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Paper Toss (iPhone Application)

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    6 Reviews
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      22.04.2014 22:15
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
      • "Free to download"
      • Simple


      • "None at all"

      Simple and recommended

      I am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to paying for games for my phone and I tend to download the free ones, this is one of the first games that I ever downloaded.
      Installing the game was really quick and as soon as the game has downloaded, you are ready to go; there isn?t any creating of accounts etc which I like as I do find this a little frustrating sometimes.

      The concept of the game is really simple, by swiping your finger across the screen it throws a scrunched up ball of screwed up paper off of a desk and into a waste paper bin. This is sometimes made a little trickier as there is a fan on the office desk which obviously changes the direction and movement of the paper ball as you throw it. (When the fan first comes on, the game will display a little arrow on the screen to let you know which way the fan is blowing).

      To the side of the screen there is a scoreboard which increase by 1 whenever you get the paper in the paper bin, whenever you miss, your score also decreases by 1 point too. I really like that this game also stores you best score for each level too which means I can challenge myself to get more than the last time I played.
      ***The levels***
      There are several different levels you can select when playing the games, when I have described above is the easy, medium and hard level, the only difference being that as you move up to medium or hard, the desk gets further away from the bin and there are more office noises occurring such as doors closing, printer noises etc (to be fair, I tend to have my phone on silent so I don?t really notice this element).

      The other modes available are Airport, Restroom, Basement, Pub and Street, when playing in these modes, I find that apart from the graphics changing, the only other thing that changes is the noises for example, when playing in Restroom mode, you can hear running water.
      ***Any negatives?***
      If there was one thing that I could complain about it would be the use of pop up ads when you first load up and when you restart the game as I do find them annoying. However I understand why these are there and they are easily dismissed by clicking the X at the top of the screen.
      I have never experienced any problems with the game; it always loads up really quickly and has never crashed whilst playing. Although the images are basic, they are very clear.


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      07.10.2013 12:55
      Very helpful



      see review x

      A bit about the game

      Well to start with this is a pretty basic game, and is pretty much what it says, paper toss. You have to toss paper into a bin. Although it's not just that simple they wont make it that easy for you. At the side of you, there is a fan blowing air towards the bin, which will blow your paper in the direction the wind is blowing.

      It does however show you the speed of the wind and the direction, so your aim is to judge where to toss the paper, at what angle and how far in direction to throw it.

      The game has 3 difficulty levels, which I will go into detail in later. The game does just play continually without unless you do notice it showing a final score. But in the top left corner it shows you how many throws you hit into the bin, and what your top score is for that game. The game does store your highest score in each level for the next time you play it.


      On the start up screen you have all your different game modes, these include:

      Easy - This level is where the bin is only inches from you, so you don't have that far to throw it. The fan tends to usually go between 0-6 and when the fan is blowing fast it's a lot harder to hit the target. I will say I don't appear to be too good at this game as my highest score on this is 5 in a row loll.

      Medium - In this level the bin is now moved to double the distance than the easy level. The fan remains blowing at the same speed though. I did think that as the level increased so would the wind. Yet again I was not very good and got a high score of a poor 2.

      Hard - In this level the bin moves yet again double than the medium bin, but the wind remains the same. I found this level very hard and frustrating. I only scored one and that was only when there was very little wind.

      Airport - This is just the same as the easy levels with the fan and distance but it's set in an airport rather than in an office.

      Basement - This is just like the medium level but again just set in a basement instead of an office.

      Restroom- this is again the same as the hard level just set in a restroom rather than in an office.

      How to play

      Remember this is a game for touch screen phones, so the controls are pretty easy to do. You just slide your finger in the direction of where you would like to throw the paper ball, and just release, just remember you have to judge it right and take into account for the fan speed.

      The sound and graphics

      The graphics on this are good and are really easy to see, with good pictures of an office and airport ECT. The sound also relates to the environment your in. Like for the airport you have the announcer that's announcing things. I cant say anything bad about the sound and graphics as they are both perfect.


      The game was totally free, if you go to market place and click search and you will find it to download. Also you may also find it under top downloaded games.

      My overall opinion

      I did find this game quite hard to play, although that may be just be. But I did find that the game does become pretty boring after a while. I have now deleted this off my apps, as I just never played it anymore.

      I am not saying I would not recommend this game, as it's really not that bad, but just not good enough to keep you interested for very long. And it's not really a game where you can make it more interesting by competing with others. You would be forever passing the phone around, as each game does not last very long, unless you're really good.

      For a free game I would say download it and give it a try but I think after a couple of weeks you would soon remove it.


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        09.01.2012 14:23
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Brilliant little app and i cant believe such a boring thing is so much fun.

        @ About, Ease of Use @

        This app is free to buy in full HD off the app store (iPad) and iphone at 69p. Basically you have to flick a little screwed up paper ball into a bin. That's pretty much what you do when you're bored at work, so why not do it when you're not at work? The game works by having a fan appear on either the left or right side of the screen and a number telling you the fan strength. You then have to gauge how far in the opposite direction you need to flick the ball to get it into the bin. Simple game yes, but for free, you cant complain. Its tons of fun!

        When flicking the ball you have to be quite accurate at slower fan speeds if you're on the ipod/iPhone because large fingers on a small screen can seriously decrease accuracy. On the iPad no problem, its very easy to use and the screen size to finger ratio is smaller, so the game becomes more accurate, and you begin to fine tune your aim to the waste paper basket.

        @ Graphics, Physics & Sound @

        For an iPhone/iPad application this does have stunning HD graphics. The fat is rotating at high speed and leaves behind a faint trail of where the old fan blades used to be milliseconds ago. It's quite realistic in terms of an "office" layout too - there is a desk chair, computer, mug and a computer screen in the background clearly running Windows XP. Things are a little cartoonish but nothing you can't get used to. Your score is recorded on a whiteboard, along with your best streak.

        Physics are the main thing in this sort of game with wind and bucket accuracy being the key points. Wind is very accurate to the strength displayed on the screen and you don't get any sudden jumps in wind speed, say from 2.1 to 2.4 is little difference. Only 2.00 to 3.00 is where you really notice a strength difference. When the paper bounces off the edge of the waste paper bin (which is metal) the paper bounces about an inch off the ground and then falls either left or right. The interesting thing here is that even millimetres on the screen make a difference, because if you even slightly nudge the paper on the outside of the bin rim, it will fall off.

        Sound in the background is normally people chatting and a phone occasionally rings. The fan whir is quiet and you can easily hear the paper bouncing off the edge of the bin. You also get applause when you do get the paper in the bin, and an "awww" when you don't.

        @ Overall @

        This is a really fun game, and I love the joke side of the fact that you play something boring when you're bred. Tossing paper into a bin and beating a high score though is very fun. The game is also free... who can complain?


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          20.11.2011 20:20
          Very helpful



          a mind focuses app

          Paper Toss is an app available for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It can be download free from the app store or you can pay a small amount to have an ad free app. Once downloaded, the app will take up 18.0MB of memory. Paper Toss was created by Backflip Studios.

          ~Paper Toss~

          This game is based around the idea of sitting in an office and throwing crumpled up paper into a bin. It isn't as simple as just aiming and throwing though..Paper Toss takes it a step further. Each game (except one) includes fans which blow your paper to certain angles and basically make it more difficult for you to get a good aim.

          You have various game options which stem from the main menu when you open the app. The high scores section can be selected and automatically stores how many hits you get in each game. So what are our options?

          Well there are 3 modes of difficult aptly titiled easy, medium and hard. These games are based within an office enviroment which features "real office sounds". Basically the difference between each level is how far away trash can is from your bit of paper and the way the office is presented in terms of layout.

          Other options include an airport departure lounge, a basement within a house, the toilets, a pub (where you need to aim upwards onto the bar) and the final game is located out in the street (possibly a back alley) where there are no fans. This game is probably most challenging as you rely on windspeed.

          The idea is to follow the direction of the air (natural or from the fan). An arrow will show you which way it is going and at what speed. Basically you use your finger to flick or slide the paper in the direction in needs to go in and hope that you hit the trash can. A score board is located on the wall in each game and confirms your current score and best score in that particular game.

          ~My Experience~

          This is one of the games I have on my iPhone 3 and it is severely addictive! I downloaded the free version as I can handle a few ads. The game is quick to load and responds well without sticking. It is easy to navigate from the main menu and very clear. When I first started playing, I eased myself in and started off with the easy game. I find that it does take some time to get used to knowing which way the wind is going to blow the paper but I've got to grips with it now and can increase my level of play.

          The graphics in Paper Toss are very realistic in each game. Every environement looks real from the office cabinets down to the screen saver on the computers. The sound effects in this app change from game to game but are consistent and realistic. I will give a brief overview of each game and how I do in it.


          A smply office corner with not too much going on. Printer noises can be heard and you can sense doors being opened but it isn't too irritating with the volume on medium. The fans switch between 2 cabinets to give a bit of variation and the trash can isn't too far from where you are sitting. I find this level very simple as I don't need to throw the paper far. If I get a bit side tracked and forget which way the fan is blowing, I occasionally hit one of my colleagues and am told off for it which is rather cool! My best score is 16 so far which took a while to reach.


          This level is pretty much the same as above in terms of environment., You have a bigger space to work with and the trash can is further away in a corner. There is less chance of the paper bouncing off the side of the can and falling in which is something I miss from the easy level. Best score currently 10.


          I have moved up to a bigger office with more colleagues and they have moved my bin to the other end of the office. Unless you had a good throw, this would be a challenge in real life. This level is definetly a step up from the medium as there is more scope to fail. The fans are placed at a raised level and this makes aiming the paper more difficult as you have to angle your aim slightly. I am not keen on this level as I get frustrated as I cannot get pass a best score of 2!


          With overhead flight announcements being distinctly distracting, I prefer to mute the game whilst playing this particular game. This is quite an easy game to play as the trash can isn't too far away. Best score 10 so far.


          A bit more difficult as the fan is discreet and the trash can is further away. I need to concentrate more on this game as the basement is quite dim and this makes it difficult to see where to aim the paper. Minimal noise on this one unless I accidently aim the paper too far to the side as it hits of a pipe (must have been prefilled with rocks during flight or something!). Best score 8 so far.


          Who on earth would want to play Paper Toss is a manky mens room? Yes complete with urinals, mop and brush and cubicles this is your typical restroom complete with err "water" noises. I don't like this game. The fan switches from being in the middle of the screen to behind a screen and makes aim very difficult. Well that combined with the bin being too far from me. Best score a measley 3.


          Complete with bar stools and banter (and alcohol induced slurring if you aim the wrong way) this is a good level. It is a bit different as you need to angle the ball a bit more to accommodate for the higher placed trash can. Very realistic in terms of graphics and fairly straightforward. Best score 10!


          The sounds give the impression that you are sitting in a police car watching for criminal activity. Complete with graffitti adorned walls this is your typical American city back alley. The trash can sort of blends in with the background and is rather camouflaged making identification more difficult. I struggle with this game as I miss the appearance of the fans which I find guide me a bit better. I just cannot get used to having my paper floating about in fresh air and score a measley 2 on this game.


          This isn't a game I would play when tired or in bed. It does require a good level of concentration and alertness in order to perform and get good scores. The paper is already crumped for you and you get directional arrows which show you where you are aiming. The windspeed varies from low numbers such as 0.28 all the way up to 5.97. The lower the number, the easier I find the throw as there is often little direction needed. The higher numbers require you to basically aim the paper away from the bin and allow the fan or wind to catch it and aim it to the bin.

          It does take a while to get used to to the varying levels of windspeed but when you have managed to get a few of each speed (or near enough) in the trash can, it is a lot easier. I find it best to slide the arrow then lightly flick the screen upwards to aim my paper. This works in most cases and very little oomph is needed to send the paper flying into the air.

          I like the cheering that occurs when I go past my high score on a game but the boo-ing when I fail it is nasty!


          This is a challenging game and one I find myself playing when I want to concentrate my mind on something (or take my mind off something else). The varying levels allow more choice and you can work your way up and improve your aim at your own pace. I like the interaction from the graphics and sound effects as it does add something else to the game and makes me appreciate it that little bit more.

          Overall I can recommend Paper Toss.

          Thanks for reading :)


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            05.09.2011 22:34
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Paper Toss is a light and addictive game that will keep you occupied for longer than intended.

            I kept seeing paper toss everywhere in the top app lists so I finally decided to get it and give it a go this week. It is a silly and addictive game that has taken the app marketplace by storm and still pops in and out of the top app lists.

            Paper Toss is dead simple all you need to do is flick a crumpled ball of paper into the bin. While this may sound easy, each level has its own challenges. These challenges come in the bin's distance from the player and the bins size. On some levels you also have fans that blow your paper ball in different directions, affecting your accuracy.

            While I really did not think a game like this would appeal to me, it has won me over. It does feel like you are in an office, as the games sound effects replicate the bustle of a busy office, complete with co-workers who just cannot wait to throw some abuse at your poor skills.

            Sure the game may be simple in its design, but then that is the appeal of a lot of good iOS apps. It will entertain you briefly in a lunch break or on the bus. Paper Toss is highly addictive and complimented by it's nice 3D rendering. There are seven different stages that take place in different surroundings. Once you get bored of your office surroundings you can visit the bar, a toilet, a basement or an airport, all of which have their own surroundings and charm.

            The beauty of this app is that it is free. With this version you have to put up with adverts but they are barely noticeable, however if this gets on your nerves you can purchase the full app for a mere 69p, which is well worth the price if you ask me.

            Overall the app is addictive and fun but it could do with more levels or variations to increase it longevity. Still as it is it will keep you busy for probably much longer than you intended.


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              18.05.2011 15:32
              Very helpful
              1 Comment


              • Reliability


              A brilliant app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

              I have many a game on my iPhone 4 to help keep me amused, and I am sure most people with iPhones have the same kind of things. One of the games that I downloaded to my iPhone when I first got it was the Paper Toss Application.

              I played this game a couple of times on my friends iPhone before I got mine, so I already knew that I liked to play the game before I got it on my phone. The basic idea of the game is to flick (or throw) a paper ball into a trash can. Sounds simple right? No, they decide to add extra things in to make that bit harder. Introducing The Fan. This fan blows from either left or right, and has a differing wind speed on each turn.

              On the first levels, you are based in an office. You drag your finger across the screen to flick the paper ball towards the trash can. Sometimes this is really easy, but the fan can make things very difficult for you. There will be an arrow to show you which way the wind from the fan is blowing, and the numbers underneath it will show you how strong the wind is. I am not sure what the numbers actually mean in the terms of actual speed, as there is nothing to indicate this, but the higher the number, the harder you need to flick the paper ball into the fan, so that the wind will carry it into the trash can.

              There is a selection of levels on this game, starting with the office levels, which you can do in easy, medium and hard. The easy one is set with the trash can very close, and as you get harder up the levels, the trash can is moved further away and the fan blows harder. There is also the choices to play in the Airport, Basement, Restroom, Pub and Street. These levels are all good for when you get bored of the other ones, as they are something different and entertaining.

              I have found this game to be very addictive, and I have played more hours than I could count. There are some cool sound effects, including the sound of the paper ball hitting the inside of the trash can. You can hear the background sounds of the office, and all the other levels too. You can hear the sounds of the fan blowing, and when you hit the paper ball in the trash can, you get clapping sounds to congratulate you, as well as disappointed ooohhhs, when you miss the trash can after a good streak. You can turn these sounds off, either by sliding the switch to put your iphone on silent, or by using the sounds and settings options on the main menu when you enter the app.

              The graphics for this game are beautiful, and I think that they really utilize the colours and screen size of the iPhone 4. Everything is really well detailed, beautifully coloured and clear. I didn't expect a game like this one to have such attention to detail, but it really does and it looks amazing. I do not know how much fun it would be if this looked more like a cartoon, but I am glad at how it looks, as it all works really well and you can see how much work has gone into this game.

              Now you would expect a great looking game like this one to cost a bit, but you can actually download this from the App Store for free! There is an ad free version you can buy for £1.59 but the ads on the free version are hardly even noticeable, and I do not think it is worth paying for something you can get for free. It is quick and easy to download to your phone, and you can play it the second it is set up. It will save all high scores as you go, so you do not need to worry about storing or saving, it is all done automatically.

              I really enjoy this game, and it is great for when you are bored or just want something to do for a few minutes. You will soon find yourself addicted to this game, and I totally recommend it. I give Paper Toss 5 out of 5 stars. There really is nothing I can fault on it.

              *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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