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OCZ Agility 3 Series Solid state drive 360 GB

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2013 12:03
      Very helpful



      Great upgrade for any PC that can take one, speeds up systems usage!

      The Agility 3 hard disk is superb in my opinion, I will tell you for why....

      Its super fast - You could get into the whole per second methodology or you could just accept that this reasonably priced drive seriously improves performance when moving from a normal hard disk as I did. Granted there are hard disk drives out there that claim even faster speeds through the use controllers and buffers and the list goes on. This drive delivers speeds that no spindle based disc can deliver!

      It's super cool - no longer is your hard disk drive a source of heat for the system, it stays a cool 30c internally and the exterior never heats up to more than lukewarm. Happy to say its sat right on top of the anther device without the worry its adding heat.

      It's super easy to fit - fitting an SSD is like fitting any other drive! Simple as it uses SATA cables and SATA power connectors so it you are fitting to an older PC you should be checking for the existence of both SATA power and data connectors.

      Its large - a fair few of the very first SSDs to hit the market were in the 60GB region, not enough really as after you have installed OS and some games these days...there is not much left of 60GB. 360GB is ample as a boot and system media, keep your essential files on this drive and send the rest to the old HDD you have replaced.

      Its TRIM compliant - SSDs DON'T need to be defragged, in fact I heard that it damages them or reduces life span, instead let trim support keep the drive up to scratch. So in short much less user maintenance

      The warranty period on OCZ drives is good, your reseller should cover the first year then after that 2 more years with OCZ! The worry with SSDs is the lifespan of the memory, but consider this...standard HDDs can fail too, platters can develop faults, bad sectors, head failure, spindle problems the list goes on. What is nice about the SSD is that it's just that. A board full of solid state storage that makes your computer much faster owing to its improved memory transfer speeds, no motor, lower power consumption less failure point in my opinion. What a great upgrade...its almost being the norm these days for some types of PC (Gaming).

      Note: SSDs make good laptop drives, in fact most top spec MAC Books come with an SSD now, not only are they faster, they use less power and are less prone to drive failure from shocks that laptops commonly are subjected to. So I personally have found that I started to get more from my battery on my notebook and the speed of the drive helped the smaller spec netbook hardware do things faster, I worry less about the impacts that my netbook might encounter that could have previously (with a normal mechanical HDD) caused data loss!


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