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Audio Dynamix X05 Ultimate Edition Speaker

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With 40 hours playing time on one single charge and a Bluetooth range of 40 metres, the Audio Dynamix X05 is a great option for outdoor use. Whilst they aren't the loudest, sound quality is very crisp.

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2013 21:24
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      A fantastic little speaker, great quality and value for money

      === Audio Dynamix X05 Speaker ===

      A couple of months ago now we were looking for a bluetooth speaker to use at our wedding ceremony to play the music through. The venue had an ipod dock we could use, and this was our back up option (but would require us borrowing an ipod) but seeing as we wanted a device like this in the house too we thought we'd buy this little device and if all else failed we'd have a little speaker like we were looking for in the house so it wasn't going to be going to waste anyway.

      === So who are Audio Dynamix? ===

      Neither my partner or I had heard of this particular company before. We came across them through Amazon. Reading through their website we learnt they are a relatively new company - only set up in September 2012 - that is aiming to bring new portable audio wireless products to the market. Their aim is to be affordable, reliable, and high quality. A pretty standard motto, but a good one for any new business. Being so new there are limited reviews into the company so far, but pretty much every one we did read only had good things to say about the company and their products so we decided to go with it. There are also a couple of videos on YouTube demonstrating their products which did play a part in our decision to risk buying something from such a new company.

      === The X05 Speaker ===

      I'm sure this is the most important thing you want to know about... The colour. From what I can gather this particular little speaker comes in red, silver and black. We have the red version. The speaker is quite small in size, approximately 18cm x 7cm x 4cm, with a sleek design with the casing being made from aluminium. There is a handle on top of the speaker for if you wish to carry it this way. There are also 4 buttons on the top of the speaker (power button, vol up, vol down, and a button that allows for phone connectivity) as well as two connection points - one with a headphone connection and one with a micro USB connection. There are also two wires provided with the speaker, one which is a headphone jack with the same connection on each end (useful for connecting the speaker to the headphone point on my laptop for example) and the other is a micro USB to standard USB wire - again can be used to connect the speaker to another device, and can be used to charge the speaker from the laptop. The only other thing to come in the box is a small instruction leaflet. We ordered this speaker through Amazon and it was well packaged with minimal packaging, with the majority of the packaging being recyclable.

      Okay, so more important than the colour... actual use of the speaker. I'm not the most technically minded of people, so this is from my personal usage point of view. For those of you that can make sense of this information though here are the basic specifications of the speaker (from Amazon):

      Sound channels: 2.1
      Type: Bluetooth CSR BC5 with up to 40 metre range
      Highly efficient digital amplifier
      SNR: 90dBA
      Interface: 3.5mm line in and Bluetooth
      Power supply: 1800mAh, built-in polymer battery
      Frequency range: 40HZ~19KHZ
      100mm passive bass radiator
      Sizes: 180*70*41mm Package size: 210*100*100mm Net Weight: 550g Bluetooth version: Bluetooth® V2.1 BC5 Bluetooth Controller: CSR BC6145

      And just a small section from the description on the Audio Dynamix website:
      "2 x Proprietary speakers featuring a woven Kevlar fibre composite diaphragm, extra large spider and neodymium magnets are coupled to a 100mm passive bass radiator to give impressive bass down to 40hz, detailed midrange and treble and long term reliability."

      If you can't decipher that, (or even if you can) here are my more personal insights. First we had to charge the speaker, which took about 2 hours for a full charge. A straight forward enough process, using the USB cable, and is outlined clearly in the instruction leaflet. Once fully charged we set it up to test it out - again instructions are clear in the leaflet and really easy to follow - (but note to self, make sure you have your bluetooth switched on. Haha. I did try to connect it to my laptop through the bluetooth once only to realise that I hadn't switched on my bluetooth connection on the laptop. Duh). It does say on the instructions that the quality of sound will improve after approximately 50 hours of playback as this allows the components to settle into place, so we wanted to get using it straight away to allow that time to pass before our big day. However we found that the speaker gives a real good quality of sound from the off. The quality of this little speaker is as good, if not better, than the speakers we were looking at in Currys, etc. that were almost double the price of this little device. We've played a wide range of types of music through this speaker from rock to classical and most things in between and everything has come through clearly from the delicate sounds of the strings and flutes to bass guitars and drums. We were impressed enough to use this for the music at our ceremony and the sound quality was good enough for it to be clear in all parts of a large room with approx 70 people in it. After a quick read of the Audio Dynamix website I am informed that 'the cabinet is critically damped with neoprene rubber to stop vibrations and standing waves' which I'm guessing is the reason why there is none of that tinny-ness or vibrating sounds that you can get from speakers when they are turned up on a high volume.

      === Range ===

      The range of the speaker is described as 'up to' 40m. I'm always a little dubious when things are described with the terms 'up to' or similar as that could mean almost anything to be fair. I don't think we've actually tested it as far as 40m, we have up to about half that with no problems. We have also tested it by having it in a different room to the bluetooth device (normally one of our phones). In different rooms the sound quality drops a little, especially when corners or closed doors are in the way, but not by much, and to be fair other than testing it out we've never felt the need to have the speaker and the phone in different rooms at the same time.

      === Speaker as a phone ===

      Another feature that this speaker has is that if you have your phone connected to it you can use it almost like a hands free device. The callers voice will come over the speaker and if you speak the microphone on the speaker will pick up your voice so the caller can hear you. We've semi tested this out in that we know this works, but seeing as we were sat in the same room testing this out it probably isn't the best test of this particular feature. It is a nice little added bonus though that we weren't actually expecting when we bought the speaker.

      === Summary ===

      As mentioned we deemed this little speaker good enough to play the music for our wedding ceremony in a large room with approx 70 people. The fact we were willing to use it on such an important day plays tribute to the speaker. At home we use it to play our music through or even play the radio through and at loud volumes it is still really clear. I have had it at full volume and sound quality is still really good. I don't play it at full volume normally though as it isn't needed. I like that it can be connected both via bluetooth or via the headphone connections using the cable. Battery life is really good - I would say it lasts approximately 20-25 hours on a 2 hour charge.

      As for price, it's currently on Amazon at £64.99, but it is on the Audio Dynamix site for £54.99 ( http://audiodynamix.co.uk/?page_id=212 ). I think we paid about the £55 mark from Amazon when we purchased it. I feel this is a competitive price for the sound quality you get from the speaker. It may not be a brand name like Sony which we were dubious about at first, but now owning the speaker we are glad we went for this one!


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