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    1 Review
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      16.10.2009 17:18
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      An addictive waterslide game

      I'm sure we've all seen the advert from Barclaycard with the guy going home from work via a waterslide, with everyone asking how it was made and how cool it would be to have such a device...well now, if you've got yourself an iPhone, then you can get your hands on a game of such monumental ideas!

      The Waterslide Game, by Fish Labs and heavily sponsored by Barclaycard (for obvious reasons) is a free application which has become one of, if not the highest downloaded, free game for the iPhone.

      To give it it's offical title; "Waterslide Extreme", the aim of the game is to navigate the character through the levels to the chequered flag. Each level has a different slide which gradually gets harder and with more obstacles to overcome.

      To 'steer' your character it's extremely straightforward. Obviously as they go down they will pick up momentum, but by tipping the iPhone away from you will help speed them up, and to slow them down if needs be, then tip the phone towards you. To steer from left to right you 'drive' the iPhone as you would with a steering wheel.

      As you go through the level you need to pick up the green diamonds, but avoid the obstacles such as the rubber ducks and crabs. Hitting these will stop you and mean you have to build up downward momentum again...this can heavily hinder your speed. There's also speed pads which sometimes you'll be required to slide over or else you may not make it through loop-the-loop parts of the course. Not making it will result in you falling off the track and losing a life.

      You can pick up extra lives throughout the levels by sliding over the hearts, but if you're skilled enough then you should be fine naviagating your way through the entire game with just three lives. But then again, more speed means less thinking time and by the last couple of levels, your steering skills will need to be pretty sharp for fear of falling over the edge!

      There's also an 'immortal' bonus to pick up - by sliding over that it means you can't fall over the edge of the slide and the ducks and crabs won't slow you down. These are few and far between but can be a great way of picking up points.

      You're running time and total scores of green diamonds collected are displayed at the end of each level so you can keep track of your progress. At the end of things you can submit your score (even if you don't complete all ten levels) to an online leaderboard to see how you compare with other users, and have your own private leaderboard for your own scores.

      As with a lot of these basic iPhone games, they can be extremely addictive and find yourself spending hours at a time playing on it. That could be seen as a disvantage...nonsense! Go and download this game!


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    • Product Details

      A free iPhone application game to replicate the Barclaycard waterslide advert.

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