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Samsung 840 EVO MZ-7TE120 120 GB

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1 Review
  • No moving parts means low power usage.
  • Easy installation
  • Might not be enough space for some users
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    1 Review
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      17.07.2014 14:20
      Very helpful


      • "No moving parts means low power usage."
      • "Easy installation"
      • "Very Fast"


      • "Might not be enough space for some users"

      A fast drive with easy installation. A great price, but consider your data needs.

      I have began moving all of the computers in the house to SSD and have tried Kingston, Crucial and Samsung. It''''s fairly difficult to write an indepth review on a hard drive, but here goes.

      If you have ever used an SSD before them it''''s easier to see why you would want to migrate all of your computers over to them. Now, many people reading this will be thinking "but 120gb is nothing, I can''''t store half my files on that". The easy way to answer this is to say that different sized SSDs are useful in different ways. To someone who works in the IT industry, I don''''t personally think that the technology is mature enough to be relied on too heavily, thus my usage of hard drives is as follows.

      For my laptop I use a 200GB SSD, for my media machine I use a 64GB SSD and for my desktop I use the 128GB drive I am reviewing here. Here''''s the logic. I want my laptop to have a decent amount of space for the operating system so that it is very quick. I also want the laptop to have extra space free so that I can store and download files with little worry. Now in the case of a laptop with one drive slot it was better to go with a larger SSD to accommodate both needs; remember SSDs are incredibly efficient and replacing the standard drive in my laptop gave me 1/3 extra battery life.

      My media machine plays files via a network or USB hard drive. A 64GB SSD is just enough to store a couple of bigger movie files and accommodate an operating system.

      My desktop utilizes a 120gb hard drive that is used for storing the operating and allows for a good number of files to be stored. Alongside the drive I have a 3tb standard hard drive that I use for vast amounts of data. This setup is great for maintaining a really quick system and also storing all of your files.

      This hard drive was a breeze to install, simply plug it in and install your operating system to it. Remember older machines won''''t take this SSD unless you use an IDE to SATA adapter.

      I have had this drive for around 8 months now and haven''''t experienced a single issue. I highly recommend it to both those who don''''t really need too much space, and people who want to use it to sustain a fast system by having their big data drive and their operating system separate.


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