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Paradise Island: Exotic

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2012 11:47
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      A nice little app to pass the time

      I thought the time was about right for me to review another of my many game Apps that are currently residing within my iPod. I'm always on the lookout for another great game App, so this time I've decided to review one I've been playing for a while. If you enjoy playing games in real time this one may be for you. It's called Paradise Island and it didn't cost me a penny, it was totally free.

      Paradise Island was developed by Game Insight LLC in 2010 and it's currently a free App on iTunes for the iPhone/iPod, the game is also compatible with the iPad. The game is played in real time and is suitable for any age to play.

      So what's it all about?

      The idea of Paradise Island is to build your very own island village on an exotic beach. The game begins with a deserted beach and broken pier. I had to build my island village up from nothing. However I did have help to get going, as I chose to go with the short tutorial in the beginning. As I progress through the game I've noticed I have more and more to do. This to me is a good sign in a game because it doesn't get boring. There is always plenty to do and now I'll explain the game to you in a little more detail.

      Paradise Island Explained

      The beach is bought in regions, when I started I was given a region on which to start building my exotic island village, this however was not classed as region one, I had to wait until I had accumulated enough dollars in order to buy the first region. This is how I am able to extend my village, making it bigger and better so therefore bringing in more money. There are a lot of regions to get, but they do get very expensive to buy. The currencies used in the game are dollars and gold piasters, the latter are worth a lot and buy me a lot of good things, however they are not easy to get. There is an option in the game to buy extra dollars and gold piasters for real money. I don't go that far though I just wait for them to build up on their own. Along with the buildings comes experience and once I have gained enough experience, I will move up a level and get rewarded at the same time with one gold piaster, some dollars and more buildings become unlocked.

      Everything I need in order to keep building is easily located on the game screen. Everything I want to build is neatly organized and gives all the information I want in order to decide if I want to build it, or indeed if I can afford to build it. The road sections are free so I can place these wherever and whenever I choose. I have gradually built my little exotic island village up, but I do still have a fair way to go yet. Once I've chosen and placed what I want to build I then have to wait, sometimes hours before my building is complete, but once it is finished, I start receiving income from it. Then I'm given the choice of upgrading the building which will make me more money. For each individual building there are five levels of upgrade, if I manage to get all my buildings to level five I make a lot of money from them. I'm not doing too bad at the moment as regards upgrading to higher levels but it does annoy me when I start to run out of money because I have to wait for income from my other buildings before I can do anything, I seem to spend it faster than I make it, a bit like real life really. All the buildings vary in price but the more expensive ones bring in a lot of money so they are worth building when I can afford them. When the time comes to collect the income from my buildings little gold dollar signs appear above the buildings and I really enjoy whizzing round my village picking up all the money. If however I wait a little longer, the dollar signs turn green and I pick up almost double the money, I try to leave them, but they do look very tempting once they first appear all gold and shining. I just have to try and restrain myself and wait.

      Another thing my little island village needs is power, so I have had to buy windmills and place them within the village, these can be upgraded to generators but again this all costs money, so I'm personally seeing how long I can manage on the windmills. I just keep adding another when I need it. But I will only be able to do that for so long as I think I can only buy about seven or so windmills, I think I've also upgraded them as much as I am allowed, I guess it's the generators next for me then. When I can afford it I will be buying the solar power plant, it apparently takes up hardly any room and is the best option and the most expensive, and that's available for power.

      There is one main building which is there at the start, this is the Administrative Building and is the most important building on my island village. This building tells me how many staff my village has and how many I will need when I build my next attraction or shop or whatever I choose to build. This means upgrading this very special building which takes ages and costs a fortune, this is the only building that can be upgraded more than five times, it can in fact, be upgraded seventy times and I dread to think how much that upgrade is going to cost! I obviously don't need staff for the cabins which are the accommodation units, but I do get income from them, I've found it worthwhile building lots of these.

      There does come a time which is quite frequent, when my buildings need to be repaired, when this is the case a set of spanners will appear above it to let me know. It does cost to repair each building, but it's just one of them things that have to be done.

      Watch as the Village grows

      As I've progressed with my village, I have noticed more and more little people arriving and it's quite comical to watch them walking around my little island village. I can change my mind about a building if I choose and have it demolished, I personally think this is a waste of time and money but I have done it once, but it was an accident, I touched the wrong thing and down it came, I was gutted as I had meant to upgrade it not demolish it! But all was not lost because the game has an award system which rewards me when I achieve certain things within the game. Demolish a certain amount of buildings is one of the awards, so I may just have to go and knock down a few more. I can change my village around if I want, I can move everything but the Administrative Building and totally change my island village if I get bored of how it looks.

      Definitely my Sort of Game

      I do enjoy playing this game as I love to play games in real time, knowing that when I close the application, the game keeps going without me and when I reopen the application, I am usually greeted with lots of dollar signs. The only downfall for me while playing is the waiting, for things to be built, because the further into it I get, the longer I have to wait for things to be finished. I try to start a big build before I close the application for the night or if not I will usually use the time to check out the awards list and see which one I can try for next there are over 130 awards to go for. Or I will change the flowers and trees around to make my village look more interesting and inviting, I can buy trees etc. but there are quite a few dotted around the screen anyway so I have dragged them into my island region and used those, this just adds a little extra personal touch and as I watch my little island village grow, I'm really pleased with how it's looking. It helps because the colours are so clear and bright, this makes the whole thing really nice to look at and the sounds are good too, every so often I hear a foghorn in the distance, I really like these little extra touches because I can lose myself within my game totally. I haven't come across any bugs or glitches within the game, it has all ran smoothly for me right from the start, I just make sure I get all the updates for the game to keep it as up to date as possible. There is so much to keep my eye on as I play, I don't get bored and sometimes I don't realize just how long I spend in my little exotic island village.

      Other Information

      I actually found this game on iTunes by chance, as I was looking for something else but when I spotted this I decided it was right up my street and I think anyone who likes to play real time/time management games would enjoy this, all it really costs is your time, it's worth having a look at, it's a good game with beautiful graphics. It does recommend an internet connection but it doesn't need one. I think the internet connection is so you can connect with friends via face-book etc. I have no interest in doing this and play the game totally by myself, but the option is there should I change my mind.

      If I have missed anything important, I do apologize

      I think I've covered just about everything, I may have missed out a thing or two along the way, like I didn't feel it necessary to go into detail about every building that's available to buy. If you choose to download this App, I think it will be more fun for you to find out for yourself what's available. . All in all, the game is very easy to play and anything I may have missed will make the game all the more enjoyable for you to find out for yourselves. Everything in the game becomes clear very quickly and it's all very easy to understand, why don't you download it and see what I'm talking about.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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