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Venture Town (iPhone game)

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2012 13:19
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      Great little strategy building game

      Over the past 2 years I have had my iPhone 4 its been like my left arm and I feel I almost can't function without it... One of the main reasons I love it so much is for the games to have a fiddle on when I'm bored... I've always loved Strategy building games and do tend to download a lot of free game apps in this category, but what you find is that nothing is free and usually you need to make in game purchases to go further in the game...

      A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Strategy games section in the App store and I came across this game for 69p. At first glance it looks like a town building game with little residents to look after - and a bonus, there didn't seem to be any in game purchases needed. I downloaded it, as at 69p I was hardly bankrupting myself if it was rubbish.


      The game was originally made for Japanese users and this is the english translated version that you are getting.


      What do you do in the game?

      In short terms, you build a town.... You have to place certain buildings in certain area's and build houses near certain buildings which in turn attract more citizens to your town, put your land prices up and make you more tax profits to allow you to build more.

      There is certain businesses which if you place together they make a "Combo" which attracts certain people to move there and makes more profits.

      You also need to place offices near to everyones homes to allow them to go to work - however the running costs of these offices are high so you don't want to place too many but if you don't place enough the residents will not leave their homes.

      When the residents move to your town they each have their own name and job title. The more money they make in their jobs in the offices the more money they have to spend in the town businesses which boosts your profits. You can change the residents jobs for them to earn more money but you take a gamble everytime you do this. For example at a certain time they may have a 65% chance of getting a job as an actor, and you need to pay money up front at for example £4000 and they may not get the job and boost their earnings in the end.

      You do also see cute things happening in the game. For example you can place a pet store when the residents can go in and buy dogs. You then see them walking their dogs around and talking to other people in the parks as a result. You also get a bicycle shop, car dealer and scooter shop which allow the residents to get around more freely. There is also a lottery shop where the residents can win thousands of pounds. If this happens they tend to upgrade their homes which means more tax's for you to build more in future. As well as winning money one of my residents also won a hot air balloon which you see them travelling in across the town!


      Annoying points

      I have to admit the game doesn't have the greatest graphics in the world but was originally a Japanese game so I suppose it can in keeping with Japanese animations... Also the music is horrific it reminds me of a Pokemon game.

      The game also doesn't tell you what buildings make combo's - which can be annoying if you have to demolish and build again elsewhere in the town... so I would advise you to look at the below link for full combo information and general game info :

      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc? key=0ApJcOk7MQHDMdHd0NXJha1FXLTlqdER1RldDYzhkRnc&hl=en_US#gid=0 (delete the space)


      Is it worth it?

      In my opinion - YES! No in game purchases needed... its a bit different to other strategy building games and lets face it at 69p it is cheaper than a lot of other games you see on the App store. Its not easily completed but its all about being patient and building at the right times otherwise you will lose money.


      If you enjoy this game the makers also have a similar game called Hot Springs where you build a day spa - I have also downloaded this game but to date have not played it as I am too addicted to trying to crack Venture Towns!


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