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Koda 858F Hi-Fi 3-Way Speaker 100W RMS White Box Design

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3 Reviews
  • Powerful
  • Good looks
  • Ill fitting screw
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    3 Reviews
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      25.08.2015 18:19



      Koda is Kool

      Koda 858F Hi-Fi Speaker 100W RMSWhite Box Design.

      The Koda 858F is a stylish homecinema hi-fi speaker with brilliant acoustics and a gorgeous design.

      The speaker is housed in awhite, upright chassis that is made of high-quality materials. Thestyle-conscious design provides you with pleasing aesthetics, as well as anamazing sound.

      The 3 way design means the 100WRMS power is evenly distributed between the five speakers. The Koda 858F isbi-amping/bi-wiring compatible.

      The massive chassis ensures thatany sound-detrimental interference is stifled.

      The outstanding sound of the Koda858F can be used in either a hi-fi stereo system, or as part of a multi-channelhome theatre speaker ensemble.


      • Connections: 2 x gold-plated stereo screw terminals
      • Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz
      • Sensitivity: 89dB +/- 2dB
      • Impedance: 4 ohms Included

      • 1 x Speaker Dimension

      • 9.6 x 47.8 x 14 inches (24,5 x 121,5 x 35,5 cm (BxHxT)
      • Weight: 46 pounds per speaker (20.9kg)
      • Tweeter diameter: 1" (2.5cm)
      • Diameter of woofers (each): 8" (20cm)
      • Diameter of middle speakers (each): 5" (13cm)

      • Hi-Fi and home theatre speakerwith 100W RMS power • 3-way Design with large (8")subwoofer and bass reflex design • Vibration-free, white wooden cabinet • Stylish white piano-lacquered front with blackelements • Elegant pedestal base with vibration absorbers
      • Connections: 2 x gold-plated stereo screw terminals • Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz • Sensitivity: 89dB +/- 2dB • Impedance: 4 ohms

      They are nice looking, great and cheap so its a win win situation on all ends. Price , Looks & Quality


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      07.07.2015 19:05
      Very helpful


      • "Good looks"
      • Powerful
      • "Superior sound quality"


      • "Ill fitting screw"

      Learning about Koda

      I bought the Koda 858F when redecorating our spare room with a view to turning it into a chill out zone complete with music, movies and a snacks bar. Things didn't work out as well as I'd hoped but the plus point was that this tower speaker has become one of my favourite possessions.

      The crisp white design looks good in every room while superior sound quality makes Koda a brand I intend to find out more about. When the only negative aspect about a speaker is the time it takes to remove dirt then I think that tells you this is a very good addition to your sound system.

      The sound pumps out of the speaker, never diminishing even when I crank the volume up or listen to a spot of metal. At no point have I ever been disappointed in the music as heard through this speaker and have now transferred it to the lounge from the spare room where it will get more use.

      The base of the speaker had to be fitted by myself and the fitting provided by Koda was insufficient to hold the two pieces together, this was dealt with easily with a trip to the hardware store and the purchase of a more suitable blunt end screw.

      The speaker comes in at a healthy 100 watts, perfect for my needs with enough power to allow me to annoy the neighbours but with the capacity to be turned to a much lower volume for those times when chill out music is needed rather than blasting tunes out.

      £137 is expensive I know but in the world of music you get what you pay for and this speaker is worth every penny.


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      22.11.2013 03:04




      They are stylish, relatively cheap and the quality is great! I bought these the other day and I can sing a long to all my song though out the house! Which probably isn't a good thing! The quality of sound is amazing! I can't turn my music up on the base and whatever I have it plugged into and it hardly makes a crackle which I'm sure you've heard before! I planning to have a party and I know they will be perfect, as I may have already split a drink on them and that didn't alter anything.
      So as I said they are very stylish, and this would be because they are white piano-lacquered with a bit of black as you can see! They make the room look fun and they stand out just like the noise quality! If you have a great taste for interior design, you would then know this is a catch as black and white pretty much go with anything!
      They have great qualities such as they absorb vibrations, so you could even trust your drink to sit on top without being vibrated to fall off! They aren't to heavy so you can move them easily around the house, especially if you want them to come around with you! Wouldn't blame you, I can't stop looking at mine! They are quite big so they do stand out- which is a good thing as you want your friends to see them, they'll be dead jealous.
      So Ive planned many events, my party and a cinema night which Im really excited about, as they are loud enough to make you think that your in a theatre! The sound system is this good- Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz, Sensitivity: 89dB +/- 2dB, Impedance: 4 ohms. So as you can they are not just sound impeccable but also high quality, the nails used are gold plated and obviously high quality wood!
      If you want any advice about where to put your speakers instead of either side of the tele you could them next tall lamps and they normally go quite well but also my favourite place to put them is with side of a window as it frames the window nicely and they just add such a good touch! Even though they do stand out I would either but them against a white wall or off-white or completely contrasting go for a really bright could so it really stands out and this can make a real fun room. Your friends will really love them then, especially in winter when you've got the blues.
      Having read all this long winded information (because i speak way too much) you now know why you should defiantly get these speakers, if you have a little bit of extra cash you could get a few more just to make the impact even bigger! This would definitely please your friends and make a night to remember! Well thats enough from me and you know what to do, buy the speakers!!


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