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Cannons Gym (Plymouth)

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Address: Barbican Leisure Park / Barbican Approach / Coxside / Plymouth PL4 0LG

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2008 12:27
      Very helpful



      A great gym, friendly staff and all round good experience!

      I have been a member of Cannons Health and Fitness club since July 2008. It is about two minutes walk from my house so it is ideally situated for me!

      Location -

      Cannons is situated on the Barbican Leisure Park, this is a complex that includes a Vue cinema, Megabowl, Nando's, a nightclub called Oceana and Pizza Hut! So your every need will be catered for! It is on the edges of the city centre, and is about twenty minutes walk from the city centre. It is fairly easy to find, due to the size of it. It is situated in Cattedown, and there are signs for "Barbican Leisure Park" so look out for this. Failing that, ask someone, because they are bound to know where it is.

      Price of the Gym membership/Types of membership -

      I pay £43 per month for my membership, which entitles me to use the facilities any time during the opening times, and this is the main membership that they offer. Another type of membership they offer is Off Peak Membership - this allows the individual to use the club but only with restricted hours. It varys from club to club, but at the Plymouth branch the off peak hours are during the day on the weekday and i am not hundred percent sure of the weekend - however one silly thing about this membership. There is NO price difference, so you might as well not restrict yourself and just get a full membership - it sounds silly really to me. You can also get Family memberships which are available for 2 adults and two children, children are considered up to the age of 11 years old. The adults have full use of the facilities of the gym, both off peak and peak hours, but children's hours vary. I am not sure about my Cannons gym for Plymouth because they are currently reviewing all of these details.

      Opening times of the place -

      Monday to Friday the club is open from 06.30 - 10pm
      Saturday & Sunday the club is open from 08.00 - 08.00pm, and this is also the same for Bank holidays.

      I think the only time the place is not open is Christmas Day and New Year's day, so that's really good.

      Facilities -

      20 metre length pool - the pool is my favourite thing in the whole place, it is relaxing, and the deep end is not too deep so I can stand up in it, which is good, I don't like too deep water! The pool usually hosts Aqua Aerobics, which is really fun, they have one class on a weekday and one over the weekend. Usually there is one swimming lane for the avid swimmers and then the rest of the pool is free of lanes so leisurely swimming. What I like about the pool is that after 6pm they are meant to turn the lights lower, and then it definitely is more relaxing, it makes it feel really relaxing! The pool can get a little busy at weekends, and Monday is definitely the worse, but fortunately I finish work at 3.45pm so miss the mad rush after 5pm. This is especially so on a Monday, that is their busiest day. Also next to the pool is a Jacquzzi, Sauna and Steam room, these are lovely but at times one of them will break and there is often a few hours where you cannot use it, which is a little annoying.

      Gym - the gym is one of those places that doesn't appeal to everyone, and can be a little daunting to start with. I was like this at first, but now I enjoy coming here. Monday evening is the busiest and probably bst avoided. They have weights, which I often see men doing, but hardly ever any women! Then they have about three rowing machines, and alot of tredmills! I particualrly like the cross trainers, which reminds me of running but without the bounce! There are cycle bikes as well, which are also really good. One thing I like about the machines is most have a box on them that allow you to plug headphones into them to listen to a range of channels on their big screens ahead of you. There is anything from the news, to music, to general television programmes.

      Dance Studio - The dance studio is next to the gym on the first floor. It has mirrors which make the room look really big. There are a host of classes held here, from Body Combat, which is really good, i enjoy this one, it is very tiring though and involves alot of punching into the air and boxing moves. Another class I particularly enjoy is Dance class, this is really fun, and everyone generally has a good time, as the songs are generally easy to pick up and everyone just seems to have a good time. The instructors are really friendly, and make you feel really at ease, especially if you are new! The studio can hold approximately 30 - 40 people I would say.

      The Retreat - this is situated on the first floor next to the gym. It is a place you can go and have various beauty treatments. I have never used anything here because it has always seemed pricey to me personally. They do facials, hair removal, massages, and exotic wraps and masks! I think looking back the massage of a full body was about £60 and I couldn't afford it personally.

      Cafe - they have a cafe that is open most of the working hours of the gym - here you obviously have to pay, but it is somewhere you can chill out and wait for people or just read the paper!

      Nursery - the nursery is situated next to the cafe and is really good for parents that want to use the facilities, I think at present the nursery is only open in the mornings, but I think they are reviewing this arrangement at present.

      Overall opinion of the place -

      The staff are really friendly, will help you anyway they can, and they always say hello and goodbye to you. I pay by direct debit and never had any problems, if for some reason you miss it, you can always go and pay by cash, that is not a problem, I found this when I changed bank accounts and they were really good about it. The only thing I would say is that if you go about 8pm at night, the cleaniless of the changing rooms is not as I would want it, it's a little off putting, but I have raised this with them so hopefully this will change. Overall a nice little gym , good free parking around if you need it, although probably have to be careful of this when it is Orange Wednesdays as the cinema gets very busy, therefore the parking gets taken quickly!


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