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Worldcard Mobile (Android)

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2011 15:20
      Very helpful



      An excellent app for the business user

      With smarphones now becoming more popular with every month that passes, more and more people are taking the plunge and opting to buy one, both for personal and business use. Historically, the Blackberry has been the phone of choice for business users but now Android is putting it's name forward as a serious contender for small and large business alike. The key to any business phone is to have all of your key contact information at your fingertips and the last thing you want to do is sit for hours keying in information knowing that any typo could lose you an important project or client.

      Wouldn't it be nice to have an application which was able to collate all of the details you hold on a customer without fear of typos and any other keying error? Step forward Worldcard Mobile from Penpower. Worldcard Mobile is a great app which makes use of your smartphone's camera to take a photo of a contact's business card. Alternatively, the application can also read data from any photographs you may already have stored on your phone. The software is then able to decipher the information on this card in order to create an accurate contact record which you can import into your phone, Gmail account or even your Exchange account should one exist. Not only does this app record standard information such as name and telephone number, it also includes extra information such as email address, customer website and a secondary number such as the contact's mobile number. This is all information which could become crucial when trying to tie up a contract at the very last minute. An impressive feature of the app is that it will even let you make a phone call, send an email or create an SMS text message from within the app based on the information it has retrieved for you. You can do all of this without the need to even import your contact.

      Worldcard Mobile is an extremely accurate application. The software will attempt to autofocus on the text but you are able to preview the image before the software will recognise the vital information. If the image is blurred, you can always take another photo in order for the application to stand a chance of getting 100% of the information correct. Once the software has taken the image, you have the chance to make any alterations that are necessary before importing the contact into your phone. On testing, this application has a very high success rate and was able to correctly identify most of the information on business cards that I used. Occasionally the software failed to read the information but that was mainly because the image was out of focus and undecipherable.

      Worldcard Mobile is Froyo compatible which means you are able to move it onto your SD card in order to free up your phone's internal memory. This is a great advantage of the application, especially if you are storing hundreds of contacts on your phone and space is at a premium.

      Worldcard Mobile is available in various downloads for the Android operating system. The English version costs a very reasonable $5.99 (translates to about £3.80 depending on the current exchange rate) and there are also versions for Traditional and Simple Chinese, Korean and Japanese making this the application to use for the worldwide businessman. Worldcard mobile is also available for the iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian phones making it the only consideration when choosing a contact import system of any of the major smartphones.

      To purchase the software, go through your normal marketplace portal (Android Market, iTunes, etc) or visit the Penpower website for more information.

      I would recommend this app to business users but it is probably overkill to the casual user unless all of your friends have business cards which I would bet against.


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