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Tap Resort Party (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2011 17:06
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      My First iTouch App.

      I havent owned my iTouch for that long but from the very first day I was addicted to downloading apps - particularly ones that were free as when I first bought this I was a little low on funds hehe! I happened to come across this one by pure chance as I was browsing the app store - I think this is one of the top free games on the app store so I decided to try it out and see if it was as good as everyone said it was. The game in question is this 'Tap Resort Party' which is one of the many tap themed games - I believe there is Tap City & Store also. Im very happy that I randomly stumbled accross this game because from the moment I started playing Ive been addicted and my island is still going strong over a month later!

      Useful Information:
      Price: FREE!
      Stockists: App Store on your iPod or I believe this game is available from Itunes on your computer.
      Other Info: Can be downloaded to - iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad - as long as the item has iOS 3.0 or later. 19.0mb - That isnt too much and this game barely takes up any room at all on my 8gb iPod and it will not slow down your device at all - Ive never had a problem with it doing so anyway.

      *A WI-FI connection IS required to use this app!!*

      The whole point of the Tap Resort game is actually very simple. You start off with an empty island and you have to basically make it into a successful island resort for your tourists - the better your island the more tourists will visit and therefore the more money you make for new attractions - it reminds me of Themepark World but with many different items for sale other than rollercoasters. The 4 sections for your island are - Entertainment, Luxury. Lodging & Restaurants - you will have to buy items from each of the sections in order for your resort to move up a class and become much better for your tourists. The game is very simple to get the hang of I think - considering I bought this the first time I ever used an iTouch and I got the hang of it in minutes so this is one for beginners and experts alike but just because it is a simple game doesnt mean it becomes boring quickly at all. Like I said Ive had this game for about a month now ad I still play it pretty much everyday - I got addicted very quickly and this definitely stops me getting bored on days when I have nothing to do.

      Now in the game you have 2 different ways to buy attractions and other islands - as you move up levels more islands become available - money which is earned by opening new attractions and upgrading them throughout the game and secondly through shells which are a bit harder to get hold of. Shells can be gained by either moving up levels - although you dont get many or you can download other free apps in exchange for shells on that game - I recommend doing so because the shells are axtually worth much more than coins. The shells are used to buy much better attractions and can also be swapped for the coins so you can do much more with them when you get a good amount. As you go up levels you will unlock new islands, new and better attractions & more buildings slots so you can add more items to your park - the higher your level the better your island overall so levelling up is brilliant. The graphics arent THAT amazing but for a cartoon, island game I didnt really expect them to be - so if your looking for a game with amazing images and graphics dont get this one, its just cute and cartoony like you would probably expect.

      This is an easy game that I think most people will enjoy playing - if your anything like me you will play it for very long periods of time without getting bored. This game is great for people of any age and its worth downloading even if you think you'll hate it - as its free you wont be wasting any money if you chose to delete it afterwards so I recommend everyone tries this one out. My very first iPod app - thats still one of my favourites.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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