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Jungle Crash Land (iPhone Game)

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 09:46
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      A very nice game to play which is enjoyable for all

      When you have an iPhone you are made aware of various applications which are free to download because people always discuss them and websites love to promote them.

      I had download games before of this company known as Donut games. They do games which are fun to do and you always have to achieve a target score to advance through the game.

      Earlier this month I found Jungle Crash Land going for free and I downloaded it to test what sort of game it was. To begin with the image you see when you are about to download suggest the game is fun and adventurous and to be honest that is exactly what the game is.

      You are aiming to fly this red aeroplane over various surroundings in the hope to land the plane safely. Obviously as with many games you begin slowly and then the pace and surroundings get tougher.

      You are given rockets in the top corner to signify how many you have left. You use these to try and blow up various trees and rock formations which block you from landing safely. Your plane travels one side of the screen to the other and when you reappear again your plane has gone down slightly so you have to remove obstructions quickly.

      The obstructions might need three or four shots with rockets but the more accurate and quicker you do this job the better bonus points you acquire. These points are key to advancing to the next level and also they help you when it comes to achieving 3 stars in each level.

      Whilst the rockets you use are there to help you land there is other items around you need to aim for as well. You might need some more rockets which you can easily hit. There are icons on some levels scattered which when hit give you ten more rockets to use at your own leisure.

      You have arrows if you hit them they either raise you up higher or lower depending on their direction. The game is all about landing quickly. If you land and hit a tree whilst you come to a standstill you have to restart the level and try again. Some levels are very difficult to complete so it pays to be vigilant and concentrate throughout.

      There are 60 levels to complete overall and they do get tougher as you continue within the game. Not only do you have levels to complete but there is a challenge part of the game as well. This is where you need to take part in 10 levels one by one and achieve the highest score possible.

      Your aim on that is to just climb your own personal leader board but it can be fun to take part in as well. Finally you have the last part of the game which is about you avoiding balloons. You have to guide your plane around various balloons in the air and you have to try and beat your own highest score each time.

      The speed of the game is very good and you always expect the next level to be just as good the quality in that area is excellent. When it comes to other aspects of the game such as the graphics at times I just feel they could be sharper but overall they are good for a game on the iPhone.

      The game is fun to play but the price usually 59p but it can be available for free sometimes. I would recommend this game as it is a challenge and it is just fun to play a game which involves some destruction.

      I have to admit I have yet to receive an update for this game such as new levels and other updates but this is because I have had the game for just under a month so further levels might be around in the future to play.


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