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Monsters Ate My Condo (iPhone/iPad)

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 22:35
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      Excellent weird game that will keep you entertained

      Monsters Ate My Condo has been developed by Adult Swim Games( who created the amazing Robot Unicorn Attack game) and PikPok, and it probably is one of the craziest and weirdest match 3 games I have ever played. It's 69p, but well worth it for the madness and colourfulness that bursts out of this game from the moment that you open it. You don't need an Internet connection to play this which I found makes for a great game on long car journeys.

      The main objective of the game is to keep your tower afloat by feeding the crazy monsters on either side of you random blocks to get rid of colours and try and make as much match 3 or more's as possible. However, you have to make sure to give them the right colour otherwise they will get angry and storm off, making your tower a little bit more wobbly in the process. At points the gameplay does get pretty hectic, and I found myself just throwing the blocks in whatever direction I could think of and their anger didn't seem to make much of an impact then.

      There is 4 monsters that appear throughout the game, each with a pretty interesting and weird background story if you read the Meet The Monsters section. Throughout the game, you do become quite reliant on their superpowers though as they can avert from the disaster of your tower collapsing sooner than you'd hoped.

      Below are the weird monsters and their equally strange back stories and special powers that can be activated:
      -Boathead - a radioactive crab who came to his form due to a nuclear trailers waste leakage.
      -Reginald Starfire- a unicorn who used to be in an 80s boy band but has now had plastic surgery to turn him into a unicorn and works for a self esteem helpline. He has the power to keep the tower straight when his power is activated.
      -Mr Shigoto - Boathead dropped a tub of nuclear waste into a German beer garden, where an unsuspecting Japanese business man was sitting, turning him into a dangerous leder hoden monster. His combos will create two blocks instead of one.
      -Lord Ferocious - He is the last survivor of a Soviet underwater programme ( he's a pug in a little robot jar) and has now become an evil leader and brought laser death to the west. Every point scored when his power is activated multiplies by a 100.

      The main point is to match 3, however there are random things that can happen throughout the game like concrete blocks or bomb floors dropping which you must dispose of quickly. Also, by creating Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond floors, it gives the ability to unlock various superpowers of the monsters for various times depending on the level while giving you super high points when you use them.

      The graphics have to be the best part of the game, they are designed in a Japanese style and are just bursting with colour that it is like a rainbow concealed within an app (you'll see if you watch the YouTube videos of it). There's never a dull moment with these graphics, and it's clear the developers worked hard to make an interesting and unique game. However, I really didn't like the sound, it got quite annoying so I always tend to turn off the music due to the characters sounds being too repetitive.

      The quality of this game is great and for under a £1, it did much more than I expected it would. I have had no glitches at all with this game and it's such a simple concept it's hard for them to have gone wrong.

      Aside from just trying to beat your high score in general, as the game is linked with GameCentre they have a few achievements that you can try and beat. They are quite tough to get and require quite a lot of time spent trying to get them, as I've had this game for 4 months now and have only managed to get half of them. But they do give you something to try and achieve, which is always nice in a game like this as sometimes trying to beat your high score isn't enough to keep you motivated to play.

      Overall, this is a really unique game who have managed to make something great out of such a simple concept and at a cheap price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a game that will keep them occupied for hours either trying to beat their high score or unlock some of the achievements you can gain.


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