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Traffic Panic London

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2012 10:46
      Very helpful


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      A decent game

      Over the last few months since getting my new iPad 3 I wanted to try and invest in new games to play whilst I am not busy and I have always had a huge fondness for cars.

      This game is created by Neon Play they are a company who have developed other games for the iPhone and iPad such as Parking Mania.
      This game is one of those which when you start playing you release an entire hour has gone by because it is that addictive.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game is about you controlling traffic in London. To start with you're given some tutorial about how you're meant to play the game and to be fair the tutorial is kind of misleading. The game is about you trying to get your cars to stop at red lights and go at the green lights.

      However, at the junction there are other cars crossing all various sizes and you have to try and not crash your vehicles. You get rewarded points when you pass a car through a junction successfully. If your car goes through the green light without stopping at all you get more points.

      That is the concept of the game but there is more to the game the tutorial is not explaining. Once you crash at the end of each turn you will get told about how much damage you created.

      The damage is done by explosions which you actually create by clicking on the screen. You have 500 bombs given to you and I never realised you want to try and cause maximum damage as well if possible to the scene you're in.

      The more damage you create the more points you earn overall. You then use these points or credits as the game likes to call them to buy new items. New items include vehicles which can be useful for the game or troublesome.

      If you go out to buy a new longer vehicle that is obviously going to be more tricky to cross a junction compared to a smaller vehicle but you need to work out what you want. Eventually you need all the vehicles you can purchase as some of the challenges you are set require you to use them.

      The game will make things more difficult for you as you continue venturing through the game so you need to be prepared. Once you hit a good score vehicles are quicker and show up faster so you need to work out a tactic before it is game over.

      ~~Using Credits ~~

      The credits are given out each time you end a scene by crashing. Your credits total is kind of confusing because if you score 19,000 points in the game you're given about 8,000 credits which is a great total. If you create also £500,000 damage you get given about a further 2,000 credits.

      Sometimes those totals vary and I think the numbers are worked out by how many cars you can pass through junctions without stopping but that is just my own theory on the game.

      Credits can be used to buy new vehicles in the scenes. You can buy a tank, fire engine, tractors and more. They each have a price tag attached to them and it is up to you are the player to work out which vehicle you might like.

      You have now got new vehicles you can purchase but you also have new scenes as well. You have historic scenes so this shows you Buckingham Palace gates and the London Eye and you have just fun scenes showing iconic views such as the Queen Vic from Eastenders and the Tardis from Doctor Who.

      Credits are easy to obtain so once you get a good rhythm going on the game the rewards should mount up and you should be able to purchase all vehicles and scenes pretty easily but it might take time.

      When you get an update for the game which unleashes new vehicles you sometimes find the more credits you get are based upon the new vehicles. Recently a tank was added to the game and when you pass those through a junction I tend to find at the end of the scene you get more credits so it might be worthwhile watching as well.

      ~~ Objectives and Bombs ~~

      During the game your given three objectives and these are basic to start with and they might include passing 50 cars through a junction. If you do this objective you're told in a little message at the top of screen about your achievement.

      You then get told once you have crashed about a new objective but the problem is if you continue to quickly and want to play again without collecting the credits for achieving your objective you lose those credits for good.

      At first the tasks are easy so the credits are around 250 for each objective. Once you start buying new scenes, new vehicles the objectives alter and so does the credits you're rewarded with. Currently I am on objectives which are very complicated but they also give you 2,500 credits when you complete them. I have lost count how many objectives I have encountered thus far and I believe it is in the region of 90.

      The objectives can get tough such as destroying an entire level completely so this might be the Royal type scene where you need to blow up the Royal Archway and the surrounding vehicles and it is not easy to do at all so you have to make sure you work out a way to do those objectives because they are tough.

      When you use these tap bombs in a scene you can use as many as you like. If you want to blow up a building and cars you tap until you want to stop. Once you use the 500 you're given you're told you can buy more. 500 more is around 69p and since the update a few days ago you can buy more with a bigger price tag.

      The bombs for me are not great and not that devastating. You have bombs which you use to complete tasks but sometimes the impact is poor and you have that feeling the game is deliberately making you need to buy more for their own investment.

      You can gain free bombs by signing up to some offers they have but these are not a great idea in my view. You might need to sign up to download a game which is not going to benefit you at all.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The iPad has some great graphics for games and to be honest I think this game is super in that department. Each car is so realistic and I think the amount of time the developers spent putting so many various places and destinations into scenes was super.

      The London Eye rolling down the street is fun and I think the graphics of the cars is superb, sometimes the game can be perhaps too clustered and when you have too many vehicles parked together you lose focus on the graphics.

      Every colour is sharp and you can easily identify places and vehicles due to each one usually having a colour to represent them clearly.

      The game play is very good. You click on the screen the light goes to green and as soon as you click it again the light goes back to red. I think the speed is superb and sometimes the game play is so good that if you just accidentally touch the screen with no real force the light will alter.

      The one issue is the bombs I am not impressed by them at all. On the game is an oil tanker and if this explodes due to crashing it causes huge devastation which is good if you need an objective to be completed. However, if you blow up the tanker using a bomb the effects are not the same at all.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I love the objectives on the game to start with because just crashing cars and achieving credits for new vehicles in my view is kind of boring and the game would be finished with quickly.

      I like the speed of the game play which is excellent and for me that helps the game. Sometimes car games can get slow and cause you trouble because the game is going to quickly and the game will either shut down or lock up.

      The bombs are a problem and I am not that impressed by them at all. I think the new update they did offering people a chance to get free bombs is a good idea but it does mean signing up to companies which is not that great.

      One final note is the amount of vehicles you can unlock which is pretty good. The new update added three new vehicles and I do believe this will increase again further when the next update is done.

      This game is free of charge and having played it on the iPhone (which was an awful experience) the iPad for me is definitely the best place to play this game in my opinion.


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