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NinJump (iPhone Application)

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2012 18:46


      • Reliability


      good game but adverts are in the wrong place

      Ninjump was developed by Back Flip Studios and was released on August the twelfth 2010. Ninjump ( are now the creators of amazing games such as paper toss, ninjump, ninjump deluxe, rag doll blaster, harbour havoc 3D, mahjongg dimensions and many many more.

      The main aim of the game is to get the highest score as you possibly can by dodging objects such as birds, squirrels and houses. Unfortunately some of the adverts get in your way which is extremely annoying and once I was only about twenty five away from my personal world record and yes you can guess what is coming next I accidentally tapped on an advert so I couldn't get my record but you can buy an ad free version.

      Most of the colours in the game are different shades of yellows. in the background you can see silhouettes of old Chinese houses and in the foreground you can see there roofs. The characters are cartoons and are very simple but effective.

      The game itself is very easy at the beginning but gets harder as the game progresses and you should definitely get it if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and it is also available on most android devices


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      29.03.2011 18:42
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I highly recommend! Excellent product...

      ==Backflip Studios - who? What? Where? ==

      Backflip Studios (will now on be referred to as Backflip throughout the review) Applications have stormed both the android market and possibly more profitably stormed the Iphone App store; as of early this year they had a recorded 34,000,000 (thirty four million) downloads across their entire library - so obviously they are a well-recognised company.

      How on earth will you know them? Many Iphone fans, especially, will recognise their highest performing application, an application that without using the obvious pun left men and women all over the world 'tossing': Paper Toss; is a game that is remarkably simple yet, seriously addictive and absolutely thrilling to play. So what is NinJump?


      Well NinJump is another chart toping application from Backflip. It again is produced around a very simple concept the idea that you control a ninja (hence the name), guiding him up the sides of a wall, avoiding obstacles for example overhanging buildings and windows, along with squirrels, birds and other ninjas. All of which are attempting to kill you (though it is not that graphic, you just see your poor ninja fall down and down and down). What is the point of the game? To get as high as you can, resulting in the highest score - simple enough?

      You would think so, but I have spent many hours on this app already only having it for just over a week now, the reason being, the application is extremely addictive! Every time you want to set a new high score, then another one, then another one. To the point where you high score is so high, that you realise it was a lucky stint and therefore spend even longer hoping for another one of those lucky 'stints'.

      ==its performance: Does it jump of the blocks or fall down to the floor? ==
      The actual application itself is fantastic the infrastructure is good; the menus are succinct and run absolutely perfectly (for reference I am currently using Ninjump on a HTC desire HD, however I know that it also runs perfectly on an iPhone 4). Like I have previously mentioned I have owned the app for a week and a half now, and it hasn't frozen once nor has it crashed, so as of yet - I commend its software.

      It is also important to point out you can upload your score onto Facebook or Twitter and there is also an online service provided by Backflip which is equally as commendable called 'papaya' (It acts like an online gaming community - an Xbox live if you will, without the online multiplayer aspect), adding another interesting aspect to the game.

      ==Sound effects, are these really important for an App, about a ninja? ==
      I personally like the sound effects I find them rather amusing, and though they are not realistic one can appreciate that neither is the game and therefore the sound effects are fitting and thus are rather excellent. In answer to the question I don't think applications sound effects are essential, I normally play them on silent, but for review sake they are worth mentioning; as it is always nice to have good sound effects when you want to hear them.

      ==other features - Not just any other Application==

      The game offers a tutorial, which in my opinion isn't really needed due to the simplicity of the game; however one can learn some new Ninja skills here, which of course is always a welcomed aspect of any game. It also means that younger and older audiences can be introduced in a simple and calm environment - thus making the game more appropriate for a whole manor of different audiences, so even if you are completely technology illiterate you can still enjoy this application.

      ==the graphics... Nin-tastic? ==

      The game though simple has extremely good animations, these animations are especially evident when you unlock a special move (something I will discuss imminently) where you can turn into a creature such as a bird. The graphics here are actually rather astonishing for an animated application - being both intricate and detailed, something I like to see.

      The background graphics however are simplistic and therefore are not that impressive, it is only a single backdrop without any moving animation. This is where it differs to the slightly superior Angry Birds application (another recommendable choice). However saying this I realise why they have done this, as I believe it could have caused a distraction and possibly over complicated the game.

      ==Things I personally like about the game==

      The special move capability: When you collect, i.e. destroy three 'things' in a row (either a squirrel or a bird or a ninja or something of that sort) you turn into an adaptation of that thing for around 10 seconds. This not only means you get a rest of tapping the screen but also your score rockets upwards! I personally, though this may be the little boy inside of me re-emerging, think that this capability is really 'cool' (to use a boyish word). It adds another goal for you to achieve, for me it meant that I spent ages attempting to get three in a row of every object to see the power you got - the 'coolest' of which being when your ninja jumps onto a rocket! I know I too feel the excitement.

      ==Thing I don't like==

      This is rather predictable for an application from Android especially free ones but there are adverts. Some people don't mind them, and some people hate them, and I for one hate them I think it makes a perfectly professional app look cheap and tacky. But again this is only my opinion and I realise the only reason android users get it free is because they can re accumulate the costs through advertisement.

      ==Overall view on Ninjump - 'A jump for joy'==

      The thing that I love about this app is the fact it is so simple. I never knew sitting there tapping a screen and making a ninja jump from wall to wall would be so enjoyable but like many applications created that are simplistic, this application is fantastic. I really have nit-picked to obtain some negative points; surely showing the quality of the application. I personally would highly recommend the download, after all it is free, meaning if you don't like it (and I would be surprised if you don't) you can simply delete it afterwards. Using a phrase from my subheading it makes me want to 'jump for joy'... it can have that effect on you too.

      If you have any problems, questions or queries on either the game itself (i.e. tips and hints) or my review please feel free to message me through Dooyoo and I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my review!


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