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Pretty Pet Salon (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2011 18:33
      Very helpful


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      Good To Fill A Few Mnutes.

      Before I got my iPod Touch I never saw the point in apps. My old iPod was one of the basic shuffles so it didnt have any function except music - so because Id never used apps before I didnt get how they could be entertaining - but that opinion has totally changed since I got the new and improved iPod. I think now Im bordering on having too many apps but recently Ive started downloading games that I can play on the move and that dont require an internet connection. This 'Pretty Pet Salon' is one of those games that has become entertainment for me on the way to work, Id be so bored without it (even though Im a little bored even with it)!!

      Useful Information:
      Price: FREE!! Although as with most apps you have the option to purchase things within the game that cost actual money.
      Stockists: This game can be bought directly from the App Store or from iTunes on your computer.
      Other Info: This game is suitable for iPod Touch, iPad & iPhone and requires iOs 3.0 or later. This game is 15.4MB in size - which is larger than most apps Ive found. Also one good thing is you DONT need an internet connection to play this game.

      The whole idea of this game is very simple - you are now running a pet salon. Customers will come in with their pets and your little animal employees have to wash, blowdry, manicure them etc as fast as possible and make the most amount of money from each customer. When you start the game you will have only 2 employees - a turtle and and a pig and thats enough until you start attracting more customers - then you need to employ more animals to work in your salon OR upgrade your current employees to work faster and serve customers quicker. Also at the start of your salon you will only have a haircutting table, a wash station and a blowdry area - these again can be upgraded throughout the game and more can be bought - a massage table & a manicure area to name a few.

      As you can see the point of the game is very simple but it is more difficult that you might assume. The more you upgrade your store the more customers you will get and then you have to be very on the ball to play the game. If you dont serve/take money from customers quick enough they will leave and you wont get the money from them which is why you have to concentrate on each pet and their owner very carefully. As with most games the more customers you serve successfully the more money you will earn which is used to upgrade your machines, your employees and even chairs so the better your store the more money you will earn in the longterm. Now again as with most apps there is another way to buy things - Pet Points, which is where the in app purchases come in. Pet Points are used mostly to upgrade your employees OR purchase new ones so it is worth getting them which can be done in a few ways - you get PP's for going up a level, you can download free apps for PP's in this game & you can buy packs of them for real life money. Ive never bought any with actual money as they are quite easily gotten within the game but I supposed its nice to have the option is you do want super quick staff!!

      Now dont get me wrong this game is entertaining, easy to grasp initially and simple enough throughout but it does get a little repetitive. Each level is exactly the same - just with a different salon background - and your doing the exact same tasks everytime you open your salon. That means I cant play this for an extended amount of time as I do get bored of it quite quickly - and I think most people will think the same thing. Its a fun game to play once in a while for a small amount of time but its not one you could play for hours and stay entertained by in my opinion. Apart from that though its a fun enough game that fills 10-15 minutes when your say waiting for a bus but Im unsure if its something Id want to play all the time. Fun for a few minutes but then it is very samey the whole way through. I do recommend if your just planning on playing this for a little while but if your looking for an ever-changing game this isnt it. Its worth trying though as even if you dont like it none of your money will be wasted!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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