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Stand O Food (iPad)

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A game for the Ipad requiring you to run a fast food restaurant.

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2012 19:37
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      Poor Game

      There are games we all love to play based mainly on the genre of the game. I like games which involve me constantly being busy and before I know an hour has passed without me realising.

      This game I believed might have been one of them but I was sadly mistaken.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      This game is about you running a fast food shop and you have to prepare those meals for the customers who walk in as quickly as possible. This sounds pretty easy but it turns out not to be that way.

      You begin the game with a tutorial which you need to really focus on because I tried to act all smart and ended up going back to review this help section. You have to use your man who is running the fast food area and he has to all by himself make food.

      Most food products are sandwiches such as bacon or egg sandwiches. Behind the order point are the items you require to make the food products. You have rows of bacon, egg, and also the top and bottom of the roll buns.

      This is not in order and by this I mean you might have bacon on one food area mixed with egg and other items you require. You can only make one item at a time. If you have a customer who wants an egg sandwich and you cannot touch the egg itself you sometimes need to serve the next person in line.

      The game is all about strategy and speed. You have to work yourself through the customer queue and hope you can serve them before they get slightly angry and leave. The first few levels as with most games are there to give you an idea of what to expect.

      As you advance through the game the amount of food which is jumbled up and the customers you have entering your diner will increase steadily. They will moan if you fail to get items to them quickly enough.

      The game also lets you buy upgrades after each shift is completed. You can buy items ranging in price to either increase profits or to make customers feel happier. Some of the items you can purchase could be a fan, jukebox or even better resources.

      You can buy some sauces to put on burgers so the customers pay you slightly more cash because the item they have ordered is much better. You have many options to spend your money on but usually at the end of each shift you do not have lots of money to use so you have to spend wisely.

      Customers do not get angry quickly but once one has been left in the lurch the others tend to moan quickly after so you have to watch out for speed as the quicker the order is received the more money they will pay you.

      ~~ Spending Money and Orders ~~

      When you finish a shift at the start of the game you end up with very little cash to spend. Some of the items can cost as much as £100 each and some are much cheaper.

      You have a fan and a juke box which are meant to please customers but when I purchased them I never saw a difference in how quickly they reacted to not having their orders on time.

      Everything in my view seemed to remain the same. The problem with the spending on this game you're not rewarded enough money for a good shift. If you serve 30 customers and each one is served quickly and with an extra bit of sauce in there order surely you deserve a huge bonus?

      This game fails in my view to give the player any sort of reward which will increase their enthusiasm to keep on playing. You end up with the occasionally £1 extra in your money when you complete shift but there is little else in terms of rewards given to you for the hard work you put in.

      Spending wise you can buy many sauces and you are told which ones will suit the various orders. Perhaps one sauce will look better with bacon sandwiches compared to egg sandwiches and you are told about this at the start when you purchase the sauces.

      The orders are also a big problem. The game lets you have a plate which is not in use and you can move an item onto the plate and leave it there so you can retrieve another item behind it you require. So for example if I needed a piece of bacon for a sandwich but cheese was in the way I could put this cheese on the plate and use the bacon behind.

      I like that idea but what I find annoying is that the game tends to keep items in the same sequence. You will notice how behind the order point you have usually four rows of food preparation which show you the ingredients and food products you need.

      The last storage point always without fail has bacon all the way down the row of food. You will find the odd piece of egg mixed in but that's about it. To me this is not really helping the game out because you know what to expect so where is the challenge?

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The graphics on this game are good to a point. You have got to understand the game is not being played on an Xbox at all and you can easily tell this. The game though is apparently done in HD graphics hence the title of this game.

      I find this unrealistic because there is little to choose from between this apparent HD game and other games I play which are not. This game has very poor graphics for the food items and the bacon is perhaps the most realistic product in terms of graphics the game has to offer.

      The sauces look very weak and appear like a dot of colour on the food product and to be fair the overall look of the fast food café area is poor as well with just this boring orange colour and nothing to buy to change the mood of the place at all.

      The game play again is good to a point. I cannot understand how this game has been allowed on the market because the game play lets you pick out the various products you require but the speed to which your staff member moves is poor.

      The customers will walk in and have their items and even when it comes to putting items together such as a sandwich the speed is quick but not realistic. How can you put together sandwich with the base, the egg, bacon and sauce with the top of the bun in just a few seconds yet the game takes forever for you to move from one area to the next? It is not realistic and does not help you as a player because you will get angry and frustrated very quickly.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I would say this game is not worth buying at all. The HD apparent graphics are not evident at all and the game is mixed up too much in every aspect.

      The format should be easy to follow yet when you keep serving the same items, have the same items appear in the same places it becomes boring. I would have liked more money for a good shift as this would put extra incentive on to you as the player.

      The cash your rewarded is weak and it would take a long time to buy all the items as upgrades to keep customers happy and to make your fast food destination a stand out place to buy from.

      I think the speed and graphics are weak and offer little to suggest this game has anything decent about it at all. The one highlight perhaps is the tutorial is actually helpful and you are provided plenty of data at the end of each shift to work out where your revenue has come from.

      Other than this it is a pointless game to purchase. I am aware you can download a free sample to play but unsure how this is found as I cannot find it. I played this game on a friend's iPad who actually paid £1.99 for it which is astonishing to say the least.


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