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PuppetShow - The Mystery of Joyville (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2011 22:39
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      Joyville Really Is An Odd Place!

      Before I got my iTouch a few months ago I never thought Id have any interest in the apps available for it. I assumed mine would be filled up with music and TV shows more than anything else but it seems I couldnt have been more wrong. I am an app addict and over the last few weeks in particular I have been downloading and playing quite a few - they might be a running theme in my reviews from now on hehe. This 'Puppetshow - The Mystery Of Joyville' was one of the most recent downloads for me simply because someone told me it was similar to the Professor Layton game for DS and I love that game so I knew I was very likely to love this one to. And while I do love it very much I think its a little too easy to complete for me - and Im a total dope when it comes to this type of game!

      Useful Information:
      Price: This game grabs your attention first because up to a certain level in the game (about half way through the game is totally FREE. If you want to continue and complete the game from that point you will have to pay £1.57.
      Stockists: The App Store on your iPod or iPhone or this can be downloaded from your Itunes on your computer and sent to your device.
      Other Info: 96.3mb game. This game is rated age 9+ as it does contain some VERY mild cartoon/fantasy horror/violence - but trust me it really isnt too bad but maybe some kids under 9 might be scared by the puppets. I sure think they are really odd!

      *I THINK a WI-FI connection is required to play this game - I havent used it outside my house so Im not 100% but most apps require a connection.*

      Joyville and its puppet theatre used to be a place that people from all around the world came to visit but since the fire that destroyed the theatre (and the puppet master) Joyville is a very different place. The town is littered with broken puppets and rusted monuments and now people are starting to disappear at night - your job is to discover why these people are going missing nd to find the latest disappearance - a young boy called Simon. Thats the basic point of the game and it all leads up to wether you will be able to follow the clues, find the items and solve the puzzles fast enough to find this small boy before he to disappears forever - sounds fun right?!

      I assumed the puzzles and clues would be really hard to find and solve and to an extent they are but none are unsolvable or too difficult even for a beginner like me. The puzzles and clues are littered all around Joyville starting in your hotel and leading you to their library and cemetary to name a few so you work your way around each place to solve the big mystery - why are people disappearing and why is the weird spider puppet following you around? It sounds like the story would be a) difficult to follow or b) be too hard but believe me once you have got the hang of finding your way around the town it is quite easy to find the items and figure everything out. Maybe a little too easy in my opinion. Dont get me wrong I loved playing this game when I bought it as it kept me guessing and kept me very entertained so much so I completed it in less than 24 hours. I would have liked the game to be a little longer with more clues and puzzles but judging by the ending to this game - which I wont give away! - there will 100% be a Puppetshow 2 which I would definitely buy as this game was very entertaining.

      I will be playing it again because it is entertaining, simple yet gets you thinking and the story that runs through the game is oddly creepy yet you really want to find out all the hidden answers - Im waiting till I forget where all the clues are hidden and how to solve the puzzles first though which might take a bit of time. Other than it ended to quickly I cant find fault with this game as I loved playing it and will hopefully do so again in the future - a 4* app in my opinion.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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