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    1 Review
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      08.08.2010 17:05


      • Reliability


      Looks are deceiving they pack a punch.

      These MA-7A's are a great buy for home studio use, If you have a small set-up and don't feel like you're ready to dip into buying the big boy monitors.
      They may look small and shabby but they pack a punch.
      The sound quality is amazing even if you ignored the small amount of money you pay for them, The Bass and Treble knobs really take effect to the tone when listening to your music, The click-in bass knob also boosts the bass to an incredible deep timbre which has enhanced my music experience by tenfold.

      I purchased my set in slick black rather than the old wooden cabinet. they look really good either side of my monitors. As features go it's not glamorous but it really doesn't need to be, Setting up was simple using my USB sound card which is just one of the ways of installing them using the Jack to Phono cables provided

      These are a great buy for recreational or professional use!


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  • Product Details

    The MA-7A Stereo Reference Speakers are the ideal solution for musicians and computer users who must have the best audio quality possible in a very confined space. The MA-7A's are extraordinarily small reference speakers, but are capable of producing incredible sound. These speakers are perfect for desktop use, where space is of the utmost consideration.

    The MA-7A's offer a built-in Bass Enhancer. The Bass Enhancer operates on psychoacoustics principles that convert low frequencies into a series of over-tones, which the human ear cannot distinguish from the original low frequencies. This allows the listener to perceive bas frequencies outside of the normal range of the speaker cone, without over-driving the woofer. With the Bass Enhancer the MA-7A's offer a strong low-end in a very compact set of reference speakers. In addition the MA-7A's offer a Sub-Out port, to connect a sub for isolating very low frequencies.

    The MA-7A's offer conveniently placed Volume and Tone controls. Adjust the volume and tone directly from the front of the speaker. While a large studio setup typically uses a mixer to control output level to the speakers, compact desktop setups can rarely afford the space a mixer requires. This is no issue with the MA-7A's. You can adjust your output Volume and Tone right on the front of the speaker.

    You can also connect two different sources directly into the MA-7A's, allowing you to listen to audio from any two line-level sources. For example, you can have both your computer and your stereo connected to the MA-7A's.