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Sand Slides (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 11:37
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      A free game which is fun to try

      This review is about another free game for the iPhone and other devices I found. I do enjoy those intense games which require people to work hard and try and be accurate with everything they do and this is one of those games.

      The clue perhaps is given away by the title but your aim is to try and direct sand into the correct collection pod without losing to many grains. It sounds easy but the game is far from that.

      You have at the top of the screen three pods which fill up with a coloured sand and you have a small timer underneath not done by numbers but more of a round circle which when filled up with a red colour releases the sand above it.

      The sand will fall directly into the open and this is where you come in as a player. You have to draw lines and guide the sand into the correct coloured pod. If you have orange sand you need to direct the sand to this pod. The time it takes for the sand to completely disappear into the correct pod is all about how good you draw a line.

      If you draw an obscene angle you might find it takes longer for the sand to go down so the quicker and more direct route is usually the route which is the best. Whilst you are guiding this sand into the correct pod you find the top pods fill back up with yet more sand. This might be the same colour or it might be a fresh one.

      You are given three colours for the game and you have to keep going until you run out of grains of sand. On the easy mode you have 30,000 grains spare and this is there for spilling some over the side of the lines or not collecting sand quick enough. Once that 30,000 number has reached zero you then have lost the game.

      Your score is reached by how many grains of sand you saved and the bonus you might receive for doing continuous non stop collecting. Your score is added to a scoreboard which you want to keep beating.

      Obviously medium and harder difficulty settings mean less grains of sand for you to use but overall the game is quick paced and you have to keep vigilant throughout. You can only have two lines at once as well. If you draw a third line you have a few seconds left whilst the game deletes a previous line you have done.

      I think the game is quick paced so the speed of the game is excellent because you cannot stop playing otherwise you lose your rhythm and without you noticing you can have 30 minutes pass because it can be addictive.

      What lets the game down is how the sand which comes down can be the same colour for about 10 times in a row and it adds no real difference so you want it to be tough otherwise it can be boring and this has happened before to me.

      With the graphics they are very good you have nice realism with the sand falling which is nice and I do think that the price of the game being for free excellent. It might not suit everyone as some might find it boring and some might feel the same as me a game which keeps you on your toes is excellent.

      I would highly recommend this game to anyone even just to try. I have had this game a few months and already had two updates which were for minor problems in the game so they have updates come around.


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