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Based in Berkshire, describes itself as "a place of retreat for like-minded adults seeking to escape far from the 'madding crowd' of our times".

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    4 Reviews
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      27.02.2010 10:37
      Very helpful



      A brilliant way to relax and unwind.

      I have been an evening member of Nirvana Spa for a few years and would like to share my experiences with others.

      Nirvana is situated between Wokingham and Reading in Berkshire.

      There are 6 pools fed with natural spring water.
      - The Roman Room is my favourite and we spend most of our time in here. There is a large pool in the middle with sun loungers all the way around it. There are palm trees and large columns, and we often feel as though we're sitting by the pool on holiday when we are there. It is a perfect way to recharge your batteries. The temperate is very warm and there is always a lot of sunlight streaming in.
      - The Relaxation Pool - A pool for relaxation and ambiance.
      - The fitness pool - This is the largest pool and some of the pool is split up for lane swimming. It is 25 metres long.
      - The Spa Pool in the Ocean room offers powerful water and air jets that massage your feet, legs, hips, back, neck and shoulders in 35'c water. There are 53 different 'stations' around the pool. Next to this pool are two plunge pools. These are a cooler temperature and help with circulation and well being after the hydrotherapy pool.
      - Flotation Therapy Pool - The spa water contains natural occuring salt that enables you to float on this water, as you would do in the dead sea. I have never experienced this, but understand it is very relaxing.

      There are a wide range of treatments provided. You can either pay on top of your membership, or use some of your points that you accumulate each month. I love treating myself to a massage when I am particularly stressed.

      The garden cafe provides food and drink. The menu is healthy and delicious. We normally enjoy a light dinner while we are there. They provide a good selection for gluten free diets and are good at catering for other food allergies.
      Nirvana is an adults only site.

      The spa tepidarium has 34 reclining ceramic loungers that are heated to a temperature of 35'F. This room is kept quiet and is very soothing and relaxing.

      There is a gym that I regularly use which has running machines, bikes, rowing machines and weights with TV's and music and windows overlooking the carpark and fitness pool. There are also fitness classes available for a variety of different activities.

      We pay £20 each month for an evening membership. So we are allowed to visit once a month, after 4.30pm. Although it is quite expensive if you compare it to a 'normal' gym membership it provides a lot more. As I mentioned before we feel as though we've been on a mini holiday when we visit. Because of other committments we often only stay 2-3 hours, but you could easily stay the whole evening and try all the facilities and really reap the benefits. I go with my mum and its a perfect time for us to catch up with each other and have some 'me' time. I can also take a guest along for an extra charge.

      The staff are very helpful and friendly and you feel a valued customer there.

      I would recommend this to anyone for themselves, or possibly for a gift for a relative or friend.


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        30.04.2008 16:42
        Very helpful



        A relaxing haven to get away from it all...

        Nirvana Spa

        Nirvana Spa is a spa located in the county of Berkshire close to the M4 and offers both day spa for day visits and healthclub memberships. I have been a member of Nirvana Spa for about 10 years now so I wanted to give you a review on the facilities from a member perspective. Nirvana Spa is known simply as Nirvana to the members :o)

        Little known fact: The pool scene in the Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue video for Kids was filmed in the fitness pool at Nirvana Spa!

        Nirvana opened it's doors about 30 years ago with about 50% of today's facilities. It was extended to it's current size in late 2000. It is described as the UK's purest spa, given it has it's own spring to feed the pools.

        Nirvana Spa & Leisure Ltd is entirely a privately operated company and it's current MD is Tim Harding.
        The Times have an article on Nirvana Spa at http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/travel/good_spa_guide/ar ticle743593.ece


        One of the best things about Nirvana I think is the unrivalled facilities on offer, especially if you are a member. But equally great for day visitors on the experience packages. The main areas of Nirvana are:

        * 25m fitness pool, with 2 lane for lane swimming and equivalent area for non-lane swimmers
        * The Spa Pool - a hydrotherapy pool with approximately 49 stations using water jets for the whole body that can pommel and massage aches and pains
        * The Roman Room - another pool with a roman feel with high ceilings and a magnificent column structure that takes your breath away. This pool is fed by a naturally found spring in the area and you can use the loungers dotted around the pool to relax
        * The Relaxation Pool - a pool with a serene and quiet atmosphere with just the noise of running water. Ideal for relaxed and lazy swimming or you can use the loungers to read a newspaper or magazine or even to sleep!
        * The Nirvana Room Tepidarium - This is a fairly new addition (probably in the last 2 years). This room is the quietest in the whole spa to provide the perfect environment for falling asleep. The room contains 33 ceramic loungers (adding a touch of luxury) heated to 35 degrees making it warm and toasty. You can also use the headphone sockets to listen to your choice of music
        * Hydrotherapy/Floatation room with Dead Sea salts to provide the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief
        Outdoor Patio - in the summer you can sit outside on the lounger soaking up the evening rays and making the most of the sunshine
        * The Garden Café - this is Nirvana's restaurant/café where you choose to indulge in cakes, sweets and refreshments, sit down to a proper 3-course meal or choose something from the buffet, usually a selection of salads and cheese
        * Treatment rooms - Nirvana offers a range of beauty treatments that you can indulge in to your hearts content (funding permitting)
        * The fitness room - a smaller gym within Nirvana Spa offering a small number of treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines, fitness bikes and a weights area
        * Separate male/female sauna and steam rooms
        * A unisex aromatherapy steam room offering some very good congestion benefits
        * Jacuzzi - situated just outside the Fitness Pool this provides a welcome contrast to the Pool with hot bubbling waters. This Jacuzzi is big enough for about 8 people.

        In addition to the Nirvana facilities, there is also a separate health club that is part of Nirvana called Pulse8 Healthclub. Pulse8 operates a gym and membership in it's entirety but also as a part of Nirvana day spa and memberships.

        As this review is about Nirvana, I will not say too much, but it does offer a mass of equipment and facilities like numerous weight rooms and classes.

        Membership Packages

        Nirvana Spa offers many packages depending on your circumstances. You can choose from a minimum of 3 yearly visits to full membership which allows unrestricted access all year round. Nirvana offers the following membership packages:

        Full Membership - £86 per person with £500-£750 joining fee
        Spa & Fitness - £66 per person with £150-£225 joining fee
        Health Club - £65 per person with £150-£225 joining fee

        Full membership allows unrestricted access to use all the facilities (including it's sister gym, Pulse8) between the opening and closing hours.

        Spa & Fitness allows use of Nirvana Spa anytime Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays. Unrestricted use of Pulse 8 Health & Fitness Club is included.

        Health Club membership allows use of Nirvana Spa prior to 8.30am and after 4pm, Monday to Friday and access after 4pm on weekends and Bank Holidays. Unrestricted use of Pulse 8 Health & Fitness Club is included.Nirvana also offers packages known as Spa Club Memberships where you can buy a number of set visits per year for a monthly fee. You have the following options for Spa Club Membership.

        Spa Club 12 - £29.50 for 12 inclusive visits per year
        Spa Club 12 evening - £19.50 for 12 inclusive evening visits per year
        Spa Club 6 - £18.00 for 6 inclusive visits per year
        Spa Club 3 - £9.50 for 3 inclusive visits per year

        Each of these Spa Club Membership options has something called an Affiliation Fee, which is essentially a joining fee that you can pay as one-off or over 3 months along with the monthly fee. This fee is currently £99.Members can also invite up to a maximum of 2 guests on their visit for an extra charge.

        Membership fees (excluding joining fees) are monthly payments.

        To use the facilities outside of any of the restricted options, charges apply. To check the latest membership and other fees, please visit http://www.nirvanaspa.co.uk/

        Non-Membership Packages

        Nirvana also offers the Day spa options for those based further afield. With these you can purchase a package for either the day or evening allowing you to unrestricted use of all the facilities.

        These packages are currently:
        Evening Spa Experience, Monday to Thursday £59.00
        Evening Spa Experience, Friday - Sunday £69.00
        Day Spa Experience, Monday to Thursday £99.00
        Day Spa Experience, Friday - Sunday £125.00

        In addition to these packages you have the option to book health and beauty treatments with the resident Beauty Therapists and you have a selection of facials, manicures, pedicures, massages etc. Note: there would be additional fees/charges for these facilities and I would recommend you book these in advance to ensure you get the choices of treatments you want.

        Other Information

        Nirvana Spa also offers it's own range of bath and beauty products called n-spa, which are available at Nirvana and also supermarkets and other retail shops. The ranges are called:

        * n-spa professional - luxury bathing products
        *n-spa fruits - fruity scrubs and bath/shower gels
        * celestial - anti-ageing and holistic products

        The complex also provides car parking for about 300 cars. There is also the use of 4 tennis courts available.

        Women and Men have separate changing rooms. To make it an even more enjoyable experience there are 3 changing rooms for each group around the complex. The changing rooms have music played into them, usually classical so it does not interrupt your experience

        What Do I Think?

        As a member of Nirvana Spa, I think the facilities offered are unrivalled. You have a choice of many activities, if you want something relaxing you can indulge in the R&R areas. If you want some fitness you can swim lengths in the fitness pool. If you want to clear the chest you can use the Aromatherapy steam rooms. If you want to sleep head to the Tepidarium. If you want to eat...well, there is obviously something for everyone. The Spa has an ambience that is mellow and soothing.

        Nirvana Spa has a policy of no mobiles or children, which I am glad about. Don't get me wrong, as I love children (mobiles, well that is a different thing....!) but can you imagine how kids would change what is supposed to be a quiet and tranquil place where you can get away from everything. You can actually lose yourself in the serenity of the spa and although there may be a lot of people coming through the door, I could never say that it is too busy.

        On occasion the changing rooms can get quite busy, so I would admit that there is not enough changing stations, so this could be improved but it does not detract from the peaceful experience. I have occasionally whiled away whole afternoons in Nirvana and can wholly recommend that if you have the option, go for the membership. All this available to you at a very reasonable price - just make sure you make the most of this indulgence.

        I actually feel quite fortunate to be able to make use of a facility like Nirvana.

        Thanks for taking the time to read this..!

        © 2008 jupiter28


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          07.09.2006 16:38
          Very helpful



          A fantastic place for a little R and R!

          I was incredibly spoilt last Christmas when I discovered that my lovely husband's present to me was an 'Essential Escape' day at Nirvana Spa. I was thrilled to bits but due to such a hectic life wasn't actually able to take it up until just recently, although luckily, all gift vouchers can be used any time up to a year.

          Let me tell you a little bit about Nirvana Spa itself first. It is the most serene, tranquil place on earth (or at least in Berkshire)! It is also quite exclusive as it is incredibly pricy (more about that later). It has a number of different pools including a hot hydrotherapy spa pool with lots of different jets which work on all the different parts of your body, and both fitness and relaxation pools. There is a small gym, treatment rooms for all different types of massages, hand treatments etc, and a lovely restaurant. Probably the best of all though is the flotation pool. which is full of dead sea salts which enable you to float effortlessly!

          I will now go on to describe my wonderful day. As I said I was given an essential escape day. I could take this any day from Monday to Thursday and could stay from 9 until 5. My day included two twenty five minute treatments, a flotation session, lunch and drinks, the use of robes and towels, and unlimited access to all the facilities. You have to book the treatments in advance which is a good idea.

          I arrived nice and early on my day. All of the receptionists were really friendly and I was checked in and received my bundle of robe and towels. After changing I headed first to the hydrotherapy pool. It is quite a strange experience to be wondering around in a bathrobe passing everyone else dressed exactly the same. On enice thing is that mobiles are not allowed anywhere so you don't get to overhear all those annoying one sided conversations.

          The hydrotherapy fool was fantastic. I moved about from jet to jet feeling the tension ooze out of different parts of my body - bliss! There are also a couple of plunge pools in the same room with freezing water but I somehow didn't fancy that!

          Next was time for my first treatment - 'Cleopatra's hands! This involved a cleanse, massage and a sort of mask which the information leaflet told me would 'promote a youthful appearance'. I'm not sure if that happened to my hands but they did feel lovely for the rest of the day!

          Next was some R and R time spent in and by the relaxation pool. It is so tranquil here and you can choose to swim or lie by the pool reading or even snoozing! There were also sauna and steam rooms which I love and I came out of the steam room feeling incredibly cleansed!

          Next was time for lunch in the Garden cafe which sort of has the feel of a large conservatory! There are lots of lovely ptions - all healthy - and I opted for the salad bar which had a good range. they do also have some lovely home made cakes which after the virtuous salad was irresistible! It was a lovely meal all round.

          Next was the highlight of my day - the flotation session! I will try to describe it as best as I can but it is quite undescribible. You start off in a little practice pool just so that you can get used to the density of the water and the weightlessness when floating. Then you enter the next pool, and there are only six people booked in at a time! The lights are turned off but there are thousand of little lights in the ceiling that twinkle like stars and there is celestial type music playing softly. So what do you do? You just float! There is a gentle current in the pool so that you are moving all the time (and occasionally bumping into the other bodies) and you just lie there in the water. it is amazing, just so relaxing and you do this for 45 minutes. I'm sure I almost nodded off at one time!
          I ahve to say it was a wonderful experience and definitely one I would want to do again! When it is over, you shower and are given some dead sea shampoo that looks like mud but has the most fantastic effect on your hair! It felt so smooth and shiny for the rest of the day!

          There was time for a quick cup of tea before my last treatment of the day - an aromatherapy massage. this was very relaxing too but i think I had been spoilt by my flotation session and nothing could match up to that!

          All too soon by fantastic day was over but I came home feeling so good. It really had been an essential escape and much needed as the mum of two small girls. there is so much more I could say but hopefully you have got the idea!

          There is one more thing though - the price!! My day, although i wasn't supposed to know this, cost £165, so it really is what you would call a treat! Membership is very expensive and I am sure there are up to date prices on their website. All in all though, even though it cost a lot, it was worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone!


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            04.10.2000 03:54
            Very helpful



            I first went to Nirvana as a gift from my husband. The gift was a whole day of luxury and pampering. The days gift includes 2 treatments, such as massages, facials etc, all the drinks you desire, lunch and extensive use of the gym, hyrdo spa,swimming pools, jacuzzi, steam room and saunas. They even provide you with a comfy robe and towels. This place is truly heaven and when you leave you feel light headed and floating on a cloud. Some may think the cost of the day is expensive ( I think it was about £80) but with everything that is included it's great value and you can spend all day and evening if you want to. I have been several times, I even returned the gesture and bought the same gift for him.He smiled all day, especially after the massage! Can't think why!!!! You can just go for the day without having the treatments and it doesn't cost as much, and if you bought yourself lunch it would only cost about a fiver. I have taken a friend and we had a great time, it's an ideal place to relax, chat,excerise or rest and if you ever want to try something different for the day then this is the day for you.


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