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Developer: Etermax

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2013 14:42
      Very helpful



      A game which needs improving

      There are people who love playing scrabble and know many types of combinations to acquire a huge range of points. I am not a fan of scrabble but this game actually is pretty cool and has a similar concept.

      == The Game ==

      This game gives you sixteen tiles each has a different letter on and your aim is to find as many words using these tiles as possible. Words can range from two letters to sixteen letters and this game makes sure you use lots of logic.

      The only way to form words however is by actually joining letters up which are next to one another or diagonal and you can make odd combinations to spell some special words. You are given a two minute timer and this allows you to look for as many words as possible and score a huge amount of points.

      Once you have completed the two minutes you're given a summary of how well you did and what words you found and how many points each word received. You can even view a log of every possible outcome there is to be found on the previous grid.

      However the game is not over yet after one round because you are going to compete against an opponent. You have options to play opponents from your Facebook or Twitter depending if they have the game of course and random opponents.

      Random opponents I find is more fun because you do not know who they are and they might be really clever or about your own intelligence level so the game requires you to work hard because you can never predict the outcome.

      When you play a round you wait until your opponent has finished there round and scores are revealed. If you beat there score your rewarded with a gold coin and I will come to those later.
      You then have two more rounds to play against your opponent and this is where the game gets more interesting. The game begins to introduce double letter scores and triple word scores by using a particular letter the game has selected.

      You still have the sixteen tiles and in each corner these letters have a number and obviously you want to accumulate as many points as possible in those two minutes so assessing these numbers can be beneficial to you in the long run.

      Once all three rounds and scores have been added up the winner is rewarded with more coins and you can then use these the next time you play on the game.

      The coins are there to give you a boost and assist you in the voyage you have of becoming a winner on the game. This game becomes addictive and if you play an opponent and they go away for a few hours your mobile will notify you when they have taken there next turn which is really cool.

      == Coins ==

      The coins you get are there to assist you in winning and you use them before you begin your turn on the grid you are given. There are five helpful solutions to making sure you win and these range for great ideas to some really poor ones.

      The first is a freeze and this on its own like they all do cost you one coin to use. This can be used to freeze the time and whilst the time is frozen you can still find words and add them to your score and a rough estimate is the game is frozen for around 15 seconds. This is good because you have a clear 15 full seconds to gather more points.

      The second option is fire and this increases your score on the grid when used. The whole grid has a background colour which lasts 15 seconds and during this time whatever score you get is usually double so a 10 point word becomes 20 instead so this is useful but you never know the grid you will get so can be a hindrance as well.

      The third option is Whisper and this gives you words you can find one the grid. These words can be long or short and usually you're given 10 words and these are for you to find the game just hints at what they are at the top of the game board. This is a useful took to have if you cannot find any more words.

      The fourth solution to help you is called Wisdom and this is perhaps the most difficult to use but also the most beneficial as well. This allows you find three words but the game shows on you the grid how to locate these words but it never shows you the route it just shows you a line so you can spend 20 seconds working out the word it has given you which is poor.

      Finally you have Time Boast and this is a helpful option to have because it gives you a boast in your time each time you find a word. So you find a word with 1.56 on the clock and then the clock will jump back to 1.58 so the quicker you find a word the better.

      All these helpful options are there to assist you and your opponents can use there coins as well and you're not told if they have or have not. You can use up to three of there in a single grid and the cost range from 1-6 coins.

      == Problems ==

      This game like all games has some problems and these are mainly based around the grid and how you get a word accepted. You have options as to what language or dictionary you wish to use. This could be Spanish or English and there are many languages there to opt for.

      My problem regards the use of the language overall. The game seems obsessed with giving you a grid with the same letters appearing and usually in the same sort of order. In the 50 games I have played I have seen the words 'Darts, Stars, Reeds' keep on being there as an option to choose and it shows lack of incentive in the game.

      You rarely see the letters which are more difficult to use such as 'X, Y, Z, Qu' and to me this would add more fun to the game especially considering how much points they could offer a player.

      Another issue is in relation to how you get a word accepted. You use the grid and the tiles to produce a word and if it goes green it is added to your score and if red then it means the word is not in the dictionary. This sounds easy but you have to tap on the score the word is worth and if you don't touch the screen accurately seconds can pass by before the word is even added and this takes time out of your grid time which is frustrating.

      Finally the last issue would be how the game determines whether you resign from a match or not. If you click find a random opponent and no one is there the game will add you to a list so other people know you want to find a random person to play against which is fine.

      However if someone wants you to play against them and you play one round each you have to wait for their turn next and if they fail to return and you want to remove there game from your list you have to resign or forfeit the game which is crazy and this goes against your statistics.

      == Graphics and Game Play ==

      The graphics are very much as you would expect standard for a game like this. The board is very well lit and the grid and letters are easy to view so I would say graphics are average. If you want to be able to view pictures of opponents if they have one on their account then the game is a let-down at times because the pictures are so small.

      The game play is good and quick but occasionally when you tap on a letter the game fails to respond and this can have a big effect on your overall score. I think the problem is that the game has a timer and you need to rush around finding words and I do believe the game should perhaps be quicker on reactions.

      Sometimes the game has issues when it comes to letting you know if you have scored a good word and this is a problem again because if you think you have a great word with a fantastic score and your tapping away the game sometimes has submitted word but has not informed you which is a let-down as well.

      I think the one area which needs improving on both the graphics and game play might be backgrounds to the grids you play on or maybe offering new coloured grids and style of letters to improve the game play as well.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      I think this game is good to play fi you have patience and if you don't then it is not for you. You need patience for opponents because some of them do not show up to play for hours at a time which is not good enough in my view.

      I think also the other issue is in regards to seeing the same letters appearing all the time near one another so you can almost guarantee some words you will see all the time on a consistent basis which ruins the whole game because it gets repetitive and boring.

      The game could do with some sort of update to improve various aspects of the game and because the game is free you cannot argue to much I guess but the game needs improving to be a really great app.


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