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We Rule (iPhone/iPad)

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Brand: NewToy / Type: iPhone / iPad Game

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2012 22:41
      Very helpful



      A decent city building game which will keep you occupied for a long time

      We Rule is another one of the freemium games that ngmoco has released, and other games I had played by them were quite good so I decided to look at what else they had to offer. Luckily, most of the games they have on offer for the iPad/iPhone are free. However, you must make sure to take notice that We Rule requires an internet connection to play and you must have a Plus account (however if you don't have one this can be set up from the start page easily).

      The freemium aspect of the game occurs with the Mojo that they offer. Completing goals in quests can be quite difficult, so at times with a bit of Mojo they can be made to go faster, this is the same case for buildings and crops. It can be made slowly by levelling up, yet you are only given about 4 and most quests will want at least 10 to complete something. However, prices are relatively expensive and I don't think it's at all worth it when you could buy something better with what you'd spend on Mojo.
      Mojo Prices
      30 Mojo - £2.99
      75 Mojo - £6.99
      165 Mojo - £13.99

      We Rule reminds me a bit of games that were floating round Facebook previously like Farmville or Cityville, as here you can develop your own kingdom and small little farms. I assume that you take the role of a King or Queen, and the main objective here is to expand your Kingdom and build all the things you need to make it a success.

      Building things can get quite addictive in this game, as you do require quite a bit of money to actually expand your kingdom. Building things is required a lot to complete the quests required of you in We Rule, so you'll be faced a lot with having to gain enough funds to complete a specific building or decoration. There's a large variety of things to build in your kingdom though, so it means you can decorate it however you want and have many different styles of buildings. Some are also important to quests so sometimes you'll find people will visit your kingdoms and make orders as they need to fulfil a quest objective based around that building.

      For those who enjoyed games like Farmville, there is a little bit that is similar as you do have the ability to grow crops. For around every other level, you are given a small farm piece which allows you to grow different crops, and with each level you'll find you gain another type of crop. However , this is where the real time aspect comes into place as you have to be there at the right time to collect them otherwise they will wither. I tended to miss the crops a lot and it wasted quite a bit of the money I earnt and was a bit annoying.

      Gaining experience is probably one of the main aspects aside from completing quests in this game. It's really easily earned and is either through opening gifts that other players send you, by collecting from the various buildings you have in your kingdom or by collecting crops. I don't think there is a cap on the level you can have, but it does take quite a while to get to a high level as I have been playing for 6 months daily and only just reached level 60 a couple of days ago.

      However, quests are a staple part of the game, as it levels you up faster, gives you money and can sometimes give buildings or decorations. Some are quite easy and just require you to build things or to grow a certain amount of crops, however others are more difficult and probably relies on a person being more into the social element of the game as you have to get a lot of what they call "Friendly Orders" from other peoples kingdoms. This was quite annoying as I don't know anyone that plays it, so it means waiting to level up to get Mojo to finish an objective. They do give you a bit of encouragement and motivation to keep playing the game though, which is always a bonus.

      Occasionally, they will have special events and this is usually around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Usually they revolve around capturing an amount of items that will run around your farm, if you are not a die hard player, this can be quite hard to do as there is always a lot to capture. However, a nice bonus is they do reward you with some Mojo whatever you've captured at the end of the event.
      It is quite a social game, although I don't have any friends who play it so I don't have that much experience in this aspect. You can add your friends on the game and send each other gifts or order things from their buildings. This makes the game go faster as I think it allows you to complete quests faster as you have more opportunities.

      Overall, this is a decent free city building game for the iPad as it can occupy a bit of your time with building random buildings and trying to complete all the quests. While it can be annoying at times when some of the quests require a lot of friends to play the game, you can avoid this and just play the game as best as you can as I do.


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