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Rock Band (iPhone application)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Type: iPhone Game

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    3 Reviews
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      14.12.2011 18:05
      Very helpful
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      An enjoyable rock band game for iphone

      Before getting this game for the iPhone, I had never played any other game in the Rock Band series, or indeed even any related games like Guitar Hero. I thought that it could be an enjoyable game on the iPhone, though, and after trying the free version and enjoying it, I decided to pay to download the full game. Although I haven't been playing it as much recently as I did when I first got it, it's a game I still go back to some times and still quite like.

      == Rock Band ==

      Rock Band for iPhone is a game in which you play along to songs using buttons on the touch screen. You play along to the part of one of four instruments: guitar, bass, drums or vocals and within each instrument you can also choose your difficulty level. You play a song by pressing one of four buttons as corresponding notes come towards you and gain points by hitting every note and for getting combos. If you do particularly badly then the crowd boos you off stage and you have to stop, but if you do well, you are awarded between one and five stars. You could say that the goal of the game is to get five stars on each song after you have unlocked every level. A few songs come already unlocked but then you have to play them through in order to gain access to other ones.

      == The Songs ==

      There are some pretty decent songs to be found in this game. There are ones by Blondie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blink 182 and so on, and even though there aren't any songs to be found here that I was a fan of before playing, I now like quite a lot of them.

      Playing along to a lot of them feels as realistic as you could only using four buttons and you do feel that the buttons you are pressing do match up to the tune of your instrument reasonably well. The fact that you can play more than one instrument also makes each song more interesting and different as each instrument is usually fairly different to the others and so you can play the same song without it being overly repetitive. Since you have a high score per instrument per song you can also try to get a high score on each instrument as opposed to only having one.

      == Controls ==

      The controls on this game are, unsurprisingly as it's an iPhone game, all done via the touch screen. You press the onscreen buttons to select menu options as well as to press the buttons in the song. The screen is responsive so there's little risk of the game not recognising that you've pressed something. The main problem with the controls that I've found is that, because the game is played in portrait, the buttons are quite close together. This often poses a problem when you have to press two buttons next to each other at once as you have to be really precise with your thumbs and, since they are so close together, it is easy to press the wrong button by mistake or miss one. The game Rock Band Reloaded, which was a similar game released some time after Rock Band, somewhat solves this problem by playing the game in landscape, meaning that the buttons are spaced further apart and so this problem does not occur.

      == In Conclusion ==

      This is a good game for the iPhone which is good to play every now and then. I don't play it as much as I used to but it's still good fun when I do play it. I have to say that I prefer Rock Band Reloaded, which has different songs and a better control system, but I still think that Rock Band is worth recommending. I believe that it currently costs £3 to download, which is alright, though I think it should probably be a bit cheaper than that to be worth it. There is also a multiplayer mode but as I don't know anyone else who wants to play this game, I have not tried it and so cannot comment on it.


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        10.06.2010 19:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great app - well worth a try! :)

        Rock Band (iPhone application)

        I have always wanted rock band since it came out but I have always spent the money for it on make up....etc. So I bought the game for my iPod touch about a month ago and I have not been able to stop playing it since! It is amazingly addictive (even more addictive than famvillie)!

        When it starts up you have loads of opinion including, quick play (single player), multi player, world tour, music store, messages, extras and options. The single player is fairly straight forward you just click it and you come to a song list from the easiest songs at the top to the nightmare songs at the bottom. There are warm up songs, then apprentice, then solid, moderate, challenging and then the nightmare song and to make it even harder... the Impossible song!

        There are 19 songs in total but on the ea music store then you can buy other songs. Some are free (like two of them) and the other are 59p I think. On the actual song, you get the choice to pick either guitar, bass, drums or vocals. I always pick the guitar... because in my opinion it is the easiest! The drums, guitar and the bass have the same game play layout but the vocals is a bit different (And in my opinion a little bit harder than the others).

        Some of the songs include:
        *Move along - All American Reject (one of my favorites)
        *Learn to fly - Foo Fighters (my favorite) :)
        *Ace of spades '08 - Motorhead - a nightmare song.. obviously
        *Bad reputation - Joan Jett (Another one of my favorites)
        *All the small things - Blink 182 (One of my favorite summer songs)
        *Hanging on the telephone - Blondie - a warm up song

        And many more!

        The aim of the game is just to hit the notes at the right time when they come to the bars at the bottom (or at the left hand side if you are playing the vocalist). I just play the quick play solo version and the world tour (where you go to different gigs and play the songs to unlock other songs and other locations - and you gain fans this way).

        Good points
        *Really easy to play - even my sister can play it :)
        *bright colourful interface
        *Easy to navigate the app
        *You can either be vocalist, drummer, guitarist or bass player
        *Suitable for iPhone or iPod touch
        *Quite addictive
        *Good variety of songs
        *Fun user friendly interface
        *Can only be bought from the iTunes store for only £3.49 - when I bought it
        *Gain high scores (especially on hard) and gain more fans
        *Be a rockstar!

        Bad points
        *That annoying noise every time you click an option (but you can probably change this on the setting options)
        *On mine sometimes when I click on the app it tells me that my iPod is low on battery (even though it is not) and it just freezes! But powering off and on again fixes this - for now!

        And you can buy the FREE lite version from iTunes to try it first - this is what I did and then I bought the full version 5 minutes later!

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          28.05.2010 22:47
          Very helpful



          Its ok

          Since Rockband first hit the shelves for mainstream consoles it has been a huge success , and a welcome contender to the "Hero" series. I mean if they got the Beatles behind them the guys at EA must be doing something right. So does the Iphone version to them justice.

          Created by MTV and EA , the start up is slick taking around 7 seconds to hit the main menu. From here your met with a cheering crowd , and the subtle movements of the frame and background just give the menu an edge. The menu offers up several options : quick play , world tour , multiplayer , music store , more EA games , messages and extras.


          Kicking off with quick play , this is the standard pick a song and bang it out mode. Selecting a song can be done looking through them either alphabetically or by their difficulty. With 16 songs shipping with it , there isn't a host of choices compared to its competitors in the App store. Picking a song sets up picking the musician and there are the four Rockband options of Bass, Guitar , Drums or Vocals. So pick one and off you go.

          World tour is a stripped down career mode , the sub menu brings up the option of Solo tour , Play online , Claims to fame , Leaderboards and Tell a freind. As well as this at the top of the screen is your score , and in the centre a host of band members in their cube like style.
          Solo tour involves picking a city and playing out the gig, their are 5 gigs to go to 3 in america, one in paris and one in moscow. One 3 countrys shouldnt constitute a world tour and two , their is no difference between the first gig and the last , except the songs. At each gig you play 3 songs and a mystery song , complete these and your on your way.
          Playing online simply allows you to do this over the internet.
          Claims to Fame features your Progression , Achievements and statistics.
          Leaderboard show how your fairing up against other players.
          Tell a freind allows yout to send a E-mail with a link to Rockband in the Appstore.

          Multiplayer can be done over bluetooth or Wifi, it allows you to play as a band and try to acheive a good score in the leaderboards. Based on a number of plays , it works well over bluetooth and adds a little excitement to a lunch break.

          The music store is where you should be able to download new tracks for free or at a cost , however this has never worked for me.

          More EA games suggest you try their other Appstore games.

          Messages allows you to link Rockband with facebook so your band can be more in touch.

          Extras is simply , itunes store, claims to fame , Options ( only changes volume levels ) help , about and credits.

          Being a music game the tracks should be good qaulity and audible if your supposed to realistically play along with it. I can safely say that as long as its being played with headphones the audio is crisp and clear. The cheering/booing of the crowd doesn't overbear the music and distract you and the actual sound of the button hits are very low so not to ruin the song.

          Songs are very important in a music game , sadly Rockband only features 16 from the likes of Blondie , Foo fighters and Motorhead. This is where Rockbands Iphone competitor TapTap can make its move , not only does it ship with a lot of songs but they are regularley releasing packs including GAGA , Nirvana and Coldplay.

          Outside of the music playing sections they are what could be expected from the iphone , well designed but sharp edges and cubiness still shine through.
          In game the Fret board design pops out and is really vivid with the four colours , similarly with the colours coming down towards you.

          It can only be described as very fun, while it lasts . Unfortunatley the lack of songs is what really fails this game and although its ok to play the one song with the four instruments , once youve done that their is no need to go back.

          Rockband is £3.99 on the appstore and a Demo is available.

          A good effort but room for improvement.


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