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David Lloyd Health and Fitness Club

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5 Reviews

Health & Fitness Facility

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    5 Reviews
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      29.07.2013 15:51
      Very helpful



      Great value, great gym

      David Llyod had started buying establishments to start up gym's or buying existing gym's such as the one I went to Amida. David Llyod has changed my gym for the better and the price of membership even went down! A combination of a loyalty bonus and a staff discount as my brother worked in the Café.

      Now exercise is what you think of when you hear the word gym right? Well David Llyod is more than just a gym it is a leisure club also. Not all establishment's are the same but the one I am with (David Llyod Hampton) has these features:

      -8 Tennis courts though in the evening only 4 are available.
      -5 Squash courts
      -2 Badminton courts
      -Children's play area
      -Outdoor pool
      -Outdoor Jacuzzi
      -Indoor pool
      -Outdoor relaxation place where you can have your food brought to you and supervise children or just relax as I do after a gym session
      -As I have mentioned it has a well equipped café serving all kinds of food although it is quite pricey
      - A gym area located upstairs that is spacious, no machines are squashed in
      -Multi sports courts
      -Steam room
      -TV Lounge
      -Spa salon with paid treatments you can schedule

      The equipment in the gym area is as follows:

      -Cross trainers 2 types (Around 5 for each type)
      -Floor work area equipped with medicine balls, mats etc.
      -Spinning bikes
      -Ski machine
      -Free weights area
      -2 Aerobic studios
      -Powerplate machines
      -An exercise class in the right hand corner of the gym that is a new edition, I personally think that it gets in the way but the subscription for the class is full so maybe it's just personal preference I like to take control of my own workout.
      -Different weight machines to work on all parts of your body Abdominals, Legs, Biceps, Triceps, Chest etc
      -It also features a pure strength section which has parts to do proper bench presses (with a bar) pull-ups etc. It is recommended for no one under 18 to use the weights in this section as it can damage inexperienced people.

      Now rewinding a bit I had joined after most of my family, that have all been happy with the club ever since the David Llyod takeover. When you join they give you a tour of the whole place and work on your exercise plan with you, at which point you get a Technogym key that stores your workout progress and information. I used this for the first 6 months or so but after I felt I could track my own progress and it was becoming a pain to carry this around all the time. I strongly suggest using it until you are used to the gym then after you are comfortable with your plan you can stop, you can always go back to using it at any time if you feel you need to.

      The changing areas are a main point of he gym also, they are always spotless and clean, the cleaners are always around and great at the job. They are large and have many lockers that you can put your stuff in while you go to the gym you just need a £1 coin for the slot that you get back after. The rooms themselves are equipped with sockets for shavers in the bathrooms, 2 bathrooms, places to sit while you change, cubicles, hairdryers and a place to shower before and after the pool, after the gym etc. Also if you are going to the spa or indoor pool just to check on a child or friend you have to wear overshoes to avoid getting any dirt on the floors near these facilities, the whole place is very hygienic.

      The staff are friendly and very helpful. There are always staff at the front of club to assist you, at the bar, personal trainers in the gym area, lifeguards at both pools etc. I have always been helped when asked for it and they always are nice and friendly. Excellent service.

      On the membership side there are 4 different levels that you can be offered

      This is a full membership at every David Llyod club in existence you get 10% off on food and drink in the DL cafe's, free towels and 3 free guest passes every month. This usually goes for £160 a month. I do not see much point in this unless you travel a lot and want to go the gym while doing so.

      -Full membership
      You get access to any and all club facilities, assuming you are of age. (18) This usually goes for £69 a month

      -Off peak membership
      You can only go to the specified club at certain times usually from 9-5. Usually goes for £40 a month

      I have a full membership and so does my brother and mum who both go there. I have a slight staff discount and loyalty bonus so I pay £52 a month. I should also mention some benefits I have with the full membership that people do not seem to pick up on. With the full membership you get a guest pass every month, you just have to ask. You get free towels, again just ask. You get access to any of the courts and can ask for a racket and ball and this is free of charge. You can do all this at full level at least at my local David Llyod, some people seem to think you only get these benefits with vantage, well to my experience and knowledge that is wrong.

      All in all I would definitely recommend David Llyod to anyone that wants to get fit but also have a place to relax and even eat if you wanted to. It is great value for everything that they offer and I go at least 3 times a week without fail, to get in for a day it is £12.50 so I am definitely getting my money's worth and enjoying it at the same time!


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        26.09.2011 17:25



        Customer service is terrible! Trying to cancel membership is like trying to get out of a maze too.Look elsewhere!Marie


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        03.06.2010 12:52
        Very helpful



        Overall an expensive way of keeping fit!

        I have recently ended my membership with David Lloyd Health and Fitness Club after having been a member for nearly two years. When I first joined I was keen to get fit and lose a few pounds, during the two years I spent most of the time going about 3 times a week to either the gym or using the swimming pool and I did tone up and lose weight.

        On leaving the membership was costing me in excess of £69 per month and to be honest it wasn't really worth it! Although the centre was convenient to me as I had to pass it on my way home from work that was really the only benefit. I found that the staff were quite unhelpful, often rude and moody and only seemed happy as you were leaving the building. I asked on a couple of occasions for a guest pass to encourage some of my friends to join and was told that there was no chance of that happening and that they would have join and pay a membership fee if they were interested!! The centres have restaurant facilities but I never fancied eating there as the tables were never cleared, the kitchen staff smoked outside and the chef had a long beard that was never covered up, so needless to say not very appetising!!

        When I cancelled my membership, explaining that I had found a cheaper alternative I was never contacted or offered any incentive to stay. I have since found an alternative gym, neared to home at a much cheaper price.


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        07.02.2010 13:13
        Very helpful



        Has a stranglehold due to lack of competition locally. Good equipment - absolute idiot staff .

        David LLoyd Renfrew. Its like a testing ground for the worst gym instructors I have ever encountered. If you are a 20 year old attractive female, then rest assured you will get great and undivided attention. If not then prepare to be patronised by an inexperienced bunch of children with little practical knowledge. I saw one instructor asking a woman who was around the 20stone mark to balance on a ball and do tricep extensions....hard enough for that woman to come to the gym, without being given complex exercises. Asked another guy who claimed to be doing a degree in sports science what anerobic exercise was !! He didnt have a clue..... The overall Manager NEVER responds to requests/complaints. Never trust a bald barber - does that apply to hopelessly out of condition gym managers as well !! Worse still is the absolute lack of commitment to members. People dont know what they are signing up for...One instructor with a voice like a foghorn spends all his time hanging about the changing rooms talking as loudly as possible about his training. Its like a scene from top-gun gone wrong....Only good point is the equipment, which whilst poorly maintained, represents a reasonable range. Lastly and if you listen to nothing else above....AVOID the over priced restaurant. The food is lousy and served by an ORK that never smiles and is never helpful..........Phew that felt good.


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        15.06.2009 21:13
        Very helpful




        Exercise, the one thing that everyone should have time for, but the one thing that most people avoid. I for one, love exercise. It's the only time where I'm completely focussed on the moment and not caring about any outside problems, so the gym is one of my favourite places! It's not only the exercise that makes me so happy at the gym, but the whole atmosphere that David Lloyds boasts, it makes the whole experience 100% pleasurable.

        I'd been looking into joining David Lloyds for the past 8 months, but never really fully looked into it as I have home gym equipment so that was enough for me, but when my mum told me that she was going to join, I jumped on board and went for the club tour with her. We were met and the front desk by a lovely lady called Roz who was going to show us round and give us all of the information we'd need before deciding whether to become members or not. After an hour of laughing and giggling with Roz whilst looking at all of the facilities, we found ourselves in the coffee shop/bar/restaurant with complimentary drinks - this was where we made our final decision.
        Deal or No Deal?
        Join or don't join?

        We joined. We are now fully fledged members of David Lloyds, and here's why.

        Facility Overview (Aberdeen Club)
        5 indoor tennis courts
        2 outdoor tennis courts
        4 badminton courts
        Multi sports courts
        Open plan gym
        Spinning bike area
        Free weights area
        Stretching area
        2 aerobic studios
        25m indoor swimming pool
        Kid's indoor splash pool
        Steam room
        Indoor whirlpool
        Restaurant and Bar
        TV lounge
        Function Suite
        Saks Hair and Beauty Salon
        Internet cafe
        Soft play area

        Changing Areas

        The changing areas in this gym are large and spacious. Not only this, but they are spotless. If you are a visitor going on a personal tour of the club, you are made to wear overshoes so you don't drag any muck throughout the changing areas, then poolside etc. If you are a member, you have full use of the changing areas which include over 200 large, secure lockers, changing cubicles that are also suitable for people with disabilities, plugs for straighteners etc, built in hairdryers, mirrors, swimsuit dryer, sinks, toilets, showers, shampoo...the works. It is very clear that the changing areas are cleaned regularly and the club members obviously take pride in the facilities.

        Gym Area

        The gym area is also large and spacious, which is great for a gym, no one wants to be squished up next to another sweaty person, huh? There are plenty of machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and any other cardiovascular machine you can think of. These are strategically positioned with half of them facing a wall with 4 televisions - each showing different channels. The machines on this side of the room all have earphones which are attached to the televisions so you can choose which channel you want to watch. on the other side of the room are the same machines, but with mp3/ipod docking systems.
        Right next to the music machines (my little nickname for them), are the aerobic studios. These are large and filled with mirrors (like a dance studio). The pialtes/dance/yoga/etc classes all take place in these studios.
        As you progress through the gym (past the cardio vascular section), you meet the spinning class area. A small section of the gym with 20 spinning bikes where the classes take place.
        To the left of this is the weights area and to the right is the power plate area and stretching area.
        I told you it was huge!


        The swimming pool and spa area is attached to the changing area (naturally). As you step into the pool area, you see the large 25m pool with 3 marked off lanes and the rest of the pool is left open. The kid's splash pool is at the bottom of the pool and there are windows into the TV lounge and into the Aberdeen fields.
        At the end of the pool (opposite from the kid's pool) is the spa area. This is a large whirlpool which is split into 5 sections, 2 are hot and bubbly, 2 are warm and have jets and then the centre has two massage jets that you can position yourself under to give yourself a lovely hydro-massage. The jets, bubbles and massage jets are all controlled by buttons at the side of the spa are.
        On the right side of the whirlpool is the steam room. This is large and steamy (big shock there!), it plays peaceful music and has colour changing lights to relax you. On the opposite side is the sauna, it too plays peaceful music and has colour changing lights, but doesn't have the steam. I like to do some stretching in the sauna as it is better for my muscles.

        Bar and Restaurant

        Just like the rest of the gym, this is large and fully stocked with fruit, vegetables, water, juice, crisps, cakes, alcohol and serves meals throughout the day. Next to the bar is a costa coffee shop and the internet cafe. The food and service is wonderful and fully worth the money.


        Each member of staff I've encountered has been extremely helpful and friendly. They always ask how your day has been and are always there if there is a problem. Just what you need to relax yourself before/after a workout - a nice friendly face to chat to.

        Membership Details

        There are 4 levels of membership.

        Vantage - the highest level of membership, this provides you with access to every David Lloyds club/spa, 10% discount on food and drink, free towels and one free guest pass per month.

        Full - full access to all club facilities.

        Health & Fitness - access to all gym, swimming and spa facilities.

        3 month membership - flexible membership with full use of all facilities, contact your local club for more information about this membership.

        My mum and I have a joint vantage membership that we split the cost of. I'm £37 per month and my mum is slightly more I think - don't ask me why because I don't really know.


        Joining David Lloyds has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've met wonderful new people, totally changed my body shape, improved my fitness and the added incentives for joining are a little added bonus. Every club member gets a discount voucher for Saks - this is worth roughly £300 but can't be used as gift vouchers or sold for money.
        If you asked my mum, she'd tell you the exact same thing, we're extremely happy being part of the club and our friends have noticed how much we enjoy it that they've joined too! We're like a little pack of gym bunnies. Me and my best friends. My mum and her best friends.

        I really do advise that if you are looking to join a gym, you head to your nearest David Lloyd as they can accommodate for everyone. Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, they can do it all.

        Thanks for reading!
        ********** << that's my 10 stars because 5 just isn't enough.


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        David Lloyd facilities are equipped with numerous racquet sports courts, swimming pools, sauna & spa, hair salon, restaurant, gym and personal training, sports hall and a children's area.

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