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A great value set of speakers, the Celestion F1's give a very crisp, detailed and defined sound. However, they are lacking depth in the bass department.

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2001 23:38
      Very helpful



      ?BOOM BOOM?!! Wiggle, Wiggle. Oh yeah baby, this is groovy. ?DAH DEE DAH DEE?!! Wiggle, Wiggle. Oh yeah feed me that music baby. Well that above is my little Celestion F1?s boogieing away with some music going through them, having a great time and generally enjoying themselves. Their hook up with their man the Marantz PM amp seems to be progressing well and their have been no tiffs, so far. So do you need quality speakers, but only have around £100 to spend? Do you want sound definition but do not want speakers that need stands or wall mounting. Well these little babies maybe what you need. For real Hi Fi novices the loud speakers are the delivery part of the Hi Fi system, the part that delivers the noise and the musical notes. They need to be matched to the power rating of your amplifier so that it can drive the speakers and the more sensitive the speakers are the easier it is for your amplifier to drive them. But first for you techno geeks out there, here is the SPECIFICATION. They are two-way speakers, which means that they have a tweeter (for treble notes) and woofer (for bass notes). There is no mid-range cone (for notes in between bass and treble), but I have not noticed any lack of sound definition because of the lack of mid-range cone. They are not super powerful at 30 watts, but are ideal for most living rooms. Ours has quite a high ceiling and is wide but these speakers at about one-third power fill the room completely, which is good because then they are not being strained and thus the cones should last longer. The speakers are bi-wireable which means that you can get speaker cable, which splits the treble and bass signals (but you need a bi-wireable amp to get the full benefit, of this feature). The connectors for the cabling on the back are good quality (important in not losing any signal and thus maintaining the quality sound). The sensitivity of t
      hese speakers is great, I hear notes that I have never heard before and my Marantz amp never struggles in driving them (as it shouldn?t as its specification is plenty adequate to drive these speakers.) As mentioned, these are compact bookshelf speakers (designed to sit on a shelf without losing performance) and for those wanting to know precisely how small these speaker are the measurements are as follows: height 26 cm, width 18 cm and diameter 19 cm. Yes they are nice and compact, but they are still loud enough. Now if you like dance music these speakers are not for you as they are not bass orientated, they are designed to give great definition of sound across the whole range and the woofer is quite small. Now, I do not like speakers that thump out the bass, but due to that fact lose definition of sound with the high notes, so these speakers are ideal for me and I am very pleased with the sound. LOOKS Now, girls as with most Hi Fi separates, they are not beautiful, but they have a nice wooden case a grille on the front and come in black or beech. Now the beech looks great, but we have black as that matches the rest of our system better. But their compactness means that you do not really notice them. (Oh yes the Grille comes off, so you can have naked speakers!) CONCLUSION These are good small speakers that will fill all but the largest living room (unless you have a mansion) as said, if your preference is bass pumping dance then a pair of Mission speakers are probably better for you. I paid £120 for these speakers at Richer Sounds and at this price they are a bargain and sound far better than any midi system?s speakers that you could pick up in Dixons. The definition of the notes is great across the whole spectrum and I am very pleased. The bass is a little weak but that does not bother me at all. So my little speakers are rather happy having their little bop, but note they do sulk if some types
      of pop music are played through them. So S club 7, Westlife and all your friends stay away from my system, the parts are happily married and I do not want you causing friction! Sorry if that offended anybody!


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