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Gear4 House Party Speakers

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2006 14:25
      Very helpful


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      A speaker system for any modern ipod.

      Since buying myself a Video Ipod as a well earned treat back in October I can honestly say that it’s been my most well used piece of technology. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a car radio adaptor for it to enable me to play it in the car before deciding in January I needed some speakers to allow me to play it in the house as well! After several hours of online browsing trying to decide if to go for a top of the range speaker system I opted for a cheaper version, knowing that the first time I had a house party they would end up broken!

      I eventually decided on the Pod Gear House Party system which arrived all boxed up on my doorstep a couple of days after ordering. Upon opening the box I discovered the actual speakers which measure approximately 23cm by 12cm by 0.9cm (width, height and diameter). They’re a shiny white in colour with two mesh silver fronts to each of the speakers allowing you to see the actual speaker through the mesh. The ipod dock lies in the middle of the two speakers and features a funky blue light when it’s turned on which looks great in the dark! I also found a clear plastic bag containing white plastic adaptors for the ipod shuffle, the ipod mini, the old ipod 20gb / 40gb style and the ipod nano which allow you to place the adaptor in the dock and then plug your ipod into that. They are made specifically for the ipod video as this ipod does not require an adaptor and merely slots into the dock. There’s also a small instructions leaflet and a UK AC adapter plug which allows you to plug into the mains although the system does also operate off batteries.

      To set up the speaker system merely plug it in to the mains or load it with 2 AA batteries. The whole system is turned on quite simply by a little switch on the back of the system which will also turn on the blue light to let you know the system is operating. There’s also a USB port adaptor to enable you to play songs from your computer through the speakers if you computer has limited volume. Simply plug your ipod in and then use the actual controls on the ipod to select the song you wish to listen to. All the controls are operated using the actual ipod click wheel including play, pause and stop although volume is altered directly on the speakers by pressing either one of two small silver buttons either side of the ipod to increase and decrease the volume. That’s basically all there is to it, all the instructions are printed on an A3 piece of paper which are very self explanatory and straight forward as there is very few ways in which you can go wrong!

      My overall opinion of this speaker system is that it was a brilliant buy, I’ve had no trouble in the two months I’ve had it and would now find it hard to live without! It pumps out 2 x 6W of sound and it really is crystal clear, equally on par with the sound of my Sony £150 CD player that I also have in my bedroom. There’s no interference at all and it even has a great base system as well – what more could you want! While your ipod is plugged into the speakers they will also charge it which means there’s no time wasted having to charge your ipod before you can play it, you can do now do both at the same time.

      Now the pure beauty of this piece of equipment is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact I think it’s very reasonably priced considering some ipod speaker systems are retailing for close to £200.

      www.amazon.co.uk £41.00 (white only)
      www.gear4store.com £49.99 (black & white)
      www.shop.ipodworld.co.uk £44.00 (white only)

      And after it being priced so reasonably in my opinion I have no hesitation but to give the Pod Gear House Party System 5 stars out of 5!

      Thanks for reading.


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