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Behringer B2030P

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    2 Reviews
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      25.08.2015 18:01




      - "Ultra-Linear" means flat & accurate, which these are.
      - Sound is very clean & clear. Not too bright, and not harsh.
      - Can be had for ~$130. Which is amazing considering the quality.
      - Highly recommended by the good people at audioholics.
      - Bests most speakers costing 3x as much (~$450).
      - Fairly simple modifications (as well as more complicated) can be applied for further enhancement.
      - Easily reveals flaws in the source which some might consider a con, but that's what a good speaker is supposed to do. This is a necessary trait for good quality sources to sound their best.
      - Some may consider the bass weak, but this is not a con. The bass is not artificially boosted. It simply conforms to the speaker's physical limitations. Need more bass? That's what a subwoofer is for.

      - Can only handle up to 100 watts (not a problem for me).
      - No grill, but if handy one could build and install some.
      - Mine came with yellow stickers in the lower right corner instead of the newer black one's. They came off fairly easily and cleanly using my fingernail though.

      I can't stress this enough: The price of these does not reflect the quality.

      I spent 4 painstaking months researching and auditioning speakers in my home. I compared 6 different pairs and the 2030's beat all but one.

      I auditioned the following:
      - Energy CB-10 (Just yuck.)
      - The Speaker Company's best pair (Wasn't too good; bright, erratic.)
      - Ascend CBM-170 SE (Sound virtually identical to the B2030P. A tie.)
      - Axiom M3 v2 (Very good. A close 2nd favorite.)
      - SVS SBS-01 (Sound was somewhat repressed.)

      I went back and forth many times with each pair playing various mp3's, video games, and some movies (DVD & BD). Eventually I came to the conclusion that the B2030P & the CBM-170 were the most "pleasant" to listen to. I chose the 2030 since they are cheaper and I didn't need the power handling of the 170.


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      13.10.2010 14:48
      Very helpful
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      In review

      Right then here we have a pair of passive monitors.What passive means is that they are not self powered,you will need an external source to power them.This for me is already off putting as you will need an amp to run them which means more wires more effort and more cost.Thats just my personal opinion.

      So first up Behringer is a German company which makes music hardware products.They are pretty cheaply priced products.I am using them for the purpose of producing music.They feel built like tanks,they are pretty stylish looking and look more of a high end monitor as opposed to the budget version.

      The main features are

      High-resolution, passive 2-way 100-Watt nearfield monitor.
      Ultra-linear frequency response from 75 Hz to 21 kHz.
      Extremely high-resolution, ferrofluid-cooled tweeter.
      Phase-optimized, low-distortion frequency crossover for accurate reproduction.
      Delivered as "matched pairs" (Not sure why this is classed as a feature I would pretty much think that getting 2 of the same speaker is the norm?)

      They are pretty easy to install just your simple speaker wire running from your amp into the speakers.
      So how do they sound?.Well to be honest i am a bit disappointed they sound flat and not what I was hoping for.I no this was the 1st time i had listened to them so though they would need time to wear in etc etc.So 3 months later and...... still flat sounding.The bass is pretty good i will say that for them but the mid and high end frequencies are no where near what i was expecting.I no they are a cheap option but it didn't sound like they were working properly so i thought it may have been my set-up so decided to drag them to a mates house to try them out there.The same thing happened they just sounded weak and flat and where not able to go very lout on either my amp or my friends before they began distorting.This was not really ideal for me as I need to hear all the frequencies clearly.Upon contacting the supplier and bringing up my issues with them i was told it must be where I have them positioned in the room.Only for me to tell them I had spent a whole day toying with positions and they sounded flat wherever they where placed.Then i was told it must be my set-up ,I then explained that my old monitors were fine and that i had also taken them to a mates house and they still sounded weak.So not exactly impressed with the technical helpline.

      So would they be good for normal use just to listen to music through,in my opinion no as i found myself turning them up more and more,then it would start distorting, it seemed to be a catch 22 situation,to quiet sounding flat or to loud and distorted.And no amount of playing around with the amp or anything else seemed to change this.

      They cost £129.99 and i really wouldn't bother paying that much for them,you can pick up a decent pair of monitors for about £100 now,and they will have already been worn in. so personally I would steer clear and look at what other options are available.


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