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Rolando (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2010 17:44
      Very helpful


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      one of the best iphone games

      Rolando is a adventure game which has been very popular since the iphones release, It was one of the first games to heavily use the accelerometer and has so far produced one sequel.

      ===Start up===
      The game takes 14 seconds to load up , this is good considering the levels and design.
      Starting up your shown the game uses I-Save, which means if you quit the game by pressin the home button , the game will automatticaly save.
      Prior to the menu we are met by 6 squares , these show some of the games characters as you unlock them, this is interactive as you can tilt the iphone and see them moving around, as well as pressing buttons for bombs.
      Pressing start brings up the 5 options, start game , secret levels , tell a freind , more and plus+.

      opening up the games levels shows a childlike pop put map, each level is shown by a little circle , mario style. There are 4 distinct areas in the map, honeycup meadows , fire canyon , shadowland valleys and rolando central.
      The game starts with a tutorial level teaching you the basics and then more difficult skills are taught later on. Their are 40 levels in total and then a handful of secret levels.
      Their isn't a storyline as such in the game , but the aim is to get your rolando's through each level safely, taking special care with royalty.
      Different rolando's have different skills, some are good at jumping whilst others stick to any surface.
      Along your travels you will also meet many enemies , you can only avoid these as the rolando's have no way of defending themeselves.

      Really intuitive, to move your rolando you select it with a tap and then tilt your iphone left or right to move. Similarly jumping is done by swiping upwards with a finger.
      The levels are really and dont get boring as their is always a new challange or obstacle up against you.

      Cartoony , vibrant and exciting. The game really is a feast for the eyes, the environment in the background is very reflective of the area your in , Rolando's have specific designs and look depending on their character type and the enemies are recognisable and dark.

      The soundtrack is youthful and bouncy, it fits the game perfectly and doesn't become tiring like other soundtracks.
      The noises of the rolando's are very cartoony, when jumping they make a lovely little "boing".

      Changing the volume and has leaderboards, credits etc.

      Is a online system to keep track of your scores and freinds whilst playing through the game.

      App store for £1.79 and a free demo of a few levels is also available

      A brilliant iphone game, this game will give you hours of entertainment.


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