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Unicorn Dash Game (Android)

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2012 20:36
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      A unique game for your smartphone

      A while back a friend introduced me to an online game called Robot Unicorn Attack, which we both spent far too many hours on. So when I saw Unicorn Dash on the Play Store/Android Market I had to give it a go!

      This is similar to Robot Unicorn Attack, but it is actually a different game. The audio is different and the graphics are different, including the unicorn, but if you've played Robot Unicorn Attack on the computer you'll have some idea of what to expect from this game.

      The aim of the game is to get as far as you can. You are the unicorn and you have to run and jump across platforms, making sure not to crash into any obstacles or platforms. You use the touchscreen which has two buttons on, one on either side of the screen. The one on the left makes the unicorn jump and the one on the right makes the unicorn dash so it's really simple to control the unicorn.

      Timing is everything and so is how you tap the buttons. The longer you hold down the jump button the higher the unicorn will jump, but jump too high and you risk hitting an object or completely missing a platform, resulting in death.

      You can dash for a bit longer if you hold down the dash, but there's no real need to do this unless you accidentally press it too soon and risk hitting a boulder.

      The unicorn runs automatically and the further you get the faster he runs, meaning you have to be quick to react to where the platforms are and the obstacles, which is what makes the game challenging and fun.

      As I've already mentioned, there are boulders in the game which are red. These are randomly placed and block the path. The only way to get by them is to dash through them. Sometimes they are right at the start of a platform so, assuming there's nothing above it, you can sometimes jump right over them, but other times you have to make sure you jump at the right point so you can tap the dash at the right point otherwise you'll either miss the platform or find yourself crashing into the boulder.

      Some platforms do have other platforms above them so sometimes you may be lucky and manage to avoid a boulder, although sometimes you hit the platform instead either because of not seeing it or making a split second decision to suddenly try and avoid the boulder when you see it.

      As well as the boulders there are also gems which you can collect. These are green and often require you to jump to get them. Some are simple to get while others are more of a challenge. They are often placed at the ends of the platforms, so you either have to jump mid-air to be high enough to collect it before landing or you have to make sure you can jump to collect it and still reach the next platform or have enough of the platform left to jump again.

      Every so often you may also find a blue coloured gem which gives you a light blue shield around you and protects you from crashing into a boulder and dying, but once you've crashed once it disappears. It's nice to have that as it's so easy to crash into boulders but it doesn't come up that often so it doesn't take away the challenge of the game.

      As you run, dash and collect gems you gain points. When you die it shows you your score and then you move on to the second attempt and then the third after dying again. It then adds up the scores from all three attempts to give you a final score.

      All three attempts start the same way every time. However, where the boulders and gems are changes and it's only the first few platforms that are always the same and after that you never know what to expect. You can only see so far ahead and it's unlikely that you will always jump exactly the same even on the first part so it always feels like you're playing a different level. It doesn't really feel repetitive unless you spend hours playing it without stopping.

      At times you'll find yourself jumping too far (or not far enough) and just managing to jump mid-air in time to save yourself and sometimes you may find yourself doing this a few times in a row as you can't see where the next platform is. You can practically fly through the air, never quite sure where the next platform is and whether you can land. Even if you played that exact part again it would seem different as you would most likely land on at least one of the platforms you previously missed.

      It is because of that that the game doesn't ever really get boring. It remembers your best score and I've found that the more I play and the further I get the more I want to beat my previous score.

      I haven't noticed any glitches in this game apart from when falling between platforms I did keep it jumping under the platform in mid-air for a short way before I fell anyway which isn't really something you should be able to do. As hard as you try it's not possible to save it once you start falling, you just delay the inevitable for a few seconds longer. It doesn't affect the game in any way and besides that the game runs smoothly.

      You can hear the clip-clop of the unicorn as it runs along, which really adds to the game. There are also sound effects when you dash, crash or collect the green gems. The gems add a fantasy feel of the game as when you go through them you hear a twinkling sound. Sometimes these sounds can be distracting, but there is always the option to turn off the sound effects.

      As well as the sound effects there is also music. There are two buttons, one for the sound effects and one for the music so you can turn either on or off. You can turn these on and off at the main screen or pause the game and change these whenever you wish.

      I can't really make up my mind whether or not the music fits. It does have a slight mysterious, almost fantasy, feel to it and the fast beat suits the running unicorn, but there is quite a strong drum beat. The rock beat works well when you're crashing through boulders, but doesn't quite suit the colourful, fantasy unicorn practically flying through a colourful land. Having said that, the third attempt is, for some reason, darker than the rest so it works best with that. The tune is fairly repetitive, but it's nice to have it playing every so often during the game as it is a decent tune in my opinion.

      The graphics are pretty detailed as well as nice and colourful. The unicorn is a silvery colour with a light pattern and a bright fiery mane and tail while the platforms are brown logs with patches of green. As you play you notice small details like little stars at the unicorns feet as it runs or the rainbow wave that appears when you dash. The gems are a glowing green and the boulders are red so they stand out.

      Each attempt has different graphics which is a nice touch. The first attempt has a nice blue sky with white clouds and floating rocky platforms with grassy green tops. In the second attempt the sky is a lovely colour, mixing various shades together. It starts off with purple and then gradually changes to pink and there are wispy white clouds too. Again there are platforms in the background but these are greyer on top. On the third attempt the sky is a fairly dark purple/blue colour and gradually gets lighter. The platforms are still in the background but they are black and you can see what appears to be a moon and planet which adds to the magical, mystical feel you'd expect from a game with a unicorn.

      They clearly put thought into the graphics when they produced the game.

      This is a really fun game and the best part is it is completely free to download on your smartphone. Highly recommended.


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