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Terratec Audiosystem EWS 64 S

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2001 14:55
      Very helpful



      Finally the nice chaps at Dooyoo saw fit to add this name to the soundcard section and I had to dive in and say before you rush out and buy your Soundblaster read this article.... Terratec is a German manufacturer of high end soundcards for the PC market. They have a dedicated following. The problem is that it's difficult to find their products in anywhere but specialist stores. Still I say find out where the products are stocked and go and take a read of their spec sheets you'll find on their site. An example and then a problem:- Personally I use much of my PC like a mini-music studio with many of the devices and effects being processed onboard. What I therefore need is a card that can handle lots of audio being triggered at the same time. This card delivers. I am also able to stack up 64MEG into the RAM slot on the card and then load banks onto the card, or samples. There are also two audio outputs (these are not digital) and two midi channels on the card. Though there are no midi sockets on the card itself. For that you'll need to buy a little converter lead. This card is very effective for people doing music within the confines of their computer. The moment you start plugging stuff in - keyboards, samplers and effects processors- well, you're better off buying a Mac or loading up cubase on that Nicotene stained Atari 1040 in the corner! For gameheads there is a joystick port - though I never use it. I have run a test loading 1 song into a program using a soundblaster soundcard for the output, and let's just say you could smell the burning after the first bar! A caution: Nothing is perfect and in this regard I must issue the following warning. If your computer is full of additional pieces of hardware, such that there are very few free slots left inside your computer (or you have some hardware that has a penchant for IRQ's 5,7,9) you might consider anothe
      r card in the range. This is becuase the card really munches your IRQ resources so as to make the card run as smoothly as possible. This is not RAM munching but rather a muching in the way the computer assigns itself to tasks. Without going into detail here just heed the advice and you'll come up smelling of music in no time at all. That's it. Don't buy a Soundblaster!


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