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Sports Medicine Clinic (Leicester)

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Leicester Sports Medicine Clinic / Address: 132 Victoria Park Road, Leicester LE2 1XD / Tel: 0116 210 0100

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2010 15:32
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      Well worth giving these guys a try if you need physio or treatments and have the money to do so

      This is a review of our experience at Leicester Sports Medicine Clinic only. We have not tried out all the services they offer.

      As many of you will be aware, Mr Norton has had a baffling knee injury since October last year which means he cannot walk more than 50 yards without being in crippling pain. He first went to see his GP in October who didn't even examine his knee but told him to go away and take ibuprofen (which resulted in him ending up at A&E and them giving him codeine for the pain). The GP said she would refer him for a scan but this could take a few months. As time went on and Mr Norton became more debilitated and frustrated, I suggested he go to get a second opinion at a local clinic I knew about- Leicester Sports Medicine clinic.

      Leicester Sports Medicine Clinic * 132 Victoria Park Road * Leicester * LE2 1XD * Tel. 0116 210 0100


      They also have another clinic in Syston, Leicestershire- details available on the website.

      *Services Offered*
      Clinical Pilates
      Alexander Technique
      Counselling & Life Coaching
      Hand Therapy & Scar Management
      Lower Limb Rehabilitation
      Sports Massage
      Hopi Ear Candles and other holistric therapies
      Independant Medico- Legal Assessments for insurance reasons

      Mr Norton and I just walked in at around 4.40pm on a Monday afternoon and wanted to pop in to find out how much a consultation would be, if we would have to book in advance etc., The clinic is situated on Victoria Park Road in leicester just off Queens Road and overlooking Victoria Park. I had been aware of its existence since I was at Leicester Uni so my thoughts were "if it is still here after around 10 years, then they must be good at what they do"! I have seen on their website they have contracts with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue too so I take it from this they are very reputable.

      As we are on a very tight budget, Mr Norton being out of work and so on- the first thing we asked was how much it would be just for him to be looked over by someone from the clinic who knew anything about knees. We were able to get an appointment for the next morning and the clinician who held the consultation was stood in reception whien we went in to ask some questions. £40 for an initial assessment and £35 for any subsequent appointments (30 minutes).

      We found the receptionist very helpful and we explained we did not want to waste their time but were wondering if it was worth seeing someone at the clinic as Mr Norton's GP was not doing anything and he was waiting to be seen at the hospital for the scan (date then to be confirmed) so we were not sure if we could see someone or if we had to wait to go down the NHS route and wait until after the scan etc. The clinician said it was enturely up to us but he would be more than happy to look over the knee and give his thoughts on the problem and maybe suggest some physio or something and we were entitled to get a second opinon as they work with the GPs so he said they could write to Mr Norton's GP to confirm the injury if needs be etc.,

      We booked a 30 minute consultation for £40 the next morning and left the clinic feeling like they knew what they were talking about as they had not pressured us into making an appointment to discuss then to make an appointment to look at the knee as we thought they might do (and then say "we dont know what it is and that's £40 please!") the fact the clinician had asked some questions about the injury even before we had booked an appointment was a good sign. [I have heard of other people booking appointments for other physios etc which just seems to be a meeting about when you will have a meeting to actually look at the injured part!]

      Mr Norton turned up to see the same guy who he had chatted to in recetion the day before (Dr Nick Punchard- recommended!) and was immediately asked to drop his trousers and take his shoes off (!) - the clinician was very knowledgeable and gave Mr Norton's knee and lower leg a thorough examination and confirmed it was seriously injured but he was not going to recommend any treatment until after the scan had ruled out anything obviously wrong as he did not want to start playing around with the knee as even painkilling things they could do would only be temporary and costly if you are not working. He said physio was a no-no at the moment as the knee was damaged so physio might make it worse in his opinion and discussed his other theories about what he thought could be causing all the pain.

      For the £40 for the consultation, Mr Norton left feeling a lot better- as he had seen someone who was qualified and more specialist than a general GP and he knew he could go back to see the same guy after his scan or as a second opinion if the GP could not recommend any treatment. It sounds bizarre, but to be seen by someone who is qualified in muscular or knee injuries who actually acknowledges the pain/ injury rather than being told by your GP to "go away and take ibuprofen" was psychologically a good thing as if you don't know what is causing the pain and your GP seems to not believe you it can be stressful for you.

      The clinic and consultation room were very clean and Mr Norton felt comfortable and in good hands and not as if he was wasting anyone's time- the guy he saw gave the impression he was very into his work and was very interested in doing whatever they could to help Mr Norton. He said we can phone them with queries or if the GP says anything and we need this to be explained in more detail. He explained they see a lot of people and work alongside podiatrists and osteopaths and other NHS professionals to provide other therapies to rehabilitate injuries.

      Mr Norton has to sign a consent to treatment and consent to payment form which explained if you do not attend or are late you can be charged for the whole appointment unless you give 24 hours notice of cancellation. All treatments are given by an appropriately qualified Therapist. If you need a signature on an Insurance claim form, this must be arranged within one week of starting treatment and they reserve the right to consult your GP or consultant of your attendance and progress.

      The clinician asked a lot of questions and said as Mr Norton was out of work, he was not going to recommend more appointments at £35 a time just for the sake of it. This was very nice as it would have been easy for them to say, "well keep coming back and we will try different things each week". He explained it was up to Mr Norton to decide what he wanted to try. No pressure.

      Mr Norton is currently seeing how far the NHS can go to treat his knee and if money was not an object, we would book him in for reglar sessions at Leicester Sports Medicine clinic to try random treatments (acupuncture etc) as they gave us a fantastic customer service and we would trust them to suggest things to try as the clinician Mr Norton saw was very hands on and knew his stuff.

      I have done some research on the clinic for the purposes of this review as we have only experienced their consultation for an unknown injury - and they do offer many other services as listed above. I have tried to find out the prices for their other treatments but there is no information or price list on their website. Everything just says "contact clinic". The website is very poor and it would be nice to have prices on the website.

      I found a leaflet for their Clinical Pilates which is priced at: evaluation £45 for 45 minutes. £57.50 for a 5 week course of classes, £115 for a 10 week course of classes. I have searched under local services websites and all I can find for this clinic are "Prices on application". There are no DSS/ Jobseekers concessions (we have asked!).

      Their contact times are: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6/8pm and Sat 9am to 12noon.

      I am giving them 4 stars for the customer servce, friendly manner and overall view we got of the consultation, the exertise of the Dr we saw and how we were treated. They lose one star for not publishing prices on the website- it would save them a lot of time and phone calls from people just asking how much something was!

      From the way we were treated and the thorough examination and assessment Mr Norton received I would definitely recommend giving this clinic a go if you can afford to pay at least £35-40 for a 30 minute appointment or more for a long course of classes or treatments. I liked their customer service and they certainly gave us the impression they are specialists in their fields and a reputable clinic to try.


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