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Intempo Digital IDS 05S

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Manufacturer: Intempo / Type: iPod Dock

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    1 Review
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      30.05.2012 13:48
      Very helpful



      Excellent value for money and great sound quality (often lacking with these kinds of products)

      The market is seemingly over-saturated with brand after brand producing iPod speaker docks, stations and speakers at a range of prices and quality levels. This dock is in the mid-price range I believe usually retailing at £70-£80. I picked one up in an hmv sale at half price for £40 and haven't looked back. For me, given the value for money, this is an excellent piece of kit.

      Its design is OK but not as sleek as perhaps it could be. It's quite blocky and bulky, about 12 inches in length and 4 or 5 inches in height. It's fairly thin (it has quite a deep base though so will need 3-4 inches in-depth to sit comfortably) so easy to place so suitable for shelves and other small places (on top o the microwave in our case!). It is powered by mains and comes with a cable of ample length.

      In the centre is the dock itself flanked by two speakers in built into the unit. The control functions are minimal with just 2 buttons for volume up and down. The up button also serves as the power button. It comes with a remote control that allows for basic navigation through your iPod and is largely limited to skipping through tracks and controlling the volume. The dock itself comes equip with different removable attachments so you can snuggly fit different types of iPod. I actually tend not to use any and it also works fine. It also charges your iPod while it's plugged in which again, is handy.

      What makes this system superior to its competitors is that it has an in-built subwoofer, which is actually hard to believe given its size. Usually a subwoofer would need to be external in such a device but Intempo have managed to integrate it into the design, which is rather nifty.

      What a subwoofer gives you is a far fuller sound quality. I've found usually that these kinds of players only give you a very thin, tin-y sound with no depth or bass but not so with this system. The volume levels don't go very high (you wouldn't have a party with it!) but then that's not really the point of it. It is equally adept at classical music or rock music offering rich sound with each.

      I guess the one drawback from this is that it's not really portable. The speakers themselves are very delicate so could be damaged easily in transit. It is possible to travel with, and not too heavy, but you'll need to be careful as this isn't really catered for or what it's designed for.

      The only other drawback is that it seems iPhones don't work on it. Otherwise I've not had an issue with both iPod 120g classic and an old 40g iPod both working fine. Given it's a dock and uses the slot at the foot of most iPods, the shuffle won't work either.

      In all I was pleasantly surprised by this unit. I always expect these players to be of a terrible quality, especially for the price paid but not this model. For an indoors player that doesn't take up too much space it's excellent.


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