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Shattered Minds Encore

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2012 13:52
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      A good game

      Finding a game for the iPad which is good in every respect takes some time to do and especially if you do not wish to pay for that sort of service. This game actually is pretty cool and is one of those which might just appeal to people.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      This game is one of those mystery hunting games which involves plenty of thinking but also craft as well. You're on a mystery which I will not reveal as it might ruin the game for some people.

      You begin by understanding the game which is quite simple really. You go around searching various scenes which are cluttered with items such as broken chairs, glasses and you might see a box of chocolates it all depends on what is there.

      Your aim to click around the scene and try and find clues and objects you might use later on in the game to reveal a new secret item or area. Imagine that you are a detective at a crime scene I would imagine it is similar to that sort of feeling.

      The scenes can take you from inside to outside with one click of the mouse and items you see around the scene you may need to click on to reveal something. If you see a newspaper clipping it might reveal a security code for a lock you see later on so you have to be vigilant.

      The game also makes you use your brain because finding items you need are stored in your inventory and these can be used at any time if you feel the urge to do so. All items you collect will need to be used at some point and some of them more than once.

      Once the item you have used has served its purpose it will disappear entirely. You meet people you can chat with but to be fair they are kind of pointless as they do not reveal much. You also encounter scenes which have items hidden and you need to locate them.

      Those scenes are fun because you have items you need to find and once you found them all your given another item. All scenes you visit and search you can return to and you need to focus on where you are because some areas you unlock about 10-15 scenes so sometimes going back and forth takes a while to do.

      The one final note to really mention is that throughout your adventure you are told what to do in theory at the top of the game. When you click an item and you use an inventory object you have collected and you cannot use it you are sometimes given a small hint of what you require.

      Diary entries sometimes have hidden help inserted in them and they are useful and you have options over whether you want a game which assists you with hints or one which does not help at all, that can be fun.

      ~~ Objects and Using Them ~~

      The objects you see and use can seem pretty random but they all serve a purpose. I remember finding some lettered tiles and I was collecting them in my inventory and could not figure out how they could assist me.

      Later on in the game I found a door which had letters to form elements from the periodic table and my tiles were there to help form missing elements so the purpose of the items is sometimes not the most likely scenario you can think of but they are there to help.

      The objects can be hidden in almost every scene. If you click an item and you get to explore that section more closely than usually there is something hidden there. If you click a briefcase and it opens up and you wonder why it is because somewhere there is something there you need to find.

      Items you collect are everywhere and to use them requires you to open the inventory which is very simple indeed and you literally drag that item you wish to use to the area you require it and if it works the game plays a clip where the item is used.

      Sometimes the game is not obvious in what it wishes for you to do. You know the aim of the first level because it is explained everywhere but at times you do wonder how much work you're required to do to finish a level.

      I admit that clicking aimlessly around the various scenes will undoubtedly assist your voyage but this to me is cheating I love to work things out for myself and people can do that on this game if they allow themselves.

      ~~ Scenes ~~

      The game has scenes all over the place and some of these are unlocked by you putting items together and it is rather fun this happens. If you saw one door leading to another it sort of makes the whole concept pretty average and boring.

      Some scenes you reach by going down an alley, down a ladder or even climbing up somewhere. You never see your character perform those movements you're also seeing the game from the vision of your character throughout the game play.

      The scenes are big and offer so much in every one you spend a while exploring trying to work out what needs to be done in every scene. This can be a lot or it might require you to return later on.

      The scenes are not always clear and sometimes a click at random will take you to an entire new scene so it is a nice idea they have introduced and I would perhaps have liked hidden passages which you come across when clicking on an item it would have added something extra.

      ~~ Game Play and Graphics ~~

      The game play is pretty good because if you click an entrance you are instantly taken to the new area there is none of this waiting around for it to occur which is excellent. You also have the same speed should you wish to return back to a previous area you were just in.

      The speed to which you click on items in those missing scenes is good as well. If you click on an item and it is the correct one the game will make the item disappear within a second or so and this is so good because it saves you getting angry and frustrated.

      The speed to which items you use in your inventory are used when selecting them is also superb and I have not found a single problem with the game play at all thus far and that is a shock for a game like this on the iPad.

      In terms of the graphics the majority of the game has exceptional graphics with every scene very well lit with colour which adds extra depth overall and has plenty of items you can easily identify. If I had one problem with the graphics it might be occasionally the scenes have too much clutter and it is hard to work out items.

      One scene I remember visiting had so much colour on the floor and you had to use one of those coloured parts for a bit later on and it was hard to work out what was what due to the amount of problems with the graphics so overall they are good but some areas need sorting still.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I think this game is available as a demo but unsure on this. I was playing the game on my brothers iPad he seems to have brought it and to me that is okay but if people find the demo to play first then do so it will help you understand the format more clearly.

      I like the fact this game is like many others before it because it involves a mystery which requires lots of attention to detail and also the fact you have great graphics in some areas and game play that your left pretty happy overall.

      I think the game is one of those which all age groups above perhaps 10 and above would be able to play I have not found any sort of age restriction guidelines on the game at all which is good.

      The story is good as well if you follow it well and I just think the fact that each level you visit and all the scenes you encounter there is plenty to do and it is not a game you will complete within a few minutes.

      My overall rating for this game would be a nice 8 out of 10 because there is little to moan about and the fact you can play this on the iPad makes it fun for me as this means I do not need a mouse to click around random locations.


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