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Supermarket Mania (iPad)

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2012 17:31
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      A game you could enjoy

      ~~ The Game ~~

      If you have ever played Diner Dash which I have done this game might appeal to you because the concept is roughly the same but the format of the game is different.

      In this game you're going to play the role of a lady who has to run around filling up shelves for her entire shift in the hope that she can keep the customers who are shopping in her store happy and that they leave with a smile on their face.

      You are given a story mode option at the start which is what I went for when I started to play this game. You have a brief comic book strip which highlights a story and then you begin to hit the game and learn all the basic moves in the tutorial.

      As you begin you're told how to load up your trolley with stock and to make sure all the items you sell are fully stocked and ready to be used and brought by the customers. You sell products such as milk and fruits and each customer who walks in will have their own items they want to buy.

      You might see a lady who will always buy a cabbage each time she walks in so you have to try and get used to the various customers and there spending needs so you can keep the stock high so it will not disappoint the customers.

      Your customers walk in with a trolley and above their heads are icons displaying what items they wish to purchase which is a benefit to you because you know how to stock up the various items. When an item runs out you need to replace it quickly in the hope a customer does not leave unhappy.

      You have a cashier ready to serve them as they leave. When you finish a shift a new day dawns and you have new items you need to stock up on such as drinks and maybe fish but it depends on the day and the supermarket you're managing at the time.

      You have to earn cash through various shifts and then use this cash to upgrade the various items in the store. This might be to upgrade the speed to which your trolley is filled in the stock room or the size of the food cabinets so they can store more food.

      Be warned this game is quick and you have to spend the entire duration rushing around to try and make sure everything you do is done with plenty of co-ordination. Each level you're warned about customers and the items they tend to buy and your given information at the end to which items sold the best.

      All this data is important and for future reference for when you play the game. Once you have complete the supermarket you're in your advance to a new one with new décor and new items displayed differently.

      ~~ Items and Stock ~~

      Items you stock up on are mainly essentials a customer would need in a supermarket often such as milk, fish and fruits. When these run out you will get a customer who will stand next to them in a very formal way.

      They then will get unhappy faces when they are waiting for too long which means they could walk out unhappy if you fail to help them out and stock items accordingly. When you do re-stock the items you will end up seeing the shelves completely full.

      The problem for me is how the game determines how much stock you can store on the shelves. You have a fish counter which might have six pieces of fish and yet the stand with the cabbages has eight so you wonder why they are not all stocking the same numbers.

      The milk cabinet you can hardly see what stock amounts you have until it is to late so that is a problem when it comes to stocking up the shelves. Each time you get your trolley filled up you can usually fill up four counters to the maximum until you need to go back and use the stock room again.

      You will notice that also the customers who enter although you see them all the time such as the elderly customers who love the cabbage you would perhaps like to see them go for other items because otherwise you will find the game to easy to finish.

      ~~ Data and Upgrades ~~

      The cash you earn depends on how happy the customer is and how much stock they actually brought. I find this hard to work out because I have seen some customers walk out picking up a variation of six different products and pay £100 and yet another customer who has also picked up eight items has paid just £77.

      I guess the prices should be displayed above items as this would give you better information overall as to what they are worth. As you earn you get options to upgrade various parts of your supermarket.

      This might be making the counters bigger so you can stock more items in them. This can cost anywhere from £1000 to £1500 depending on the product you need to upgrade.

      The stock cupboard for you to add extra items quicker can cost you £2000 for a simple upgrade so you have to really work out what will work best for you. This is where the data you're supplied with is essential.

      If you find that the milk counter is one of your top selling products over a period of a few days then obviously upgrading that counter to have more items inside would be beneficial to you in the long run compared to upgrading the pineapple stand which is near the bottom of the data list.

      I find the upgrades and there prices quite difficult to work out and how they worked out those prices amazes me.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      During this game I found the game play good and bad in equal measures. Your character is quick throughout the game she runs around with no care in the world and seems super quick. She only pauses when you want her to.

      When it comes to stocking up the items you also have great speed as you whizz around the aisles and make sure the stock is replenished and kept to a high standard. The biggest problem in terms of the game play for me is the customers.

      They walk around so slowly that you are left waiting at times for them to hurry up and get on with it as your bored. There is the odd customer who is very quick and knows what they want and gets on with their shopping but that sort of makes a mockery out of those slower customers.

      The graphics are good in terms of the flooring of the supermarket but the items you are selling can be hard to work out because even I had to ask some people I know what some of the items were.

      I think the game could have perhaps made the characters more visible as well because you cannot work out there faces so if they had perhaps features to determine their attitudes and spending characteristics it would add much more realism to the game.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      This game is available as a free download for a demo and this allows you to sample the game otherwise the entire game is around £2.99 to purchase.

      I found the game good for speed and how they have got the format sorted out. The one problem is for me is that some parts of the game you can tell seem HD in terms of colour and how well they have designed the graphics but some areas seem cheap and tacky.

      Customers on the game can appear human in shape and how they move but why the game does not let you view their faces I find remarkable. I also think the game should make the upgrades easier to obtain because the prices they charge for simple upgrades is not realistic.

      If someone in real life had to pay over £1500 to have a new small shelf which stocks an extra 3 bunches of bananas I think they would go nuts so I find the prices very poor and not true to life.

      I would said if they game was around 69-99p it would be a good investment but for the price of £2.99 I would not pay this at all.


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