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Traffic Rush (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2011 18:18
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      A game which is addictive and then can become boring

      I have been playing this application for quite some time now and the concept is pretty easy to understand. There is two games for this application and the first is called traffic rush.

      Traffic rush is about you trying to make sure traffic does not crash. You have to use your finger to slide various vehicles from one side of the screen to the other side without crashing along the way. You are given a T junction and cars can come from any direction usually at a similar speed to other cars.

      You basically glide your finger on the car and make sure it goes to the other side as quickly as you can and the points are added to your total. There is not just cars you have to try and avoid incidents with either you have vans, trucks and even motorbikes.

      The game is good because you have to keep your awareness and co-ordination about you at all times. There are moments where you want to make sure the car goes quicker but it is a major risk to your overall score. As soon as you crash that is the end of the game and you have to start all over again.

      However, you can stop cars as well by tapping them and they stop instantly and sometimes this simple move can help you escape a crash so this is a great part to the game as well.

      My current highest score is 500 vehicles exactly but you get into such a rhythm that sometimes you never keep track of the actual score. You become consumed with addiction when playing this game and although that is good eventually the novelty wears off. I play this game a few times a week now because the concept has just got boring.

      The second game is relatively new and this was an update I received a few weeks ago and this game is called Rail rush.
      The idea is very similar to previous game however this game is done with trains. You have to try and guide them safely to their destination but there are many extra features with this game.

      The rails which the trains are on overlap each other so accidents are more likely to happen. You have different size trains and this can present you problems because you're not sure how big each train is until it is fully revealed.

      As the game continues on the speed of trains appearing increases and again this adds extra problems and more chances of incidents happening. I have found this game excellent and I have become slightly addicted to this one.

      There are bonus items to collect which can help your score increase as well. Gold stars hidden under trees and moles which appear at random. If you click on those you end up with extra points and you also have flowers as well which grow and when they have you can add them to your points tally.

      As before you can stop trains by tapping them and speed them up as well by sliding your finger much quicker. I think without the update this game would sadly be very boring but the last update with Rail rush has made the game much more appealing.

      I have never had any issues with the speed of the game or problems with graphics. The graphics are in my view very good and you are able to identify everything you see on the screen which is the main purpose.
      The game is developed by Donut games and the price can vary from being absolutely free right up to the current price which is 59p. I find the price pretty good and you do get two games mixed into one.

      If there is any problem with the game it would be they both start out extremely slow and take a while to get going which can be boring.

      I would recommend this application to anyone and make sure you enjoy yourself because the Rail rush game is addictive.


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