for me I would lose for a fact.

      You're given 4 basic packages and these are blockbuster movies, sneak peek, Hollywood hits and family movies.

      You basically touch a package and your given questions on this genre and your aim is to try and score as many points as possible which is going to be explained below.

      ~~ The Packages ~~

      You are given four free packages so that is a good start. I will start on what they entail and this is questions solely based on the category you clicked on. Family movies would consist of film trivia on films such as animations.

      I like animations but it is funny how when you're given a question on a film you have seen plenty of times you end up getting stuck very easily.

      My biggest problem with the packages and the questions is the blockbuster movies package because some of the questions they base the trivia on are about films which in my view would never be a blockbuster movie.

      This goes for plenty of the categories and sometimes in the Hollywood hits you will see questions on films you suspect might or should not be there and maybe other films should be which are not.

      The packages have recently before Christmas added a new package for free which was Holiday movies so those films based around the Christmas period so films such as Elf and Santa Claus movies.

      ~~ How the App Works ~~

      You begin with five lives and if you get a question wrong you lose a life but you can get them back as well.

      You have five stages and each stage consists of five questions which you are timed on. The quicker response you get the better score you achieve overall.

      The first five questions are pretty basic and are there to give you a good start to your scoring. Once you advance from there the questions tend to get slightly harder with the types of things the game wants you to answer.

      If you get a question wrong you are allowed to have a second chance, with a second chance at a question if you get it right the second time your life is saved but the score is not as good as it could be.

      If you lose all five lives you end up out of the game and your score is recorded to see if you have broken any records. However, you can get bonus points and extra lives when you answer 3 questions correct in a row.

      If you manage to accomplish this you are able to answer some fun trivia which if you are correct you get given either a new life or extra points but this is stated on the question beforehand.

      So the concept is answer questions quickly and as precise as possible to achieve the best score and if you can avoid answering the questions wrong otherwise the score will look terrible at the end.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I have had some issues with this game even though it was free the questions start to become repetitive with little updates ever made available.

      When you play the game if you answer questions correctly in a package you get told at the end how many questions overall in that package you have got correct and once you reach 100% you are guaranteed that the next time you play that particular package you will know the answer. The reason for this is because you have answered them all before.

      I think the game should try and introduce updates for you so you are not bored with the game and actually get some enjoyment out of it.

      They do include pictures for some of the questions so it is not just multiple choices there is some fun involved so I found that part very good and quite rewarding as I have gained some knowledge in my own movie trivia which is good.

      The game is quite quick and offers people the chance to increase their knowledge but in terms of offering someone a game they wish to keep coming back to then it fails.

      They say more packages will be available soon which you can purchase but this has been on the main menu screen for a few months with no activity to back the claims up so that is disappointing.

      My overall opinion would be having a go at it depending if it is free still but if you have to pay I would avoid.

      Also posted on Ciao


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