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Aztech AZT 2316R

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2001 23:39
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      I have recently put this soundcard into my computer and most of the time it seems to work fine, but if it being used for long (10 minutes or so) my computer throws up an error message saying the card is not responding, I have been to the Aztech website but there seems to be no mention of this soundcard which is very worrying. When it is working the sound quality seems okay, but there is a background buzz from inside my computer that is very annoying. The way to get rid of this is to turn my speakers down, but this reduces the sound volume. The soundcard seemed to work fine in the other computer but just not in this one. It may have a compatibility problem with something in my computer but this is very doubtful. Most of the time this error occurs when I am playing a game, it doesn't seem to be affected by Napster/Realplayer playing songs, only if a game is being played. Another thing I have noticed is that it can only take one input at a time, I am not sure if this is like other soundcards but if you are using two voice chats you can only here one at a time, i.e. you'll have to type in one screen and listen to the other. One more thing I have noticed is that if you have played a song in napster, then minimize so it goes into Systray, and another application tries to play sound the new application cannot play any sound at all. Overall I would recommend a Soundblaster or something like that instead of this.


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