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Question of Sport

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Developer: Deluxe Digital Studios Limited

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2013 14:30
      Very helpful



      A poor game

      If you are someone who is a fan of sport then you might know all about the game show named Question of sport. This show has been on BBC 1 for what seems forever and has a great following and is usually a fun game to watch.

      == The Game ==

      This game follows the idea behind the game show which is aired on BBC 1 and the idea is pretty much the same but not exactly that controlled. You have a role to play as the main spokesperson for your team.
      You have no help from other players on your team it is just you answering questions and you are against no one at all. In theory your mission is to try and accumulate as many points as possible and see how you progress.

      You begin with entering your details such as your name and you begin with the rounds of questions you see on the television version of the game show. Favourite rounds such as guessing the sports face from a picture board and working out what might happen next after you're given some clues.

      These questions are done to test the mind in all aspects of sport and you're not just given the basic football as some people presume but you get given questions on a wide range of sports such as boxing, athletics, tennis and more.

      You answer the questions via multiple choices or by inserting your own typed answer to see if you're correct and if you are then your given points and if you fail well you end up with nothing.
      The questions are pretty easy to understand and there is nothing which is very difficult at all as you do not have an option in which to choose a difficulty setting which is rather bizarre on a game like this.

      You can play against another friend and you both take it in turns to view the various questions in a contest but you will not encounter any of the real people on the game show at all. The presenter Sue Barker is never used in terms of a voice or even a graphic and neither are the team captains currently on the show.

      The game has questions which can be unlocked but these are set at a price and for 69p you can unlock new questions but this does not mean you get that many questions at all because this game lacks lots of questions.

      After perhaps your tenth attempt at the game you witness repetitive questions so you know the answers which then make this game very silly and boring and a waste of time.

      == Questions ==

      On the game show they are given a picture board and the team would pick a number and a picture of an athlete would be behind this number and they had to guess the sports star to gain points. On this game there is about 20 people used and if you do get the person wrong your told who they are with a follow up question.

      What is worrying is that the game actually wants you to remember the answers I swear because this has happened not just on the picture board round but also guess the celebrity as well.

      I think the game has to be sorted out because the game is meant to be challenging but at the moment it is anything but challenging it is weird in how the game designers worked out this concept of game play would work.

      When your given questions you have a timer as well on some rounds and yet again on the game show you might get told by the presenter to get a move on but this never happens in this game it seems everything is done in a huge rush which again is really annoying when it comes to answering questions.

      The questions are done roughly the same throughout and none are difficult and the most common questions are based around football I have never seen anything on American Sport, Swimming, Martial Arts, Basketball, Hockey and there is many more.

      The questions do not reflect also the kind of questions you would expect in the game show either and this is again worrying.

      == What Needs Changing? ==

      This game needs lots done to help it progress and the first would be the horrible theme music played throughout which is beyond frustrating. The game at the start when you load up the game will start with the iconic theme tune for this show. However, the background is playing this theme music throughout the questions you take part in answering.

      The game also needs to sort out the rounds so they are true to the game show. The last round is a one minute round where you are given general knowledge questions based on a wide range of topics but this is not true. On the game show on television you lose points if you get a question wrong but on this app you do not lose points.

      The game needs voices from people on the show especially Sue Barker and this could be her introducing the next round or even commenting on your score you have achieved because you will turn the volume down to mute due to the consistent annoying theme tune playing so this could be a big alteration which would appeal to me.

      I would like to be able to play maybe against other users who use the game and see how I do as this would give the game purpose. If you're playing against a friend it becomes a little repetitive so playing opponents around the world would be more fun and be creative as well.

      The last part this game needs to do is make sure the questions are updated because if you know the answers what is the point of playing further? You need to be able to play this game without knowing the answers to the questions you're given and instead of the game asking you to download new questions with a price tag attached it would be nice if they gave them to you anyways.

      == Game Play and Graphics ==

      The game play on this game is quick and perhaps to quick the timer you never see counts down behind the question and then the round is over and this is not true to how the television show is done.

      The questions when answered are done instantly and the final round where you are given many general knowledge questions over and over they have got extremely good speed and the next questions pops in instantly and this is pretty good.
      The graphics overall are impressive also. You do see some videos and graphics of sports stars throughout your journey in this game and they are very good. You do not have any pausing take place at all.

      I would also point out that if there is any issue in the graphics it is the background orange colour which stays and remains throughout the game which can be annoying it would be nice for you to have a new colour each round but this is not done.

      The graphics also have got very good sharp images so the quality looks at times HD and this is no exaggeration the footage is extremely good.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      The game has problems because I did pay 69p for this game and I did read some reviews on the iTunes website which said the game was fantastic but this is untrue.

      The game sort of follows the game show in terms of the various rounds of questions it produces because that is accurate but everything else is wrong. I do not understand how you can play a game where you do not have an opponent except a friend next to you.

      Other game show games I have played you play against other opponents who have the game and are online then you can a wide range of people without knowing how good they are at sport so this is a problem.

      There are more problems on this game than anything else and I would NOT recommend this game as a download option even for free until errors they have got are improved greatly.

      My final rating for this game is 2 out of 10 and it sounds harsh but I could easily give this game a more negative review then I have done.


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