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Street Food Tycoon (iPhone app)

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    2 Reviews
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      01.10.2012 00:57
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      Good tycoon game, especially for free!

      Streetfood Tycoon was the latest app that I found for my iPad through just random browsing through the App Store. For once it was a restaurant style game that wasn't just a demo but a full game for free, so I downloaded it purely just to try it out because it was free and because I play a ridiculous amount of tycoon games.

      There isn't an age limit to the game, and it is a pretty easy game as most of it is based around the pictures that customers display. I'd say anyone 5 and over would be able to play this game. It is free, however there is also the option to purchase coins to upgrade your play through the game, but as usual I found these to be pretty pointless as you gain them so fast in the game anyway.

      The main aim of the game is to help a struggling food cart start from low income to becoming a fast selling and profitable food truck. I was kept motivated to play this purely through the fact that there were achievements to unlock if you got to certain levels, however once I passed these I wasn't too fussed and didn't really play the game much after. However, you do get on a high score board for overall play, so this may keep others motivated to play.

      Throughout the game, you just swipe the different foods to people and restock the cart, ensuring customers are served on time to make sure you get a profit. I didn't really find the game to increase in difficulty much as it went on, which was quite annoying, but the food bits did get harder to complete which was a bit of an upgrade. The gameplay is very simple and a very good game to play on a lazy day or if your waiting for someone, as it did make time pass for me quite quickly and didn't require much thinking.

      I found it quite quick to complete really, as within a couple of hours play I had already unlocked all the achievements and upgraded the cart to the highest level. There is the option of starting all over again, but I don't really see the point as it is basically the same thing over again with no harder levels.
      The graphics on the game are nothing mind breaking, but they are decent for a free game and there was no issues with glitches in the entire time I played. They look quite cartoony without any detail, quite simply drawn really.

      Overall, I'd say it is a decent game for being free and does make for a good timewaster as after I finished everything in the game, I do sometimes go back and play it when I'm having a lazy hour. While it's nothing exceptional, it's still something to keep for casual play.


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      25.08.2012 11:57
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      Decent game

      New games pop up on the App store all the time and the majority are okay but some are long lasting and have plenty going for them.

      This game is named Street food Tycoon and this is one of those games which is long lasting.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game is about you serving food as a street food retailer. You begin in a rather shabby vehicle and your aim is to make plenty of cash and upgrade everything you have in front of you. This will include the vehicle you're in to the customers as well.

      To start with you are given some customers who are quite bland and boring. They will approach your vehicle and they will let you see what they want. You have to rush around because failure to land the right meal for them and they disappear and walk away.

      The beginning you serve mainly chips and it seems pretty basic and boring but the game does pick up speed as you play. To start with you have to find funds to buy a vehicle and food products. I went for a loan from my parents to help me set up the store.

      Each day you have a clock which runs down very quickly and your aim is to serve products as soon as possible. The more you sell the more money you make and again at the start the money you make it not that much.

      Once the day is over your given new upgrade options ranging from people to new items in the vehicle you run. You also each month need to pay the rent for using your vehicle and you need to pay back your family as they did give you the initial loan (if you used that option)

      The game develops quickly and before you know it your on day 50 with a special vehicle and working hard to acquire all the upgrades possible. You have to also scrub the vehicle when it is dirty so no one gets disgusted and walks off.

      Be warned with a new vehicle upgrade comes a much higher rental fee each month so you have to keep an eye on this and have cash around just in case.

      ~~ Upgrades ~~

      Throughout the game you're going to need to upgrade everything because failure to do so will result in you struggling financially to gain anything later. Your upgrades you can acquire are food products, customers, new items for your van and of course the van itself.

      Prices to start with are kind of cheap so you might upgrade your chips so each time you sell some you get a bigger amount of cash. You might want to add tomato sauce and cheese as toppings and this will again increase revenue.

      When I have played this game I went for ways to make me more money rather than waste cash on products which didn't exactly offer me much in return.

      When you have got upgrades for a new van you notice how you have new food items turn up such as hot dogs and chicken bites. You then have skewers as well to place products on and the game gets quicker.

      You can purchase new time laws so it means your vehicle is open from 9-5 and then the new time increases your open period to 9-7 so this results in more money for you.

      When you unlock new characters most have unique characteristics written under their names. Some love chips so will stand and purchase 5-7 orders in a row of chips so this means you're going to need to be ready to top up products immediately.

      Some of the new customers might leave huge tips when buying an item and some of them leave tips as high as $100 which is quite a large sum on the game.

      The upgrades in terms of items for the vehicle include a lucky mascot teddy bear which is meant to bring you extra customers and good luck and it tends to work when I have used it. You could also upgrade speakers so there is plenty of sound from the vehicle as well.

      You will find upgrades going up in price and so far the highest amount I have paid for a particular upgrade is £12,500 which is a large sum of cash.

      ~~ My Experience, Game Play and Graphics ~~

      When I first got this game which was free of charge I found it very slow going because although you had objectives and targets to reach to make sure you could upgrade everything it took a while to do.

      I first noticed the game play was getting better as the game went on because your so involved with watching the orders and it is so much quicker with the new customers you upgrade to that you have no time to watch anything else.

      I have found the amount of money you get in terms of tips pretty good because sometimes on these games you end up with hardly any sort of tips so if you have a clean van and deliver the food quickly you get a bigger tip.

      In my experience I have found the game really weird to play because one day you could serve up to 35-38 customers and yet the next day you end up serving just 27. So there is a huge variation in the amount of customers your given so that is one issue I have with the game there is no real set amount of people you have turn up.

      I found another issue when playing which was sometimes when you wanted to restock the products it took much longer to do when you had the new customers to deal with. An example would be that when a normal customer who has always been a part of the game shows up ordering a product and wants an upgrade it is done very quickly.

      However, if a new customer shows up in the same situation it takes longer to happen and they eventually end up walking off.
      The game sometimes shuts down at random so you could be serving customers and then the game just stops and your back to the main screen on your iPad which is very frustrating as well.

      Graphics are average for me because your notice a van and the food products but to be honest you would find it hard to work out what food item is which. You can identify the chips easily but sometimes everything else is guess work so the graphics for me is not that fantastic at all.

      I would perhaps add new features to this game such as showing you rivals so you need to try and compete against other vehicles in the area because most of the 'tycoon' games have huge targets, objectives to reach and yet this game seems to fail in that area as well.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      In my view the game is free of charge and that is a good deal if you had to pay for this game I would tell people to avoid at all costs. You will notice the game is fun to play and once you have unlocked everything which I have done by day 175 then you begin to notice that perhaps it is not that good.

      You will notice no real updates from the game makers and if they have it is nothing major just new characters which you don't need. You need something to make you want to continue playing and sadly enough this game fails in that area.

      I would say if you have patience and like it you will continue playing but if you're like me and want more adventure and much more to do this game is one of those you put down after an hour and return to once in a while when you're bored of every other game you have.

      Rating wise I would give this game 6 out of 10.


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