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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2012 16:04
      Very helpful
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      easy and fun game

      I came across Sky burger when I saw my sister playing it a few months back and she seemed to be getting really into the game. I decided to download it onto my iPod Touch and have a play myself and I come to find the game really addictive for a little while.

      --------Game Play & Difficulty----------
      The aim of the game is to build burgers with the listed ingredients to complete orders. As the game progresses the orders for each burger get longer so the burgers get taller and the game gets harder but not to hard. To pass each order you must get all the right ingredients on the burger the place the bread on top. The game is very easy to play and it is very straight forward which is one of the reason I was able to get into it so easy. I think the idea of the game is OK but this is the type of thing that gets repeated to often as there are many other game exactly like it.
      To play the game on an iPod Touch you have to tilt the screen to the left and to the right to navigate the burger and catch the toppings. At first it starts off very easy but as the burger gets taller you have to concentrate more and more.

      There isn't really much needed to play this game and it's really for anyone with good concentration. What I liked about the game is that it progresses on a steady level and you don't get on level be very easy then the game jump 10 steps ahead. It's very steady in progress so I never felt like how did it get from here to here its a step at a time as in how many new things they add after each level.
      --------Graphics & Sound---------
      The graphics on the game are fairly good considering the game is free they have definitely put some effort into making the burger ingredients look tasty.
      The sound on the game I find really annoying and it distract me from the game. Most of the time I turn the sound of because I get better scores without hearing it. The music sounds like and old country mix instrumental which is not really a motivating tune for me but it does suit the game.

      ---------Menu & Options------------
      The menu holds lots of options to alter the game to suit your needs which I think is a good feature to have so everyone can play the game to suit their needs.
      In the menu area you can check your career status which shows how many burgers you have sold along with how much you have earned. In the career area you can also check the top worldwide rankings and see if you have made it there. The career area is a good way to check your status in the game and I regularly did check there as I like knowing what I have accomplished when it comes to games.
      The settings option in the menu allows you to adjust the game. The tilt sensitivity of the game can me made less or more which is a helpful feature. Everyone will find the need the flexibility of the tilt to be at a different strength so it is good that this can be altered in the settings. For me I find that having the tilt sensitivity in the middle is the best way for me to play because I can control the burger easier.
      Also in the settings area you can change the music and sounds effects you can turn them up, down or off. The best way I like to play is with no music but with sound effects.
      ----------Overall Opinion---------
      The game overall is a decent game to play and there was a point where I was hooked on it for days trying to beat my top scores. After a while I did get bored of the game and now only play it every now and then. I think the game is very basic and easy for anyone to play and understand. I would recommend getting the game because it's free to download from the app store and you can't go wrong with a free game. Be warned it's very addictive when you first start playing.


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        08.03.2012 12:12
        Very helpful


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        Quite addictive little game App

        A straight to the point, little game App here that is highly addictive. I was inspired to download this particular App as it has been developed by the same people who bought us "Tiny Tower".

        Some of you may already be aware that "Sky Burger" is the name of one of the available floors that is built within the game "Tiny Tower". As I have a bit of an addiction now for "Tiny Tower" I just had to get "Sky Burger" to see what it was all about.

        Sky Burger

        This App is suitable for any age group and what makes this particular game fun is the fact that five different people can play on their own profile, the game gives the option for you to type in your name at the start then whoever is playing scrolls to their own name and carries on from where they left off. People can join at any time by making their own name profile. Currently both my son and I are playing, taking it in turns to outdo each other and get the better scores.

        The game is really simple. The aim is to build a burger, catching the correct ingredients as it falls from the sky. This sounds simple but in actual fact it does get very fast and the higher your burger gets the more difficult it is to move it across the screen without catching ingredients you don't want.

        At the start I'm greeted with an order, it tells me exactly what I have to catch and how many of each of the ingredients. To do this I have to tilt my iPod from side to side catching only what I need. At first this is really easy as I'll get a small burger order for just a couple of things say a burger and two cheese, once I have my ingredients on my bun I have to wait for a bun top to fall from the sky and catch it on the top of my burger. Only then will the cash register ding and it will say order complete.

        Lots of different ingredients fall down from the sky and I have to try and avoid catching what I don't need. If I catch things I don't need I hear a squelching noise and my tip goes down. For each correct item placed on my burger my tip goes up, it's worth trying not to catch what I don't need because if I finish with a 100% correct burger my tip is very high, this all adds to the money I make for a particular burger and the better I do, the more chance I have at moving up in my career. I started as trainee and I'm now store manager (not bad eh?).

        The orders continue straight after each other, every time I complete an order the next is slightly harder, needing more ingredients and the actual ingredients falling faster each time. The game is very fast paced but lots of fun. Once I complete five correct orders straight I'm given an order for a Sky Burger. These are great fun because the aim here is to just build my burger with whatever I want, so I just zoom backwards and forwards collecting everything that falls. But it gets fast and the bigger my burger gets the harder it is to move because the top seems to bend and so if I'm trying to avoid catching a bun lid I have to be very careful how I move my burger. If I catch a bun lid that's my burger finished.

        I have had my burger built up into space, this is so funny to watch, I notice as I add more and more ingredients the background is changing. The sounds are good to, if I just miss a bun lid I hear the crowd making the noises like "Ohh, Ahh" sometimes the bun lids just misses my burger and I watch as it just hits the side and falls to my relief. I have had my burger almost complete before and I mean a really big order only to catch a bun lid, this is so frustrating especially when I've been zooming backwards and forwards catching everything I need only to be greeted with a load buzz and "Order Failed" written in red across my screen. This is not only annoying because I failed but it also sends me back to the small orders again and after completing the really big orders these seem effortless once I go back to them.

        There is the option to have music playing, but personally it annoys me so I just leave it as sound effects which are very realistic, especially the so called crowd that are supposed to be watching me build my burgers. The graphics are good, very crisp and clear. The game like I said at the start is so easy to get hooked on, when I play I just want to keep going and going, I can't seem to be able to put the thing down, so luckily because my son also has a profile I pass it to him to try and beat my latest score. He was a hit with the game instantly; he just knew what to do. Me on the other hand, well a totally different story. I didn't bother reading what I actually had to do and just got stuck straight in and every order I got failed, I really had no idea what I was doing wrong until I watched my son play. I soon saw where I was going wrong and now there's no stopping me.

        To control the game I can either tilt my iPod or move the burger across the screen with my finger. Touching the middle of the screen will pause the game.

        There is an option of sending reports online to compete on the world wide career charts. By enabling these reports your game will also be backed up online, so should the worst happen and you accidently delete your game, you will be able to restore it again. I have not done this, I just play on my own or with my son, we just compete against each other.

        Things to Remember

        Build your burger by collecting the correct ingredients, once all ingredients are collected, get that bun top on as quick as you can!
        When building a Sky Burger, take your time to collect what you can, avoid bun lids at all costs!

        That's just about it, downloaded for free from iTunes, it's a great little App that didn't cost anything. In my opinion another really good game from Nimlebit.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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