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Pocket Frogs (iPhone)

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2011 10:16
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      A great little game and best of all it's free

      I am loving this iPhone/iPod App very much and so have decided to share my knowledge with you, before you think "Oh no not another iPhone App" I will just tell you that this one is free!! It's a game and it's very addictive.

      Are you sitting comfortably?.....Then I'll begin....

      This little strategy game is called Pocket Frogs, it was released earlier this year (2011) and is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad iOS 3.0 or later and was created by Nimblebit LLC The App was updated in July, giving far more to do within the game. The file size of this App is 29.2 MB. Age 4 years upwards.

      The idea of this game is simple, all I have to do is make as much money as I can by breeding and selling frogs, sounds boring doesn't it? But no way is this little game boring, I never thought I'd be so in to anything that was associated with green slimy amphibians. But that's the beauty of this game, the frogs are all beautiful color combinations which, incidentally there are over 15,000 different types of. Some are common some are rare, some are worth just a few coins where others are worth thousands. The deeper I get into the game the more exciting it becomes, giving me more and more choices as I go. The game just goes on and on, I have been playing it for a few months now and I'm still not fed up with it. I turn it on each day to collect my free daily gift, this is situated on the menu page and every single day there is something waiting for me, sometimes it's a frog, or coins or potions or stamps or scenery or a habitat background.....Sorry I was running away with myself there, I'll explain what I was greeted with when I first downloaded my Pocket Frogs App.

      After downloading from the App Store, the little pocket frogs game was ready to play instantly. Now I had no idea what this game was about or what I had to do. I simply saw it whilst browsing the App store and read reviews where people raved about it, so not wanting to be left out I had to have it, it was free I was losing nothing.

      Pocket Frogs

      The main menu displays several different things, I'll go through the main ones that I use with you because personally I would have liked someone to tell me what was what, but as it was I had to work it out as I went along. It's not that difficult to understand, but I like to know what's what before I start a game.

      First off there is the catalog, this is where I can choose up to 50 frogs to catalog, meaning if and when I should need a particular frog and I don't have one (I may have sold it or bred it for a particular reason and no longer have one) then the catalog allows me to order another. This does get tricky though as 50 may sound like a lot but when you think there are thousands of different frogs, I wish I could catalog them all, but then that would be to easy, so I have to choose carefully.

      Next is the help question mark, this explains what's what in the game and what you can and can't do. I read this from start to finish as I had no idea what I was doing, it helped somewhat but I still would have preferred someone to explain it to me.

      Awards, I like this one, each time I manage to complete one of the requirements within this list I am rewarded with an award, there's loads of different awards to collect so I'm constantly doing something.

      Requests, this is a big favorite of mine, I get a request every now and again, one will come through for a frog of a particular color, name and breed. In order to fulfill the request I will have to breed several different kinds of frogs together before I will get the exact one I'm after, this does cost, depending on how rare the frogs are that I want to breed, so I have to work out if it will be worth my while as the rewards differ for each frog request completed.

      Supply shop, here I can buy extra scenery or habitat backgrounds, these are what makes the place where I keep my frogs, nice and personal to me, each piece of scenery gives off a percentage of happiness for the frogs, so the higher the percentage scenery I buy the happier the frogs will be. It's important I keep them happy for things such as breeding and racing (I'll explain about racing later) The habitat backgrounds are just simply a decretive wallpaper which again I can choose the one I prefer and personalize it to my taste. When I buy a habitat it is just basically a dirt background, that's why I have to choose another.

      Frogmart is the place where I can buy random frogs from, but it hardly ever has any frogs I'm after at any particular time.

      Daily gift, this is like having a birthday every day. The little gift symbol is lit up until I collect it each day and this gift is something different every day, I briefly touched on the daily gift earlier. It's all good fun and just adds a little something extra to the game.

      Mailbox, this is something I am constantly using, unfortunately the mailbox will only hold 8 things at a time, this fills up very quickly and so this is why I need stamps to get my things delivered straight away otherwise I will miss out on things when I visit the pond.

      Froggydex, this is just an index of the frogs I have collected throughout the game, there's a hell of a lot of different frogs in that index, I don't think I've hardly touched on it yet and I've bred lots of different frogs, the list is endless.

      The last thing I'll mention, although there are a few things I've not mentioned but I don't use them so I didn't see the point. The last thing is the sets, these are what I can collect if I choose to, I get a reward if I manage to complete the set and send it off, the reward differs depending on what frogs were in the set. If I don't want the set that is presented to me I can choose to get another set and wait to see what I am presented with. I like this about the game, again it's just something else that adds to the fun of this little game.

      So that's the menu sorted or at least the main things I use. Now I will tell you a little more about what the frogs can do and the places I keep them.

      My Frogs

      Each habitat costs coins, the more I buy the more expensive they become. At the start of the game I already had 2 habitats one of which is called the nursery and another inside which were just 2 little frogs to start me off. Now since the update I can now have up to 16 habitats each one will hold 8 frogs, 7 pieces of scenery and a background. A new habitat becomes available each time I hit a new level, but the price of each habitat more than doubles in price each level, this makes the coins I collect very valuable. I can change the background anytime I choose but if I replace it, the one I have replaced will disappear. The scenery I can move from habitat to habitat or I can sell it. Each frog can be viewed individually by touching the frog I want to view I am then greeted with a screen which shows me the details of the frog, also on this screen is a maturity level indicator, from egg to adult, only adult frogs can breed and they also have to be tamed. It takes a different amount of time for each breed of frog to mature, so sometimes I'm waiting quite a while but there is always the option of using a potion, by using a potion I can speed up the maturity process and get on with doing whatever it is I need to be doing. I can put my frog into a race from this screen but the frog has to be 100% percent happy and an adult, once I have the frog ready I can choose to either enter him into a race. In the race are four other random frogs, I pay a price to enter my frog then just wait to see where he finishes, I'm allowed to use 1 potion in the race to give my frog a boost, I've won lots of times and get rewarded well either with coins or I get to choose any one of the frogs that participated to keep.

      The Pond

      Now I have mentioned the pond but I haven't said exactly what I do here, well here is where I tame my frogs and help them mature. In order to tame each frog I have to let my frog onto the lily pads in the pond and here he will quite happily with the help of my finger jump from lily pad to lily pad, catching various flies as he goes, this is what the frogs need to do in order to be tamed, the number of flies needed to tame each particular frog is at the top of the screen so I know how many I need my frogs to catch before they are tamed. Once tamed I usually keep my frogs at the pond as this pushes up their happiness indicator. The best thing about the pond is the gifts I find sat on various different lily pads, the gifts can be anything, more often than not I get a gift of 400 coins, just for jumping around the pond, it's great fun. I have also picked up potions, stamps, frogs, scenery and habitat backgrounds. Never a dull moment at the pond.

      Amazing Quality, Both Sight And Sound

      Now I want to tell you about the graphics and the sound effects. Amazing, both of them. First the quality of the pictures I'm greeted with, I cannot believe how crisp, clear and vibrant the colors are, The frogs are beautifully colored and this shows up really well on my iPod. The detail is fabulous, if I tap the screen and zoom in, the picture is still clear and very detailed. I am very impressed I have to say because usually if I zoom right in on something it becomes blurred and unclear, but this is not the case with this little game. The sound effects of this game are really spot on, this is without ear phones as well. At the pond the noises I can hear are so real, I can almost lose myself in the tranquility of it, the noises the frogs make and as they jump from lily pad to lily pad is brilliant, I really love it and am truly amazed by it. Now through the ear phones..... well I might just as well really be at a quiet pond, taking in all the wonderful sounds of nature, hearing and seeing this little game is believing and what really wraps all of this up for me is the fact that it's free. I would quite happily have paid for this App, and I'm surprised it is in actual fact free.

      There are one or two other things within the game but nothing I really use, if you were to download this App for yourself you would be able to check these other things out, there's nothing too important that's why I haven't felt the need to mention them.

      So if you like to be the one in control and you like a challenge, if you enjoy beautiful sights and sounds and you like something for nothing, what, may I ask are you still doing here reading this? Get over to iTunes and download this wonderful free App, you have nothing to lose.

      You'll love it.

      Has to be 5 stars, download it yourself and you'll see why.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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